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Auria - Mobile Music Production. Redefined.

"This is the first mobile mixing (AND recording AND post production) app that I've ever used that is truly professional. Just Wow !" - David Kahne (Grammy winning producer/engineer for Paul McCartney, Tony Bennett, Stevie Nicks, Sublime, The Bangles, Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor)

•TEC Awards 2012 Nominee•
•Computer Music Innovation Award•
•Computer Music Performance Award•
•Sound on Sound 2013 Awards Nominee•
•Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award•

Auria is a mobile music production system designed from the ground up for the iPad. With professional-level features like third-party plug-in support from names like FabFilter, PSPAudioware and Drumagog (optional purchases), AAF support and more, Auria clearly sets a new standard for mobile recording.

"Prepare to be amazed." – Computer Music Magazine

“...I was immediately convinced that this is the hottest musical app to make it to the iPad so far...” – Recording Magazine

• Unlimited audio tracks
• Up to 24 tracks of simultaneous recording when used with compatible USB audio interfaces (Camera Connection Kit required)
• 24-bit recording
• Vintage-inspired ChannelStrip on every channel by PSPAudioware includes Expander, Multiband EQ and Compressor
• MasterStrip on all subgroup and master channels featuring PSPAudioware BussPressor, EQ and Mastering Limiter
• 64 bit double-precision floating point mixing engine
• Third party plugin support available via in-app purchase
• MIDI Sync support with MTC Chase, MIDI Clock and MMC
• MIDI Remote Control (Mackie MCU and HUI protocol)
• Supports sample rates of 44.1KHz, 48KHz and 96KHz, at 24 bits (iPad 1 only 44.1KHz and 48KHz)
• AAF import and export allows transferring complete sessions between popular DAWs like Logic, Pro Tools, Nuendo, Samplitude and others
• Convolution reverb plugin with included IR library by MoReVoX
• ClassicVerb reverb plugin included
• StereoDelay and StereoChorus plugins included
• 8 assignable subgroups and 2 aux sends
• Time Stretching using ZTX technology
• Real-time audio scrubbing
• Ripple Edit mode
• Tempo sync and side chain support for plug-ins
• Powerful waveform editor with features like cut/copy/paste, crossfade, duplicate, separate, gain, normalize, dc offset, reverse, and more
• Flexible snapping tools allow snapping to events, cursor, bars, beats and more
• DropBox, SoundCloud and Audio Copy/Paste support
• AudioUnit (AUx) and Inter-app Audio support (IAA)
• Audiobus support
• Track freeze for minimizing CPU usage
• Full automation support on all controls with graphical editing
• True 100mm faders when used in Portrait Mode
• Adjustable pan law
• Optional video import feature allows sample accurate sync of video to an Auria project
• Timeline ruler options include minutes:seconds, bars:beats, samples and SMPTE time
• Auto-punch mode
• WIST support for wireless syncing of other compatible music apps
• AuriaLink allows two iPads running Auria to play and record in sync, allowing for 96 tracks of playback and 48 tracks of recording
• Full delay compensation on all tracks, subgroups, and aux sends
• Adjustable metering modes, including pre or post fader, RMS and peak
• Sample accurate loop function
• Automatic sample rate conversion
• Built-in metronome

iPad 4 or later recommended
Compatible with all iPad models
iOS 7 or later
USB audio interfaces require Camera Connection Kit

Pro Tools is a trademark of Avid, Inc.
Logic is a trademark of Apple, Inc.
Nuendo and is a trademark of Steinberg, GmBH
Samplitude is a trademark of MAGIX.
AudioCopy and AudioPaste are trademarks of Sonoma Wire Works.
Mackie is a trademark of LOUD Technologies, Inc.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (02.06.17 - 20:27)
OMG not even a Universal app. Unless all one has is a phone, I guess makes it sense but Others in the same price range and offer better quality also have universal apps.
Allgemein (03.12.15 - 13:05)
Ooh nice, Auria Pro update looking awesome.

I don't get all the down votes, buy something cheaper if you don't need the high-end pro stuff that Auria offers. ;)
4n9rY & pu55yk1||4
(04.06.17 - 21:40)
I don't think its that much of a pro app , it certainly looks but its just a shell .
(05.06.17 - 00:56)
The channel strips are by PSPAudioware (as well as some of the included insert effects). They're fairly well regarded in desktop land. Good stuff:-)
Allgemein (31.10.14 - 13:20)
Great App discounted at half price, the musicians know what kind of app is. This version has 48 tracks, there is also the 24-track version for half the price. I do not know how long
Vitaly Volkov
Allgemein (29.07.14 - 21:22)
Стоит своих денег. До сих пор не верится, что такое возможно на айпаде:)
(29.07.14 - 21:30)
@Vitaly Volkov:
Единственная предосторога - на покупке базовой версии сложно остановиться �� Каждый дополнительный эффект в Auria Store просто фантастичен! Хоть и стоит целое состояние.
Но сам тот факт, что сведение нескольких десятков треков можно делать пока стоишь в очереди супермаркета, да еще и делать это без малейшей потери качества.... Если б мне сказали об этом даже 5 лет назад, я б подумал что надо бы парню вызвать психиатра.
(31.10.14 - 19:48)
Allgemein (04.07.14 - 01:49)
Seid Ihr behindert ��
Niemals zu dem Preis ��
(03.12.15 - 15:06)
du hast ja mal keine Ahnung
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 21:59)
If you've been dithering,stop! This us the best app out there!
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 15:01)
Auria oder Cubasis? Das war für mich dir Frage.
WaveMachine Labs (Auria) hatte in den letzten Monaten häufiger und bessere Angebote als Steinberg (Cubasis). Das hat Auria für mich wesentlich sympathischer gemacht. Ich habe mich für Auria entschieden. Danke WaveMachine Labs!
Allgemein (03.07.14 - 14:04)
The Re-Tune in App is rubbish, however Auria is an amazing multi-tracker.
Allgemein (02.07.14 - 22:56)
For musicians Auria at -50
It's expensive , but is a choice :)))
Uises Souto
Allgemein (13.05.14 - 08:44)
Just too expensive!
Vitaly Volkov
Allgemein (28.03.14 - 18:33)
Блииин, а я за 50 купил. Забирайте, пока подешевело.
Dan'ka Nikolaev
(30.03.14 - 17:02)
@Vitaly Volkov:
да... ребятки не думают о том, что это может заставить кусать себе локти тех, кто ранее купил по полной...
(04.07.14 - 08:52)
@Dan'ka Nikolaev:
Я и бесплатно не стал бы качать эту хрень))
Allgemein (27.03.14 - 22:05)
I deadly need Audiobus 2 !
Allgemein (27.03.14 - 20:55)
Watch out for the musicians, great professional studio at -50 discount. Greatest App expensive, but this is a great gift :)))

Only for musicians :)))
Allgemein (27.03.14 - 19:46)
Who will buy this costly app and all its in-app purchases ? Sounds crazy indeed.
(27.03.14 - 20:20)
Not me obviously.
(27.03.14 - 20:40)
Thats what I wanted to hear , thumb up ;)
(27.03.14 - 20:58)
Hey Barmak and this really is a great app, and I understand that it is expensive, but for those who make music with this and a few other Apps in place. But it is really recommended to those who make music even at the professional level, if only you have fun with friends you can do without it. Ciaoo
(27.03.14 - 21:57)
Much better to buy Corg gadget instead.
Allgemein (09.12.13 - 10:34)
Пришло мыло, что мол только сегодня скидки-обновления до полной версии за пол цены. Ну думаю лафа- обновился. Но не тут то было списало денег по полной. Кто прав, кто виноват поди теперь разберись((((
Allgemein (21.08.13 - 23:50)
Just so everyone knows (might be in the description, I didn't read it), this is a ONE DAY SALE. As a side note, Auria LE at its normal price costs the same as Auria...upgrading Auria LE through iaps, to "transform" it into the full version, costs 50 bucks total (app price + iaps). Even though LE is on sale, the iaps aren't. So this is one of the few times that the full Auria experience is more cost effective.
(23.08.13 - 20:28)
The "one day sale" already lasts 3 days now. ;-)
Allgemein (21.08.13 - 09:12)
They're low? Check out the prices for the VST/AU versions on FabFilters site. Not one is under a hundred bucks, and it's exactly the same plugins. The FXpansion plugs are half the price of the Reason version. The PSPAudioware plugs are also waaay below their PC/Mac versions. Same goes for all plugs etc.

Also one thing to remember is that Wavemachine Labs doesn't set the prices (and does not take a cut from the 3rd party plugs), it's totally up to the 3rd party developers to decide what they want to charge for their products inside Auria. So Auria is really open that way..
(21.08.13 - 20:30)
Sorry for late responde.Maybe you are right.But I am talking about primitive users like me.Making music on the bed I mean non professional people.Anyway all of us appholicks have a endless patience and one day...maybe? Have a nice evening,my friend.
(21.08.13 - 21:18)
A great recording app at a great price is MultiTrack DAW. 10 bucks, easy to use, 16 tracks IIRC, upgradable to...well, I forget. Simple to use, low resource usage, clear and clean interface. Auria is in another league, but if you aren't as into this "music thing" as much as me and Chris, a good, inexpensive combo is Multitrack DAW and Audioshare. Auria with NO iaps purchased takes the place of a good number of specialty effects apps (bye bye AudioStretch). And the power given to the user is immense...even if no current iPad available can truly, completely harness its power. Damn I need more RAM.
(21.08.13 - 22:20)
Yes,RAM is killing us.By the way,I am waiting for a great price drops on AppStore in September.AMEN!
(21.08.13 - 23:51)
You've bought a lot of the iaps, correct? Could you give a rough estimate of the average filesize per plugin?
(22.08.13 - 00:06)
The plugins are already in the app (except Drumagog which comes with a 0.5gb drum sample library). All the sample packs and IRs are obviously not included, no idea on the size there. Typical au/vst plugs like compressor to delay units doesn't take much space (just look at aufx: space reverb). Dunno how much longer they can keep it that way tho, eventually they gonna need to separate plugs from the main app
(22.08.13 - 00:16)
And yes, Multitrack DAW is awesome. I always have it on the iphone, and the ipad in case Auria causes issues (like any complex DAW might). Really rock solid/stable, and good basic effects like comp/eq/reverb/and something else.
Allgemein (21.08.13 - 06:40)
Oh,my God! Did you see the prices for in-app purchase? Where is my machine gun?
Allgemein (06.04.13 - 19:12)
The latest update took this app to another level, different types of Dirac 3 Pro time stretching, much more seamless Audiobus integration, much easier to work with loops & duplication directly in the edit window, side chaining support, tempo sync for the plugins, audio scrubbing and lots more.
Allgemein (05.09.12 - 04:17)
Lower the price ... Make the poor people happy ... Be easy and everyone will love you ... Be hard and everyone will judge you even in small mistake
(06.03.13 - 21:16)
Dude, this is cheap compared to computer software/hardware that does the same thing.
Allgemein (20.07.12 - 22:09)
Its pretty amazing being able to buy a 48 multitracker with all these really powerful effect suits and editing abilities for your iPad. If you want something similar but think Auria is a way overkill for your needs (software and price-wise) check out Meteor Multitrack Recorder, another great multitracker (that also does midi tracks). Auria does handle touchscreen interaction better tho.
(20.07.12 - 22:14)
Forgot to mention Multitrack DAW, if you need a really stable DAW that also fits in your pocket since its universal. Got the basic stuff like EQ, Compressor and reverb/delay. And audio-track editing of course. Cheapest of the bunch but pure quality stuff in all aspects from audio engine to effects.
(06.03.13 - 21:19)
Been looking at Auria, Meteor, and Multitrack DAW. Have you tried Beatmaker 2? Any comparisons (I know it isn't strictly a recording app). Currently using Nanostudio expanded to 16 tracks for recording.
(08.03.13 - 12:43)
If cash isn't a concern and you _really_ want/need a professional high-quality audio mixing environment go with Auria for mixing and mastering audio tracks. You do get the works for the initial 50 bucks but the plugins available as optional IAP are pro plugs from companies like FabFilter, PSPaudioware and so on which really takes it to another level compared to other iOS DAWs. And more plugins are coming since Auria is completely open for VST plugin companies if they wanna convert their plugs to Auria.

But it's heavy on the CPU (although you can freeze/bounce tracks to free up CPU and memory). And the edit screen is really sluggish, atleast on iPad 2. That can really suck if you need to keep moving and editing audio loops/tracks a lot on a project. So not the fastest workflow, although they are working on that.

So I dunno...still mucho pros and cons with Auria as it's such a complex app housing audio plugs from different companies etc.

(08.03.13 - 12:45)
Btw, if I had BM2 and Multitrack DAW+Meteor I'd probably just stick with BM2.
(02.12.13 - 20:13)

Wow - the plugins look IMPRESSIVE .... If its the same quality as the original plugins then this is a POWERHOUSE ...

(Though i still doubt it could be as powerful and complete as a PC DAW ... )

Set a very optimistic price alert for it ;)

One day i will also try Cubasis (im a Cubase guy ;)
William White
(01.11.14 - 16:00)
Hey man off topic. You seem to know your shit. For music anyways.

I have quite a bit of apps and I don't know how to play piano worth shit. I LOVE KORG GADGET. especially it's sequencer, sounds and the option to play chords with one key!!! ( but no midi) :(

Which app or apps would you recommend that will allow me to send play chords and send midi to another app or Logic Pro on my mac?

And also something that will allow me to maybe play synths in a unique way that includes midi??

Also curious on what your thoughts are on lemur? I am thinking of picking that up?

If you could give me your input that would be awesome.

So an awesome sequencer that has good workflow. Something like korg with midi.

Thanks man and which daw has a nice selection of sounds? Or any other unique app I should check out???
(01.11.14 - 16:29)
@William White:
I like to use Chordion as a touchscreen midi controller, if I need one. Chords on the left, melody-line on the right side (that adjusts its scale automatically to what chord "button" ur playing). It's a good app to just mess around with, coming up with new stuff, even if you don't know shit about playing keys etc:)

Soundprism Pro is another one of those apps that makes it easy to do really nice chords/melodies without really knowing what's going on.

Polychord, very similar to chordion.

All 3 have internal sounds as well.
(01.11.14 - 16:33)
@William White:
Lemur, haven't spent much time on it yet. But you can build basically any type of controller with Lemur. Not just for DAWs and instruments. Hell there's even a flappy bird game available for it (that also sends midi notes) that someone made just for shits n giggles. Great physics engine etc as well. Basically the king of those apps (make your own templates/controllers apps).
William White
(02.11.14 - 14:00)
Thanks am for getting back!! I appreciate it
William White
(02.11.14 - 14:03)
That's crazy. Could I build a template for my cranky girlfriend to control her moods. It definitely sounds possible with lemur.
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