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TL;DR – Master Password is not another password manager. This app will replace all your passwords with new strong passwords generated from your new master password; passwords are stored nowhere and need no sync, cloud or backups.

This app will securely generate strong and unique passwords for any purpose, in a way that nobody can log or trace.

Better yet, even if you somehow lose everything, you can effortlessly recreate all your passwords.


Master Password is unique in the way it solves the password problem.
The algorithm it uses was specifically designed to combat the drawbacks other password managers suffer from:

• Vault apps (eg. 1Password): You need to sync and make backups to avoid losing everything. Without access to the vault, no passwords.
• Cloud apps (eg. LastPass): You need to trust they haven't and won't get gagged and compelled to spy on you. No Internet, no passwords.

By using a unique cryptographic algorithm, Master Password generates the password for your site ON-DEMAND, completely OFF-LINE and using nothing but your name and master password.

That means your passwords are not stored on your phone, there's nothing to keep in sync, no reliance on a third party, no need for syncing, copying or backing up. If your phone gets stolen or confiscated, there are no passwords in the app.

Master Password can also:
• Generate a user name for your sites, so you can't forget it or to provide additional anonymity.
• Generate answers to security questions, so you don't need to share your private life experiences under the false veil of "security".


• Re-using a memorable password is like giving everyone your car keys.
• Inventing many good passwords is difficult; remembering them, almost impossible.
• "Clever" encoding schemes such as Tr0ub4dor&3 don’t work either: criminals know we do this and brute-force it with ease.


There is a lot more to safety than using "military grade encryption".

• Strong passwords: They are too expensive for hackers to reverse.
• Not saved: Thieves or officials confiscating your hardware will find no secrets on it.
• Ubiquitous: You can use ANY device to instantly calculate your site passwords.

• Save custom passwords: They are AES-encrypted and saved.
• Strong protections: Salting and key derivation keep your master password safe.
• Free Software: Source available and evaluated by independent experts. There is no fairy dust, only mathematical precision.


Master Password is based on a cryptographic algorithm hardened against all forms of attacks, including brute-force, rainbow tables, length extension, cypher weaknesses, expensive computing power, etc.

In its essence, Master Password is based on:
ENCODE( HMAC-SHA256( SCRYPT( masterPassword, userName ), siteName | siteCounter ), siteTemplate )

This is a simplified representation. See for more information.


‣ Don't reuse an old password as your new master password.
‣ Check out the App Store on your Mac or the homepage for the desktop version.
‣ A short sentence is a great master password! Quick to type and easily recalled, eg. banana colored duckling

Learn more:

Email us:

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (21.02.14 - 11:50)
Я так и не понял как с этим работать
Allgemein (16.02.14 - 23:58)
Снес чере 30 секунд
Ringo User
Allgemein (05.02.14 - 08:35)

(05.02.14 - 10:07)
@Ringo User:
Ringo User
(23.02.14 - 23:06)
Allgemein (04.02.14 - 09:09)
Bullshit!!! Downloaded, entered a sample site, used password generated by the app, tried to send it to my email acc, frozen! Reinstall, doing the same, frozen again. Developers: need more developing!!! (IOS 7.03 5S 64G)
Gamer 👾
(05.02.14 - 03:21)
Not sure if this helps but I use PWSafe, it's a lot better.
It works flawlessly and I got it free through AppZapp.
It's worth adding to your watch list if your looking for a good password management App.
(05.02.14 - 08:05)
@Gamer ��:
Thx! :)
(20.03.14 - 00:17)
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– Copy a URL before switching to Master Password to automatically search for the URL's site name.
– On iOS 10+, copying secrets to the clipboard now expires them from the clipboard after 3 minutes.


– Readability of certain text in the app.
– React accordingly to large font size and reduced transparency settings in Settings.
– Hide sites and passwords from the app switcher.


– A few issues with creating new sites.

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