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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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No. 1 App for file upload/download on iPhone/iPad! Most secure file download/upload tool for business and professional users.

Supported features include:

1. Download files from your iCloud Drive. Save local files to iCloud Drive.
2. Upload/download files to/from FTP/SFTP/FTPS servers.
3. Upload/download files to/from DropBox, Box, OneDrive, and GoogleDrive (Pro Version)
4. Support both user name/password and Private Key authentication for SFTP. Support both PPK and PEM keys. Support importing keys from/exporting keys to iCloud Drive under iTransfer/keys folder.
5. Email files.
6. Manage files, including adding a folder, searching, renaming, moving or deleting files.
7. View supported files, including: PDF, DOC, EXCEL, PPT, image files, TXT, etc.
8. Open files using other Apps through “Open in”.
9. Play photo slideshows.
10. Support launching with a password.
11. Print documents.
12. Share photos on Facebook, Twitter and Weibo.

With its simple interfaces, iTransfer provides the easiest way to transfer files on iPhone and iPad.

If you have any questions, please visit:

OS >= 10.0


Anton Lyashko
Allgemein (24.11.13 - 19:27)
А смысл делать приложение временно бесплатным, если во встроенных покупках нужно приобретать full версию за 66р ?
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (08.06.13 - 22:12)
Upon further inspection, I find that there are 3 distinct versions: Free, Full, and Pro. The Pro version has far more features than the Full version.

Yet, you can only in-app upgrade to Full. To get Pro requires you to pay the full $7.99 (it redirects you to the AppStore to purchase a separate app).

So this is a reverse ripoff. If you paid $2.99 for this version and wanted to get Pro, you end up paying $2.99 + $7.99 = $11 versus $7.99 had you just gone with Pro from the start. Developer looks to rip you off, especially ironic considering my post below about ripping the developer off, lol!

The robber has become the victim! Touché! He got me for a second!
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (08.06.13 - 21:59)
As WhitePony mentioned, this is the "Lite" version. There is an iTransfer Pro, too.

Here's a tip though: If you wanted the pro version, to buy it costs $7.99.

BUT, if you get this lite version for free, the in-app purchase to upgrade to the Pro version is only $4.99!

This would save you a bit of money.

The reason for the difference is because the normal cost for this version is $2.99— If you paid this, $7.99 - $2.99 = $4.99. Well. It's off by $0.01, but you see.

Just a little trick to get the full version for $3 less, if anyone was planning to anyway!
Allgemein (11.02.13 - 20:33)
Why doesn't this developer make one useful app instead of ten different ones? I would seriously buy such a combo for €5-10. But now it's annoying and space wasting, defragmented bunch of trash. I mean seriously, who would pay €3 euros for each pro, add free "piece" of this puzzle?

This App could be one of the better file managers. It's nice looking, functional and with quite a few functions. But please get rid of that "other app menu" - it takes up 2/3 of the space & does the opposite to what the developers intended. Besides the adds... Someone should write "Lite" next to the apps name.

I just hope they'll make one app with all the functions in it.
(06.04.16 - 08:45)
I agree with you completely. Fortunately, this developer makes some amazing apps, but, unfortunately, they make it so confusing to differentiate the features offered between the Lite, Full, and Pro versions that their customers end up missing out on the great abilities of their apps, out of pure frustration, attempting to determine which app does what?! A very backward way to advertise their great abilities, IMO!
Allgemein (24.11.12 - 22:06)
Nur ne Lite Version!
Allgemein (09.10.12 - 21:53)
In-app 3$
Very bad(
Allgemein (23.09.12 - 03:59)
Allgemein (21.09.12 - 12:54)
Leider kein kostenloses Tool, in der App Aufforderung zum Upgrade zur Vollversion für 2,39
Allgemein (15.08.12 - 18:56)
Can't connect to SFTP server but WinSCP, Openssh works to the same server.
Allgemein (05.08.12 - 13:19)
Excellent et indispensable
Allgemein (17.07.12 - 18:40)
Zu was ist diese App. Bitte mal in deutsch erklären .Danke
(17.07.12 - 19:11)
Schnelles und unkompliziertes hoch- und herunterladen von Dateien, Fotos und Musik zu und von Dropbox.
Allgemein (17.07.12 - 18:32)
Sehr zu empfehlen. Übersichtlich und in der Bedienung gut zu handhaben.
Die in der Abbildung suggerierte iClaud-Anbindung fehlt allerdings. Ich warte auf ein entsprechendes update.
Heute kostenlos!
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Version: 1.0

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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

1. Fixed displaying issues on iPhone X.
2. Added support for Face ID.
3. Added Default Photo Size in Zip Settings.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Dienstprogramme
Version: 8.01
Größe: 48 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: noch keine Bewertung
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: ComcSoft Corporation


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