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  • Voro - 100% unique and addictive

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Bored of squares, cubes, blocks and bubbles?

Did you have fun with rotating cubes in the 80s or falling blocks in the 90s? What keeps your brain entertained in the 21th century? Have you noticed there haven’t been many novel logic/puzzle games, based on pure geometry?

Voro is completely original, unique, fresh and engaging puzzle game.

Clear all the tiles by dragging them into clusters of the same color, but there’s a twist: the geometry is not orthogonal.

- completely unique gameplay, a novel concept (patent pending)
- abstract, geometric world without unnecessary bells and whistles
- 6 gameplay modes
- intuitive user interface - drag the tiles with a single finger
- simple gameplay, it takes only a few seconds “to get it”
- great replay value - keeps you coming back for more
- entertains both sides of your brain
- completely random starting arrangement of tiles
- several color schemes
- color blind mode

Voro takes only a few seconds to learn, but it has a great replay value. The tiles are positioned randomly, so each game is different.

Enjoy the freedom of free-flow geometry while effortlessly moving the tiles across the board.

Voro brings countless hours of fresh and engaging fun for both sides of your brain.

Mesmerizing, engaging and relaxing - you haven't seen anything like this before!
#1 paid iPad Board Game in Germany (May-2013)
#1 free iPhone App in Brazil (Jun-2013)
#1 free iPhone Game in Spain (Jun-2013)
#1 free iPhone Puzzle Game in France, Portugal and Belgium (Jun-2013)
#2 free iPhone Board Game in US (Jun-2013)
#3 free iPhone Board Game in Japan (Jun-2013)
#1 free iPad Puzzle Game in Brazil, France and Spain (Jun-2013)
"Voro provides a lot of entertainment. It’s refreshing to see a different style of puzzler available on the App Store. The simple gameplay makes it enjoyable for players of all ages and types." (148Apps)

"Voro is a perfect example of why I love my iPhone. What you’ll love most about this game is that after almost five years of the App Store, someone managed to create a puzzle game that is truly unique."

"Voro is a fun puzzle game unlike most you’ll see in the App Store; in fact, it’s probably like nothing you’ve ever seen before."
An amazing, 100% original and engaging puzzler WITHOUT squares, cubes, blocks and bubbles!
User reviews:

"Absolutely one of the best puzzles out there. I tried it out of curiosity, now I can't put it down. "

"You'll be doing "just one more" all day - Very cool, intriguing yet very easy to play. Great design. Love it."

"It's been a while since I've seen a puzzler that was simple, interesting and original. Very cool game that is really easy to pick up and play!"

"Juste extraordinaire - C'est génial."

“Capolavoro! – Masterpiece!”

"Outstanding - This is the game that the iPad was made for. No other game makes such good use of the iPad's capabilities."

OS >= 7.0


Yara Kalil
Allgemein (15.11.16 - 22:03)
Adoro este jogo, acho elegante e divertido, um novo modo de remover as peças do quadro. Só mesmo jogando para entender!
Yara Kalil
Allgemein (24.03.14 - 07:00)
Maravilhoso jogo, muito agradável de jogar, diversão garantida!
Allgemein (15.02.14 - 23:55)
Great Game!
Easy Fuzz
Allgemein (26.01.14 - 14:08)
Забавная игрушка для скоротать время . :)
(26.01.14 - 14:11)
It is funny, it seems to me too! :)
Allgemein (17.12.13 - 14:36)
Вышло обновление,теперь около 100 лвл и 4 типа игры,правда,новых 2типа игры платно,66 рублей. И,мне кажется,чуть упростили прохождение средних уровней,дали там больше времени.Можно будет прикупить новые типы игры,игра отличная,сочная графика,релаксирующая
Allgemein (08.12.13 - 23:18)
Игра понравилась, периодически затягивает. Самое главное нету желания удалить, и даже после 10 первых мин игры. Советую попробовать. В отпуске на пляже отлично убивала время:)
Allgemein (01.12.13 - 15:07)
Cool game very cool ����������
Allgemein (25.11.13 - 23:17)
Como engancha esta cosa. Elimina colores facil verdad?
Allgemein (25.11.13 - 21:55)
Залипла на целый вечер,очень нравится.Правда,мужу и маме головоломка не особо) Дело вкуса))
Allgemein (25.11.13 - 21:01)
Too boring just after second level.
Allgemein (25.11.13 - 18:51)
Хороший такой пазл ��
Allgemein (12.10.13 - 05:13)
The best app of all. Just one question, does anyone get past level 43? 44 remains locked. I've done 43 many times.
Allgemein (05.09.13 - 00:00)
Качественная, но однообразная игра! Мне понравилась, но играть именно надоедает ( 15 мин и бобик сдох) ����
Allgemein (23.08.13 - 08:30)
Clever design! Very unique implementation to a simple puzzle concept. I love puzzle games, and this is a fun one with enjoyable mechanics. It's free now and easily worth the download.
Lili M
Allgemein (18.08.13 - 18:38)
Очень интересная игра! Рекомендую. Главное понять как играть))
(20.08.13 - 13:24)
@Lili M:
Спасибо за совет, скачал)
Allgemein (17.08.13 - 14:17)
Понравилосось. Любителям Lines и пр.подобных. Отличная убивалка времени
Allgemein (16.08.13 - 23:47)
Скринами отпугивает.
Allgemein (16.08.13 - 18:35)
awesome. kill time & fun
Allgemein (15.08.13 - 15:39)
Allgemein (15.08.13 - 14:35)
Awesome game! I've never seen something like this before. Incredible and original. Now it is free but it really worths .99.
Allgemein (21.07.13 - 21:11)
Fine game. Download it while it's free!
Allgemein (19.07.13 - 20:05)
Unique and fun puzzler, recommended!
Artur Szczur
Allgemein (19.07.13 - 16:53)
One of the best games out there :)
Allgemein (02.06.13 - 22:44)
Zur Zeit Gratis! Ein nettes Puzzlegame, welches schon beim zugucken etwas High machen kann. So viele bunte Farben und Farbeninnen in nur einer App! Fantastisch! Nebenbei sogar eine durchaus spassige App für alle, die Games dieser Art auch mögen!
Alexey Maslov
Allgemein (02.06.13 - 15:37)
отлично! я очень привередлив к играм, но эта меня впечатлила и затянула! советую любителям логических игрушек
Ma cristo che nervoso!!!!!!!
Allgemein (02.06.13 - 14:48)
If i clear a color it appears again. Why?!? ����
(04.06.13 - 12:47)
Yeah it happens with me sometimes��..the game is entertaining, but this seems to be a bug..
Allgemein (17.05.13 - 08:55)
Wonderful and simple puzzle game where you cluster shapes of the same color in order to clear the board. Makes really good use of the touch controls and it's neat how the pieces slide around each other and change sizes. With the latest major update, you can start at a level higher than 1 once you've reached it (10 and 21), and there is also a pretty nice soundtrack. Very highly recommend!
Allgemein (14.01.13 - 01:55)
Gottverdammter Suchtfaktor! �� Das Spiel ist einfach und richtig gut. Ein bisschen bling-bling in den Animationen und es ist auch optisch noch etwas interessanter.
Allgemein (12.01.13 - 09:37)
Kurzweiliges, nettes Lokusspielchen mit dem etwas anderen Spielprinzip!
Einfach mal testen.
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