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  • ZDAY Survival Simulator HD

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This app has been optimized for iPad 3. It is supported by iPad versions 1, 2 and 3.
If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, please download the Original ZDAY Survival Simulator.

"For those of a certain age who loved adventure game books, it’s the perfect app to play and one that players will find themselves returning to. Not least because they’ll have to be pretty skilled to ‘win’!"

4 out of 5 stars - Jennifer Allen, 148

"I've been having a blast with this since it's essentially gameifies what runs through my head whenever I read or watch a piece of zombie content, but it's also solid production-wise. I heartily recommend this to anyone that still has an itch for zombies, or even an appreciation of primarily text-based titles."

~ 4/5 stars - Brad Nicholson, Toucharcade

"ZDAY is a 21st century text-based Simulator game that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations. The game play is easy and you can soon control it well."

~ 4/5 stars -

"4/5 Stars" - Dan Zuccarelli,

What better way to survive a full blown apocalypse than to PRACTICE? This is not a traditional shooter or an arcade style game where you poke buttons to shoot digital bullets at virtual zombies. ZDAY is a 21st century text-based Simulator that puts you the player in tough, real-world situations and says "what would YOU do?".

Created and Designed by Animator and Director Ed Anderson, and beautifully illustrated by renowned DC comics artist Matt Haley, ZDAY is an intelligent adventure game that starts you in a crowded suburb at ground zero of a full blown infection, and says "what would you do?". Faced with one scenario after another, the player has to make choices that will either lead him to escape the zombie-filled suburbs or perish like so many others. The sophisticated game engine keeps track of every decision that you make, and keeps a running tab on your survival probability based on the choices you make.
So keep your wits about you, and choose carefully, because one wrong move could have you facing a zombie horde or roving bands of trigger-happy looters.
The detailed results given after the player has completed the challenge provides very useful insight to what he may have done right and wrong. If the player wants to try again he can, and since the game engine reshuffles many of the exact events, ZDAY Survival Simulator is never exactly the same twice.

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (09.10.14 - 08:27)
Allgemein (04.01.14 - 14:36)
Если бы добавили русский язык в поддержку, то купил бы сразу.
A step ahead
Allgemein (11.10.13 - 21:18)
Love it!
Allgemein (26.09.13 - 21:34)
интересно, но без русского не играбельно.
с русским купил бы даже за деньги, потому что сделано добротно.
хотя в лутшем случае, это игра для однократного прохождения, есле раньше не забросите.

игра именно такая как на снимках, различные ситуации и выбор выхода из них.
рисунки соответствуют ситуации.
как я понел для прохождения нада пройти около 50 ситуаций.

по сюжету вам надо свалить из города, в котором 100500 зомбей и который уже окружен блокпостами.
желательно прихватывать с собой побольше корешей, они дают право на ошибки.
(27.09.13 - 08:09)
Согласен. Сделана хорошо, но отсутствие языка делает ее не играбельной.
А так прикольная. С переводом поиграл бы. А так не очень люблю, знание среднее английского.
Inle Bishop
(02.10.13 - 21:28)
Учи важнейший язык международного общения - все будет играбельно.
(02.10.13 - 22:08)
@Inle Bishop:
иди хуй доедай, холоп тупорылай, хе хе
Allgemein (28.09.12 - 01:56)
Nice game!
Allgemein (26.09.12 - 05:18)
Surprisingly entertaining! Use your BRAINSSS... .
Allgemein (25.09.12 - 21:22)
Leute schlagt zu, das Spiel ist klasse.
Nicht einfach Zombies klopen, nein Nachdenken und logisch handeln, es gibt viele Wege zu sterben ^^
Allgemein (25.09.12 - 20:09)
Mola mucho
Allgemein (01.05.12 - 12:34)
Simple but very good game,take it now it's free.
Allgemein (25.04.12 - 18:34)
Will get it. For more details, check my comment on the iPhone-version.

Oh, and for those who have not yet noticed: in the app-store description, the devs announce a "FREE DAY" for ZDAY HD on May 1st 2012...

YAY, FINALLY ZDAY for us poor iPad3-users!!! ��

(...sounds enthusiastic? ...yep!)
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Improved scoring matrix
improved Chinese Translations
English>Chinese translation by Yueran Wei

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 2.5
Größe: 11 MB
FSK: 9+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
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Mehr von: Mongadillo Studios Inc.


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