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  • Alien Sky - Space Camera

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Reality is boring! Create fantastic and futuristic visions with Alien Sky.
With Alien Sky, you can customize your sky with an amazing collection of high resolution space objects. Alien Sky also includes a set of futuristic lens flares optimized for your space explorations.

Alien Sky gives you complete control over sky customization, allowing you create fantastic visions and otherworldly photos. Why settle for a boring sky?

There is simply nothing else like this in the app store.

"Amazing app for creating cosmic creations and stellar sky scenes."

"Fantastic app, create epic space images, just brilliant!"

"This is an amazing photography app! There isn't another one in its class when it comes to photo FX!!! It allows you to take your images and give them a true SciFi feel. I love it and use it often!!!!"

- Space Objects such as Planets, Moons, and Galaxies
- Bright Suns and Distant Stars
- Futuristic Lens Flares

Turn your everday photos into fantastic visions with Alien Sky.

OS >= 10.3


Allgemein (19.11.17 - 08:10)
I don’t know how I lucked out getting this free but this app is ridiculous. It’s so worth the $2.99 as well. I’m super bad at editing pics but pretty much anything stupid u decide to do on this looks nice. Also surprising to me, it doesn’t look cheap. You’d think these sky type of filters would look corny but they look really nice. Basically can make any photo at all into a flyer or advertising for something. Again, price is beyond fair.
Allgemein (31.05.16 - 16:39)
AWESOME��Love this app. And their other app - Skylab. ����
Allgemein (29.04.16 - 01:01)
Качество супер
Allgemein (28.04.16 - 12:14)
It's a cool app . Thx guys
Allgemein (13.02.16 - 19:12)
Очень хорошее приложение!Можно создать очень много красивых эффектов!!!Однозначно качать.ИМХО.��
Allgemein (24.01.16 - 10:59)
Ich habe Alien Sky, LensLight und LensFlare- kann man klasse Effekte mit kreieren!������
Allgemein (15.11.13 - 20:46)
Muy fácil de usar y con efectos realistas, buena para hacer una q otra broma fotográfica.
Allgemein (20.07.13 - 07:59)
Симпатична задумка!
Allgemein (19.07.13 - 21:48)
Позволяет делать очень красивые фотографии в стиле Sci-Fi
Ana M C Braga
Allgemein (19.07.13 - 01:00)
Nao esta free... Its not free
(19.07.13 - 03:53)
@Ana M C Braga:
Agora está grátis!
(11.01.14 - 03:49)
@Ana M C Braga:
AppZapp is located in Germany, and since we're all in a different time zone, AppZapp being an international app, they are notified at a different time than each particular AppStore. This happens quite often using AppZapp, so I just mark the app I want in my WatchList and I check back about 8:00pm my time, which is Pacific Coast time zone, farthest west of the United States, same as Seattle, WA, Los Angeles and Cupertino, CA. Hope that helps for future downloads.
Allgemein (12.05.13 - 02:54)
Muy interesante y bastante bien concebida la interfaz.������
Allgemein (07.05.13 - 05:24)
Good app and nice effects
Allgemein (07.05.13 - 02:41)
Hubiera sabido que la iban a poner gratis no la compro
Allgemein (05.05.13 - 12:38)
Be Riddick
Just a minute.
Allgemein (05.05.13 - 09:41)
I also have lensflare and lenslight; just installed and tried alien sky - and it as good as the other two. Highly recommended!
(05.05.13 - 09:49)
Wish the developer could make sliders or other easy means of adjusting size and rotation
Allgemein (04.05.13 - 18:34)
Wooooooooopp. Yeahhhh. De los mismos que LensFlare.
(05.05.13 - 00:48)
Yay!!! I agree!!

Also, there is another AppZapp user who has the same profile photo as you! I ran across him in a comment just recently! He used his real full name as his profile name, but I don't recall it now.�� He is from the same country you are and has his first name and both last names as his profile name. Oh! I know! I can go to my profile and check my comments because I commented to him that you had the same profile photo. I'll be back in a few minutes with his name! ��

By the way, check out this dev's other apps! You mentioned having one other of the dev's, both there are 3 for iPhone and they're all very good! As well, they're updating all 3 apps to have full res output! One of the apps has already been updated with this, the other 2 are next! Even more 'yay'!!!!! ��
(06.05.13 - 01:14)
Hi !!!

Thanks for all !!!! Yes, LensFlare now support 9MPX, and this one 4,5MPX.

Oscar Ortega Lorenzo. Me. XD. I don't know how I entered with the Facebook account and Appzapp change my name !!! My nickname is restore now. Thank a lot !!!

I'm following your comments !!! But I can't stay with all the push alerts because I use my iPad to project with AirPlay and I need the push active.

I hope Appzapp update the notification options and stay follow to you and another users without push comments !! There are too many !!!!

Best regards !!!!!
(11.01.14 - 04:14)
Yes, I totally agree about the push comments! I also wish they would allow us to follow AppZapp users, but not have all the push notifications, also. The German photo group, especially, is really bad about hundreds and hundreds of comments. They have a photo "game" they play and do so through the comments section of apps, instead of using AppZapp's personal message system. I very nicely asked if they would use that instead, but they adamantly refused. Since we're all in different time zones, all those messages cause all their friends' phones to bleep incessantly, at what might be quiet times for some, so I think it only courteous to use the personal messaging whenever possible. I was very surprised they didn't care? My family gets very aggravated hearing all my AppZapp bleeping notices all day, so I turned off my notifications for several months last year. It's not very helpful to me, though. ��

Well, I very much apologize for any bleeping my comments may cause! I will do my best to keep comments to a minimum, so as not to bleep So much!!! Did you know there's a setting in AppZapp that allows you to have these disabled during certain times of the day? For example, I have mine set to "be quiet" from 11:00pm until 9:00am, so that it is quiet when my family is sleeping. You don't miss any notifications, the ones that happened during your quiet times will all come through as soon as your time is over. Hope that at least helps some? It's great to have you still here! I LOVE your reviews and comments so I know where the good photo apps always are! Thanks for all your excellent advice! Happy New Year to you!
Allgemein (04.05.13 - 17:53)
�� Noch niemand was geschrieben von euch?

Jetzt gratis ������!!!
(04.05.13 - 18:04)
Oh! Super! Mich gar nicht gemerkt. Die hatte ich doch auf Alarm? Muss ich gleich mal gucken. Erst saugen.
Danke, ihr zwei. ��
(04.05.13 - 18:08)
Hmpf. Kein Wunder. Hab ich gekauft. Schon länger her. �� Weil die gut ist, wie mir Bill seinerzeit versicherte. �� Also auf jeden Fall mitnehmen!!
(04.05.13 - 21:40)
Allgemein (03.01.13 - 01:53)
(05.05.13 - 00:55)
I don't understand your comment? It translates to "Nima tips wool" - is this what you wrote or is the translation way off?
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3,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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