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  • Learn Lightroom CC retouching Edition

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"Best 6$ dollar ever spent" *****
Your training is fantastic, I want to thank you for the happiness your brought me with these training. I bought all of your training and used it with great success"

Great and simple training straight to the point"

«Incredible !» *****

«Very good training. This is not the first or the last training I will take from Serge.»

Learn how to use the power of Lightroom 4 to retouch your photos.

In these 15 videos (in English) you will master a very simple work-flow, to retouch using all the tools available with Lightroom CC.

NO technical jargon used without a simple explanation. More importantly get straight to work doing stunning landscapes.

FREE with the app: Access to amazing high-res pictures (raw files), so you can follow along the retouch process and get the same results !

- Are you tired of all the theory and technical jargon you have to wade through before getting to the point?

- Do you want to master the industry-leading digital darkroom in no time ?

- Do you want to see the full workflow of a pro photographer who is specialized in landscapes ?

- Do you want tutorials that are easy to understand and fun ? 

This tutorial is probably what you are looking for.

Serge Ramelli a french photographer who specialized in urban/landscapes photography over the last 6 years and is known for his very simple way of teaching.

You will find various unique tips and tricks to get the most out of your photos.

Serge is a known for his very unique way of teaching, with 2 main rules :

1. No technical terms explained with technical words, but with simple english.

2. No theory, practical and visual examples only.

The app provided 7 chapters, each chapters is a different photo project, you can see below some of the final retouched results.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (14.05.16 - 15:51)
Very useful tips by Serge Ramelli a French photographer , of course if you plan to use Lightroom! ��
(16.05.16 - 00:33)
Allgemein (01.12.13 - 01:38)
Lightroom is made by Adobe. This one is not.
Allgemein (27.11.13 - 03:39)
Осторожно, она платная 199руб
Allgemein (26.11.13 - 22:58)
Каждый раз думаю что это редактор Lightroom ��
Larry Dudzik
Allgemein (31.10.13 - 05:11)
This app isn't free today what are they talking about . This app is 5.99 . I I wish it was free today like it says it is.
(31.10.13 - 13:39)
@Larry Dudzik:
It was free
(01.11.13 - 00:15)
People still don't realize most apps are free _just_ for a day, to lure mass attention so to speak :)
Allgemein (30.10.13 - 19:39)
Shit!!! Это просто туториал и не больше
(30.10.13 - 20:38)
Allgemein (30.10.13 - 19:05)
Чё за шняга. Тут пишут, что бесплатно а в апсторе 199 рупий.
(26.11.13 - 21:14)
@Евгений :
Та мне кажется что скидки идут тоже на американский стор, а на русском цена прежняя. Но хз. Это догадки ;)
Allgemein (30.10.13 - 09:30)
Thanks dev, you made my day!

Upd: its just a video tutorial...worthless
Allgemein (27.09.13 - 02:31)
Esto no es Lightroom ��.
No tiene nada que ver con el software de Adobe.
Se trata de un tutorial con vídeos y fotos de ejemplo.
No pierdan tiempo, es una aplicación tramposa.
Además ocupa 280 megas.
Una auténtica basura.

(30.10.13 - 09:13)
That Happens if u are 2 stupid 2 read
Allgemein (26.09.13 - 17:58)
Downloading atm and it better be good because look at that size...
Allgemein (26.09.13 - 17:55)
Free again today!!!
Allgemein (19.03.13 - 01:43)
Will be free later today!!! Check back around 8:00PM (PST - Pacific Coast Time, far west coast of the U.S.)!!!
Allgemein (27.01.13 - 16:57)
Sehr, sehr nette Video-Tutorials für alle, die sich in Lightroom einarbeiten wollen!!!!
(28.01.13 - 13:28)
(26.09.13 - 18:00)
BEWARE!!!! All iOS users under iOS 7:
I just read an article this morning saying that Apple is pushing an over the air (OTA) force update to iOS 7, if you haven't already installed it yet! It happens when your device is first turned on and plugged in, so beware! If you don't have enough disk space (as I don't!) you may want to hurry and free some up!
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4,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Serge Ramelli
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 2.0
Größe: 498 MB
FSK: 4+
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Mehr von: Serge Ramelli


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