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• Erstelle und mische eine ausgewählte Audio- oder Videodatei;
• Erstelle und mische den aktuellen Wiedergabeton;
• Lege fest, wann eine Aufnahme beginnen soll;
• Nimm nur beim Sprechen auf;
• Drehe die Aufnahmelautstärke hoch;
• Erstelle eine Aufnahme über ein Bluetooth-Headset.

iTunes-Dateifreigabe, iCloud Drive, Erinnerungen, Momente, Kalender, Papierkorb.

In album sichern, Kürzen, Sprachwechsler, Klingelton erzeugen, Geschwindigkeit anpassen, Zusammenführen, Mix, Teilen.


OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (22.12.16 - 13:43)
Есть усилитель микрофона, есть выгрузка на облако. Есть приложение для часов с поддержкой записи на выбор на часы или на тело. Корректно работает в фоне при длительной записи. Обрывает при входящем звонке только, нужно снова стартовать. Оборвавшаяся запись не пропадает.
Выбирал из многих, наиболее удобное и все есть реально нужные фичи. К тому же часто можно забрать бесплатно. Достойно даже за деньги.
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (07.10.16 - 22:23)
It is overpriced.
(22.12.16 - 08:35)
At the moment = free !!!

Aber gibt etliche bessere Rekorder Apps.

Allgemein (06.10.16 - 22:14)
Нормально работает, поддержка многих форматов, мало весит. Короче нормальный диктофон. Рекламы пока не заметил.
Allgemein (01.09.14 - 07:32)
Для каких нибудь репортеров может и пригодится
Allgemein (25.08.14 - 21:34)
Забрал бесплатно приложение.Особо меня не впечатляет.
Allgemein (27.05.14 - 09:56)
Очень долго открывает список записей. Просто пипец!
Alex Vo
Allgemein (05.05.14 - 22:30)
It's not a call recording app. It's a voice recorder.
Allgemein (11.12.13 - 17:49)
Wirklich sehr gute App, kann ich sehr empfehlen! ����

Funktioniert alles tadellos und Aufnahmen können auch problemlos zu allen anderen Apps übertragen werden.

Es hat darüberhinaus ein URL Scheme (recordingpro://), d.h. es kann durch andere App launcher wie Drafts oder Launch Center Pro aufgerufen werden.
Allgemein (02.12.13 - 03:53)
Doesn't work on my ipad mini 2. Doesn't record.
Allgemein (25.06.13 - 10:49)
отличный диктофон, пишет в разных форматах в хорошем качестве с небольшими размерами записи. также можно расшаривать аудиозаписи по локальному айпи.
Nadim Richa
Allgemein (25.06.13 - 00:43)
Perfekt app
Allgemein (22.05.13 - 22:24)
Εγω το θεωρώ ωραιοτατο. Ειναι μακράν πιο βολικό απο την κλασική ηχογράφηση που εχει το αι φοουν προεγκατεστημενο. ��
Allgemein (02.01.13 - 04:04)
Selten so ein Müllprogramm gesehen.
Allgemein (22.11.12 - 01:16)
È molto buono...
Allgemein (20.11.12 - 20:15)
Allgemein (01.10.12 - 08:45)
Разговор не пишет, у пендосов это запрещено законом и в сторонних программах они этого не допустят, суки)))
(18.03.13 - 02:50)
Your comment isn't translating very clearly and I don't fully understand? Are you saying that this app will not record conversation?
(03.04.13 - 10:05)
Are you saying this app will not record conversation?
(20.05.13 - 15:20)
(21.05.13 - 05:29)
a phone conversations I think
(21.05.13 - 17:29)
@Angidazee, Yes the app does work in recording conversations. I've been waiting for this app to go on sale for that very reason. ������
(26.06.13 - 01:51)
@Big Lan: Thank you!
(26.06.13 - 01:53)
@laque: Thank you, as well! That is actually what I meant and didn't clarify, for some reason? Lol!
(23.03.14 - 07:53)
(27.05.14 - 06:04)
Согласен полностью .
oli tech
Allgemein (30.09.12 - 21:54)
Schlechte Übersetzung
Allgemein (30.09.12 - 20:29)
Ein "bisschen" schlecht übersetzt würde ich sagen ;)
(30.09.12 - 21:29)
Ja witzig ��, und bis zur Camera Roll kann man sogar noch sparen ��. Ab da kostet es richtig ��.
(01.10.12 - 06:51)
Genau: Zur Camera Roll sparen" :)
(01.10.12 - 06:51)
Genau: Zur Camera Roll sparen" :)
Allgemein (30.09.12 - 19:56)
Крутая прога до этого крякнутой пользовался.
Allgemein (30.09.12 - 19:55)
Allgemein (07.08.12 - 09:32)
Call recordind does not start. I tried several times, several ways and nothing. Any luck anyone?
One Eyed
(07.08.12 - 15:37)
I aready knew that it was not possible but I have tried equally without success
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(09.09.12 - 01:35)
I know it's probably not possible per Apple's restrictions, since at least in the USA, recording a phone call without explicitly telling or letting the person know they are being recorded is illegal.

If you want to record phone calls, the best way is to use Google Voice. You press 4, I believe and it will announce on the line "this phone call is being recorded"... but it will beep a tone at some regular interval to make it known (in case you somehow trick the other person to not hear the announcement); as I've done, haha... they say "hold on a second, I'll brb"... then you press record, it announces while they're gone then they don't know, lol. When they ask what the beep is, I say it's my phone, it's low on battery, so it keeps beeping, hah... did I just incriminate myself? Nah, but seriously... likely not possible by Apple's programming API's.
(03.04.13 - 10:10)
Well, I must thank you again, Brad!!! I've tried for quite a long time to figure out how to record phone calls, but, as you're aware, to no avail! Now I have my answer! Thank you, once again, for coming to my rescue!!! This should help quite nicely when a particular person claims they haven't said something that I am POSITIVE they have! Kudos to you again!!! One day I'll have to buy you a beer! Now, just to figure out how to get us in the same place and pub at the same time! Lol!!!!
(03.04.13 - 10:19)
Also, as I forgot to mention this in my previous comment, there actually IS an app in the AppStore for recording phone calls. It isn't cheap, though! I believe the cost is around $4.99 IAP for either 3 calls or a certain number of minutes? I found it by searching "recording phone calls". Hope this helps anyone?! Good luck for whatever reason you're needing it! (By the way, I learned many lifetimes ago to NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER say anything out loud, phone call or otherwise, that I didn't want repeated! My now ex-husband wasn't as smart: he'd leave messages on my answering machine and when I told him it would be used in court, his response was, "You can't do that! It's illegal! You have to tell me I'm being recorded!" Some people have all the luck...! �� Needless to say, I kicked his ass in court! Hahahahahahahahahaha! He still hasn't learned that he can't beat me!)
(24.06.13 - 21:54)
Hey...dear There is a full version and free call recorder without a beep...but it works only when your ph is jailbroken...go to cydia and install audio works like a charm on iphone 5 and iphone 4S. You surely like it... When some1 call you...and you answer the call...then a button appers on screen...just tap on it...and enjoy... No beep at all...just go to settings and turn off the beep...record as much as you can...and for free...if you need any help regarding this...just msg me...i'll guide you...step by step...enjoy jailbreak....! peace... ^_^
(26.06.13 - 01:57)
@vipul: I really appreciate the information, but my 4S is not jailbroken. �� I had my 3GS jailbroken and didn't care for it because I don't know how to keep up with all the iOS updates and all. (I didn't jailbreak it, it was stolen from me and after I recovered it, discovered the person it was sold to had jailbroken it.) So, without the knowledge to jailbreak, and them KEEP UP with all the updates, I don't think the app you've mentioned is going to help me? �� If you have any other ideas, I'm definitely open to hearing them, though! �� I also really appreciate your help and taking the time to give me your assistance!!!
(27.11.13 - 05:59)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Depends on the state. In as for example so long a some party knows a call is recorded its legal.
(02.01.14 - 17:32)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":

It's not illegal in every state. In my state it's only illegal to publish the recording, if one party consents, the call can be recorded... that also applies to out of state calls. Also if you have an app to record a call, the assumption is that the (recorder) user will notify the second party (recordee) about being recorded. So, there should be no restriction on recording apps. I used to have my phone default to record all calls on 2 treos, the app was called 'CallRecord' I believe. For almost 5 years I used callrecord for work, it was the main reason I didn't want to switch to iOS... at least until the iPhone 4 was released and palm was enveloped/destroyed by HP. Instead of writing notes down, I just recorded calls. It was incredible for never missing a task from clients. To be honest if I ever went back to my old line of work, I would not even consider not using a callrecord type app. Which would probably mean I would need to use an old palm or find a jailbroken equivalent. Anyway I did do much research on this before switching from palm to iOS. I even tried to write an app for iOS that would do call recording. What I found out was apple has locked down the audio layer for phone calls, and any app that manipulates any of the stock audio. This means you can only effect audio you produce, or DRM free audio and only with a third party audio app. I spoke with other devs who wanted to do the same thing, and everyone I spoke to told me the same thing. One dev tried to make a voice changer for calls,.. and take a wild guess. No dice. apple had the audio locked down for any manipulation whatsoever. I believe there might be an app or two for android, but I have no experience with any.
Professor Snape
(06.01.14 - 04:51)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
You are 1/2 right.
Telephone call recording is not designated federally, rather state per state. In most states, only ONE person need know the call is recorded. If that person is the one recording, then so be it.
In the People's Republic of California (and only a few other states) both must be aware. This notification can either be verbal notice or a beep. In states where only one person need know, care must be taken when leaving the recording "device" on the phone and another person coming to use [it] not knowing the device is installed. Now you have the situation of two parties being recorded not knowing the recording is being made - which would be illegal in even the states that allow recordings.
If you are looking to record calls, the best app in the App Store is TapeACall Pro. You may switch the call record "beep" on or off, depending on your state. Due to the limitations of the iPhone not allowing calls to be recorded, the App works as a dialer to it's recording server which you activate as a conference call. OUTSTANDING service.
(28.05.14 - 23:07)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
I agree it probably isn't possible with Apple's API. IANAL, but I thought I'd let you know this actually depends on the state. An example is Illinois is a one party consent state. As far as I'm aware only 12 states require both parties to consent to a telephone recording.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(28.05.14 - 23:40)

Thanks to you and all the others for clarification. Though, what do you mean by single party consent? Just because I decide I want to record the phone call that's good enough? That's the only term that confuses me.

I was aware, as I stated, that as long as the person that would otherwise unknowingly be recorded was made aware that they were being recorded, that was implied "consent".

But I'm not sure. I will take your words on it. Truly, it only even matters or applies in the situation where those recordings would be used as evidence in a legal setting or similar. For personal use or reference, nobody would know anyway unless you told them. And there'd be no legal implications for purely personal reference and use.

Thanks for the info, though. I don't really have the need to record calls, I was merely bringing up that point as a reason why Apple almost absolutely would block that ability through standard API's.

Of course, you could always do it the ghetto way and just put it on speakerphone and use a second device of whatever kind to record the audio anytime you wanted. ;)
(28.05.14 - 23:53)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":

One party consent means at least one person in the call allows the recording. This means if you decide you wanted to record it you can just do it. However, a third party like Google could not record your Google Voice call unless someone hits the record button. The reason Google announces it will begin recording in a call is to also be compliant for states that require all party consent. If they don't consent they need to hang up. If you are interested in more information you can check out the Wikipedia article. It just happens to be something I've done some looking into.

Sorry if you've gotten a bunch of messages on it. I'm new to this app and didn't notice you had any replies.
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(28.05.14 - 23:59)

It's all good. I'll definitely check out the wiki article. I'd be interested to know about it, regardless. I'm the type of guy who loves to learn and will take any chance given to educate myself further... so thanks for the link! I'll surely read it!
One Eyed
Allgemein (06.08.12 - 18:06)
Call recording??
(04.02.15 - 12:20)
@One Eyed:
Allgemein (06.08.12 - 15:52)
Это вообще работает???
(08.09.12 - 15:35)
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