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Glaze turns your photos into paintings with your unique style. Select one of dozens of included styles and compare variations before sharing your image with friends or saving it for professional quality printing. Paint masks to control brush stroke placement and save with transparent backgrounds for layering. Create your own unique styles using the Workshop mode, allowing you to generate endless variations of the styles and blending styles together.

• Create beautiful paintings without the mess.
• Impress your friends with unique holiday cards.
• Create unique avatars and profile pictures.
• Save full-resolution images for poster prints, up to 21 megapixels.
• Combine results with other apps using transparency features.

Glaze's standard Studio mode is great for quickly generating a few versions of a painting and sharing or saving the results. The Workshop lets you explore a huge range of styles and variations to find the perfect fit for each image.

Load images from your library before applying styles from the sliding style bar. Compare styles by tapping on their style buttons. Share or save your final image with the button on the right side of the toolbar to the gallery, Facebook, Twitter, Email, or to other photo processing applications.

Paint a mask to restrict where brush strokes are placed using the Transparency Mask in-app purchase. Save images with transparent backgrounds so they can be precisely layered using compositing apps, retaining the detail of each individual brush stroke.

The Glaze Workshop allows you to create your own unique styles by generating variations and combinations of the included popular styles. Personal styles are controlled through a button palette which is saved and restored each time you use Glaze. Generate random new styles to expand the range of possibilities and mix the random styles on your palette.

Brought to you by The 11ers, winners of the 2012 Technical Achievement Academy Award ® with 20+ years of experience building advanced imaging tools.

Image Credits:
Girl close-up by Habib Zargarpour, modeling by Charlotte Kaiser
Painted Horse by Veronica (vjv on instagram)
Beach shot by Karen Messick
Dinner Party by Christianna Pierce
"Stark Christmas" by James Walsh
Butterfly by Carolyn Hall Young

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (02.01.18 - 14:52)
(02.01.18 - 14:57)
Thanks ��
(02.01.18 - 15:10)
Since November 2012 and therefore inApps. But all for 3.50€ is really fair. Only thing that worries me: last update 2014. still works on ios10, but will it also on 11?
(02.01.18 - 15:24)
Glaze is ready for iOS 11 and is universal (I use it in iPad ) but "painted cam" is a 32 bits app only for iPhone under iOS 10.

Happy New Year! ;)
(02.01.18 - 18:29)
Yeah!!!! ����
And happy new year!!��
(02.01.18 - 23:06)
A Very Happy New Year to you too!
Allgemein (18.07.17 - 03:29)
I like it for adding impasto effects on my own works. It's unique.
For artists it's a great asset. ��������������������
The best thing it's that you can save to limitless resolutions. I've checked out 8000 x 8000 pixels and worked perfectly
Allgemein (25.06.16 - 05:59)
I'm not keen on this app. I've tried it with both photographs & my art. Most of the effects are really ugly to my taste. ����
Allgemein (16.06.16 - 00:00)
La app Es de las mejores que he probado. Muy buenos resultados si buscas que parezca una pintura. 5 estrellas !
Allgemein (29.07.15 - 03:53)
A great app with endless creative possibilities
Allgemein (01.03.14 - 04:48)
No great shakes. The IAPs are ludicrous.
Allgemein (23.08.13 - 21:07)
I absolutely love this App, but not for photographs, but for my illustrations. It gives so many texture and finish options, it's great.
Allgemein (09.06.13 - 02:42)
Красивые фото получаются��
Allgemein (02.01.13 - 07:48)
Don't like the effects, looks cheap & makes photos look ugly to me.
Allgemein (29.11.12 - 23:26)
Device info: iPhone 4S, 64gb, OS 6.1, AT&T, most recent app update (as of 11-29-12):
I like the app, but it's a quite advanced, in its true nature, & a bit beyond my capabilities, so a little complicated for me, but that's ok because I think it's meant to be. I'm not much of an artist/painter, so those that are would really enjoy the app. Some apps just aren't meant for the "layman"! �� I don't normally leave anything in a review like this (because I believe it to be insanely petty, in most regards!), but the app icon is a bit "non-identifying", for lack of a better word? It doesn't really give any indication as to what the app is for, & since the title doesn't either, so much, I believe I'll tend to forget what it is actually for. I have over 200 photography apps (I know, a little ridiculous!) & who knows how many of the rest (again, I know, quite OCD of me!), so when the icons or titles of apps don't really represent what they do, I end up deleting them because I don't use them. It's not too big of a deal, just the only real "complaint" I'd have! As I said, when people leave a bad review because they believe an app's icon is ugly, I think that's THEIR problem & not a dev's, so this isn't a bad review, just something to possibly take under consideration for future apps! Thanks for your hard work on a great app, devs!
(02.12.12 - 01:03)
But the Icon SAYS what the App. does: what you see is yellow paint on a dark ground. Like oil paint smeared on canvas.
And if you let your imagination rise you may see something in this yellow spot. To me it looks like a Twitter-bird.
Brady Jansen
(02.12.12 - 01:50)
Glaze??.. Dangit !! I was about to order me some Krispy Kreme. Lol. If you don't know, google em.
(02.12.12 - 02:07)
Okay, I HAD to google it, but I had a suspicion that was close.
I suppose you think in fillings like lemon or banana - or an overdue Bavarian creme. ��
Brady Jansen
(02.12.12 - 02:51)
My humor again.
(02.12.12 - 03:16)
No, mine. �� I thought it might be a cake company but it was just dunkin donuts with a new name. ��
Brady Jansen
(02.12.12 - 03:30)
Yep, Krispy Kreme is notorious, very popular for their fresh, hot GLAZED doughnuts here. I don't eat them very often. Sorry, I've said to much already.
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Fixed crash in iOS 8.1, loading image issue since iOS8 and iPhone 6&6+ layout issues.

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