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RealTime CME & Flare detection.
view images for CME or Flare.

many Chart and telescope images from NOAA,SOHO, SDO, STEREO and others.

- SDO/SOHO/STEREO last Movie.
- CME and Flare Movie.
- CME Prediction Movie. ( NOAA SWPC )

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (23.05.17 - 16:33)
Enfin de retour.
Le soleil dans tous ses états... Excellente application, bravo !
Allgemein (26.02.14 - 21:06)
I was very surprised at how well done this app is, just refresh to get all current data. The only concern I have is some of the more demanding features may not work on older devices.
Allgemein (26.02.14 - 14:16)
Leider typ. Beispiel von verschlimmbesserung! Anfangs top, jetzt ein absturz nach dem anderen (Solar activity chart etc.) auch nach dem Update.
Dringend nachbesserung erforderlich!!!!!!
Allgemein (25.02.14 - 18:17)
Очень классное приложение! Будет интересна всем, обновляется достаточно часто, хороша для наблюдений за нашей ближайшей звездой. �� главное хватаем, пока бесплатно!
(25.02.14 - 18:19)
iOS 7 ��������
Allgemein (25.02.14 - 08:40)
Get it while it is free
(25.02.14 - 23:04)
Downloading now, only little confused size here say .9mb but download says 900mb
Allgemein (14.05.13 - 22:30)
Thank you very much for the very impressive app. I am no astronomer and my hobby is more star gazing than watching the corona or sun activities but nevertheless I enjoyed it very much to sweep through all that different offers. I like the movie sequences very much. And although I can't analyse what I've seen I am deeply impressed of the beauty particles can paint without to be seen. Thanks for letting us know. And I am sure real astronomers are more than happy with this app.
Thanks again.
Professor Snape
(26.02.14 - 06:04)
Totally Agree!
UniJam ON 😜
Allgemein (14.05.13 - 17:03)
Vielen Dank für den Code!
Allgemein (14.05.13 - 15:09)

Promotional codes bellow,enjoy.

(14.05.13 - 16:10)
Thank you very much indeed. Download worked fine. Will have a closer look into the app tonight.
(14.05.13 - 20:07)
hier Katerchen! �� miez, miez!
Über mir, der nette Entwickler, hat ein paar codes zur Verfügung gestellt. probier mal, ob du nicht noch einen bekommst.
aber mir fällt gerade ein: ich glaube, die app ist für Pads. schau halt mal.
(14.05.13 - 20:16)
@GG ja, leider nur fürs iPad. Da kann ich nicht mithalten. ��
Aber trotzdem 1000 Dank!!! ��������
(14.05.13 - 21:53)
Mick: du bist doch PADler. Was für dich?
(14.05.13 - 22:43)
(14.05.13 - 22:45)
Danke! Hab noch einen freien Promo-Code gefunden. Hmm, die App ist aber zu speziell. Otto Normalverbraucher kann damit nichts anfangen ��.
(14.05.13 - 22:54)
Musste ich leider auch feststellen, aber ich bin fasziniert. Diese Partikel im Zeitraffer finde ich einfach wunderschön. Auch wenn ich nicht weiß, was mir die Werte sagen. Immerhin hab ich den Tag. ��☀
(15.05.13 - 19:45)
Thank's for the free code, XP6WX3WLJJWR worked fine. ��
Professor Snape
(10.03.14 - 07:51)
How is this code used?!?! I searched the app over!
(10.03.14 - 08:02)
@"Prof. Snape" Nixon:
It was a promotional code to get the app for free.
Allgemein (18.07.12 - 07:06)
Well I am impressed at the level of information once it is downloaded to your iPad. Those downloads can be very slow, however and because of the way the app works, you must have an Internet connection to pull videos, graphics, and text based information in. I believe the largest objection will be the lack of documentation and sometimes awkward interface like having to use the reload button before being able to play videos. I would say that the $4.99 price is fair in this case.
Professor Snape
(26.02.14 - 06:10)
Totally Agree. If I did not want to see the information, I would not have initiated the App. ALL information should be loaded upon activation.
Allgemein (17.07.12 - 06:20)
Shengyu Sun has taken me seriously apparently and lowered the price of this app to a reasonable price. Now in fairness, I have purchased it, and will evaluate it's worthiness and utility. Thank-you, Shengyu Sun.
Allgemein (21.06.12 - 15:27)
I would venture to say that the Solar Activity Monitor app for the iPad would be an extremely useful tool for amateur and professional astronomers as well as those who like to chase auroras or forecast solar conditions that impact world communications. However, the cost of the application priced originally at $29.99 and now at $15.99 seems to follow in the same track as the rest of vmCode's (Shengyu Sun) overpriced applications. Even at the revised price, I do not believe that the app is appropriately or reasonably priced just like the BaZi Professional App that preceded it at $29.99.

I will wait to see if Shengyu Sun wakes up to realize that he would be better off and a little more richer by lowering the price to a more appropriate level, say around $4.99, and recommend others do the same. So far as of 21 Jun 2012, no one has purchased the app even at the half price mark. Although new, I am sure that says a lot coming from the silent prospective owners out there.
Professor Snape
(26.02.14 - 06:12)
They are seem slow to learn the rules of effective capitolism! LOL
(26.02.14 - 23:25)
Thanks god its free now :)
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21,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: vmCode
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Version: 2.0
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