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"ALL in all, this app is very novel and easy to use."
--- Best10apps

" It makes capturing panoramic shots super simple, with an elegant interface and straightforward set of options."
--- The iPhone App Review

Panorama 360 is an easy to use app for capturing up to 360 degrees of outdoor/indoor scenes right on your iOS device in a fun way.

If you have ever wanted to fit more of a scene in to your shot and capture the feeling of what it was like to have been at the place, this app is designed for you.

The app creates high quality panoramas, it is fast and allows you to view your panoramas using interactive pano viewer.

- Capture up to 360 degrees.
- Very simple capture process.
- On-device gallery to manage your panoramas.
- Interactive panorama viewer with double tap or pinch zoom feature.
- Save panoramas as photos to your camera roll.
- Share your panos on Twitter.
- Email your panoramas.
- Adjust exposure as you rotate your device or lock for the entire capture session.
- Seamless blending.
- Straightened and quality panorama outputs.

How easy is it really ?
(1) Touch the start button
(2) Rotate the camera left/right until the level indicator circle enters one of the big circles on the left/right side.
(3) Touch Done button when finished.
And you will have a clean panorama ready with in seconds!

Once you make your first few panoramas, you may want to exercise precise control of exposure for scenes with varying lighting. The app allows you to lock exposure for a session, or adjust it using a single touch while capturing panorama.

iOS6 requires you to give permission to apps to save photos to the Camera Roll. If your photos are not being saved to the camera roll, verify the permission for Pano360 in Settings app | Privacy | Photos. The app Will Save all panos to the in-app gallery so you can save them to the camera roll after fixing the permission.

Contact us at for questions or comments.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (28.11.15 - 11:30)
good good good ������
vitaly sitkilov
Allgemein (01.02.15 - 09:44)
Качество ужасное
Allgemein (28.03.14 - 15:56)
The photo is not flat, I think DMD is better than this one!
Allgemein (05.01.14 - 23:40)
Miese Bildqualität. Dermandar kanns besser.
Allgemein (03.01.14 - 18:37)
Панорама встроена в os же?! Зачем эти проги ?!
Allgemein (13.04.13 - 01:45)
This is a really cool app with a virtual viewing function that works with the gyro sensor so you can "look" at the scenery as the person who sent it to you would see it by rotating your head and following it with the iPhone.
(28.03.14 - 14:41)
Jajajaja y tu eres uno de los desarrolladores
(28.03.14 - 15:21)
Describing how the app functions doesn't make me a developer any more than describing how a car looks makes me a mechanic. If being a developer or mechanic were that easy, I would be a very rich man.

*sigh* Never mind, looking at all of your other comments lets me know that you're just a troll.
Sergey Panchuk
Allgemein (02.12.12 - 16:43)
Ерунда. Сравнение с 360panorama не выдерживает.
Allgemein (10.06.12 - 15:41)
Nicht fürs 3GS. Egal, gibt genügend sehr gute andere. Mein Fav.= DerMander
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Support for 64 bit.
Cleanup and minor fixes.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Pelsynth
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 3.8
Größe: 6 MB
FSK: 4+
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Mehr von: Pelsynth


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