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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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With Over, choose from millions of templates, graphics, and fonts to overlay, add and edit text and design photos to boost your social media profile.

Install now!

We’re obsessed." —Brit+Co, Digital Media and Commerce Company

“I use Over all the time to add fun backgrounds to my images and make my photos more interesting.”—Daniel, Conceptual Photographer

“This app is exactly what I need to manage social media posts for my floral arranging business. My followers love seeing what’s in season and my social media presence is going from strength to strength!”—Samantha, Florist Owner

“Over is awesome when I am on the go and I need quick photos for creating motivational quotes for my social media posts.” —Caroline, Blogger

Join millions of businesses and consumers already using Over – from content marketers, social media managers and bloggers, to health specialists, fashion brands, tutors, musicians, parents and fitness coaches.


• Social posts with visual content get 3x more engagement than plain text posts. Share your artwork straight to social with templates for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube
• Overlay your logo to customize your business posts
• Easily replace images with your own photos in customizable templates
• Create retail posters, business cards, email templates, blog headers, video titles, flyers, album covers, Kindle covers and more


• Select from thousands of graphics including patterns, borders, backgrounds, overlays, badges, shapes, details and illustrations
• Overlay effects, filters, text and colors
• Upload and add your own font
• Type or write your favorite quote and choose from hundreds of font packs updated daily
• Create everything from infographics to invitations, memes and photo collages
• Celebrate, encourage, congratulate, say happy birthday, invite people to a party or share a motivational quote


• Create like a pro on the go by transforming your photos with a tap
• Easily add text to photos
• Make text pop with drop shadows
• Resize, flip and rotate images
• Enhance your images with magic filters
• Blend photos to create your unique style
• Mask out image text for a professionally-designed look
• Personalize images with Photoshop-type tools for the perfect tone, color, contrast and fade



Over Pro offers two auto-renewing subscription options:

$9.99 per month
$59.99 per year

These prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence.

Your Over Pro subscription will automatically renew at the end of each term and your credit card will be charged through your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renew at any time from your iTunes account settings but refunds will not be provided for any unused portion of the term. Alternatively, there is a "Manage Subscription" menu option in the App Settings menu.

Read our terms and conditions at

Read our privacy policy at

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (18.09.17 - 09:43)
Another of these now-we-use-subscription apps! Do they really think people wanna do that?! ��
Allgemein (07.07.17 - 21:08)
Nope. Bloated. Tons of "features" that few folks actually use. Not a "professional" app by any stretch of the imagination.
I used to like (and use) this app when it first came out but they did that whole "reset", look, we made a new and "improved" app thing and refused to honor any previous in app purchases. Why? Because, and I quote, "oh, well, this is a whole new app". Yeah, ok, whatever.
Really fucking tired of this bullshit from developers.
(01.10.17 - 17:46)
I hear ya. So many apps get “upgraded” and turn into unusable garbage. That needs to stop.
Allgemein (04.05.17 - 20:07)
Nah... meh...

next, please (aren't you all bored of these worthless photo apps?)
Allgemein (11.10.16 - 19:24)
Nach diversen Updates mittlerweile ein sehr brauchbares Interface und zum Teil außergewöhnliche Fonts. Die In Apps sind imo deutlich zu teuer.
Allgemein (10.02.16 - 18:07)
La mayoría de extras son de pago
Allgemein (05.02.16 - 18:15)
Iap no free
payam malaekeh
Allgemein (04.02.16 - 20:39)
Free demo
Not free
(04.02.16 - 21:05)
@payam malaekeh:
Can't see that it's a demo?!!
IMHO free today with several of its IAPs free as well.
Allgemein (04.02.16 - 14:31)
Уважаемые разработчики , адаптируйте шрифты под КРИЛЛИЦУ и я вас на руках буду носить ! ))))
Валера Р
(05.02.16 - 08:00)
Чувак сюда разработчики врятли заглядывают, такое нужно писать в AppStore)
(05.02.16 - 10:44)
@Валера Р:
(22.02.16 - 02:44)
Обещали. Давно. Где то год назад. Наверно не будет. )
Allgemein (04.02.16 - 09:17)
Наверно сегодня Приложение недели. ��
Allgemein (20.10.15 - 08:09)
Free with free in-app purchases. Grab it fast.
(20.10.15 - 08:37)
(22.02.16 - 03:09)
this an excellent app and do grab it for free. been playing with it for a few days and you can clearly be your creative self...try it!
Allgemein (19.10.15 - 16:35)
I was ready to trash this app permanently when I read the devs' mea culpa and the list of fixes in this upgrade. After I picked myself up from the floor I ran a few images through the app and they have actually fixed it. Much cleaner less clunky UI is top of my list.

Took you a while to listen to your users and to invent the bloody wheel, guys - but good job ��
Allgemein (18.10.15 - 16:00)
The developer has essentially fixed everything that was wrong with this app back in July 2013 when I commented that I hated the first release. The app is smooth, functional and does not "get in your way". It saves at full resolution of the original image and is exceptionally stable, even on my legacy iPad2 which has a tendency to crash any app try to edit/process/save an image larger than 11mp. This app saved a 19mp image without issue. This new version has found a permanent home on all my devices.
(18.10.15 - 19:56)
I absolutely agree!
btw - some of the InApps are free today!
(18.10.15 - 20:34)
Thank you so much for the heads-up, I didn't realize that. I have just downloaded quite a few.
(22.02.16 - 03:12)
thanks for the notes and you are spot on...
I had not used this app until this version and I was very pleased with it out the gate. thanks again for the positive position here for this sweet app. I got all IAP free last evening when I downloaded the app so I say grab it too! g
(22.02.16 - 03:14)
they were all free yesterday as well when I saw the app. my experience is only for this version and it rocks��
Evgeniy Ch
Allgemein (06.05.15 - 20:42)
КУЧА ДОНАТА внутри!((
Allgemein (04.05.15 - 20:40)
Schöne, zum Teil außergewöhnliche Fonts
Ansehnliches Interface
Mittlerweile endlich Output = Input

Utopisch überteuerte In Apps
Sehr umständliche Bedienung, das Konzept mit diesem "Drehrad" ist nicht benutzerfreundlich und es nervt einfach auf Dauer.

Fazit: Für umsonst ok, ansonsten gibt es Besseres für kleineres Geld.
(22.02.16 - 03:23)
got all for free and if they keep up the great work why not for free?

have had some fun with this app in the last 12 hours heck for free give it a spin...
Allgemein (16.10.14 - 11:50)
I like it so far! One thing I miss is I'd like a snap to function.
Allgemein (04.04.14 - 17:43)
Free with the expedia app!
Allgemein (22.02.14 - 00:24)
What if I told you there's an app where you can download any font (TTF or OTF) format from the web for free and make photos or text with them
Pink Lady
(22.02.14 - 01:36)
I'd say 'Phonto'! ;)
(22.02.14 - 05:15)
@Pink Lady:
�� I didn't know such app but I try it and pretty cool the thing with this app is that you must download the font first to a Mac or PC and then pass it trough iTunes for the font to become available on the app

The app that I was talking about it's called Pen and Paper from Vivid Apps this app it's supposed to be a PDF creator and you can download TTF or OTF fonts from inside the app and just search a TTF or OTF file the press download ant that's it you can use the font for PDF or put them on an image, without any further steps.

An alternative is use Inkpad the vector based drawing BUT the app won't let you search and install fonts directly from the app like Pen and Paper, the thing with Inkpad it's that you must have the TTF or PTF Fonts files on Dropbox then Inkpad lets you "synchronize" your fonts via Dropbox and use them in the app

Hope this helps ��
(22.02.14 - 18:04)
I just saw in Snapguide, teach us to get free fonts ��
(22.02.14 - 18:39)
For the Pen and Paper app you just need to have the app that's all. Inside the app, create a new book or document then press on the settings button( gear button, top left ) and there's an option that says 'mange installed fonts' a window will appear you just have to press the plus (+) button and gives you five options to add a font source ( fontsquirrel, blambot,, google search and Dropbox ) you just have to select the source and search for the font file (TTF or OTF) and download it. That's it.

The Inkpad method you need the font files inside your Dropbox account first and then inside the Inkpad app press import, will take to Dropbox and then select which font files you want to import to your Inkpad app and that's pretty much it.
Note. Inkpad only support TTF font for PC files.

You can search the font on google or for example my favorite free font source: fontsquirrel

If you require more info please respond this comment ��
Pink Lady
(23.02.14 - 07:16)
Thanks so much for the heads up on the Pen and Paper app! I've not come across it before, but it sounds great and I intend to try it soonest! :)
(14.08.14 - 01:35)
I'd say Montage Magic!!!! (...also - Lol!) And the fonts are uploaded DIRECTLY within the app, to the app, and from the web! It's crazy simple! The app also hS different websites you can go to to find which fonts you want to install! Gotta try it out!
(14.08.14 - 09:01)
Thanks! I use anyfont to install font on iOS and use photoshop touch
(08.06.15 - 23:01)
@Pink Lady:
Montage Magic allows this! It even suggests sites you can download the fonts from!!!! They're able to be downloaded directly to the app, no syncing from elsewhere either! It's "magic"!!!! Lol!
(08.06.15 - 23:13)
I second you. Thanks for referring me to Montage Magic app two years ago, I've been using it for my various home design projects since then :-)

I like it so much that I decided to place it on my App Tips section for 2 months, so more people get to know about it :)
(08.06.15 - 23:26)
You're very welcome! I'm glad something I've referred to someone has been such a big help!!! That makes me feel very good that I was able to help you!

I think Montage Magic is a great app, but, just judging it from its app icon, I'd have NEVER guessed it was as powerful and useful as it is, had someone not referred it to me! I hope more people find it as useful as you and I have?!
(09.06.15 - 00:00)
>>> I'd have NEVER guessed it was as powerful and useful as it is, had someone not referred it to me! I hope more people find it as useful as you and I have?! >>>
Amen! :)
Pink Lady
(12.06.15 - 00:36)
Thanks for the tip! From the sounds of it, it's a definite "must have" photo app, so I will most certainly follow up on your advice and try it out. :)
Hope u are well!
(19.10.15 - 02:28)
(19.10.15 - 02:37)
Allgemein (04.01.14 - 13:58)
Over has the best looking fonts.

Typo Pic has the super cool "3d rotate" function.

Path On is gorgeous for curved texts.
Allgemein (02.11.13 - 15:37)
Die App ist okay, aber es gibt doch viel bessere Beschriftungs-Apps die viel mehr können, zum Beispiel einen Schatten oder einen Rand zur Schrift hinzufügen. Over kann das nicht. Ich finde es nicht gut dass so eine durchschnittliche App im App Store als essentiell empfohlen wird. Die verfügbaren Dekorationen gefallen mir vom Design her nicht, ich finde Photofy und Typic hier besser.
Allgemein (01.11.13 - 02:18)
Allgemein (16.07.13 - 18:45)
Not user friendly. No undo? No back button or restart? ��
Allgemein (13.07.13 - 22:26)
Total crap. Nothing works properly. Freezing issues. Naw, delete!
Allgemein (13.07.13 - 17:43)
Very strange application. I like to use it but I can't. Strange type of distribution Product. And at all for free not usable. Also interface Make me mad.
Allgemein (13.07.13 - 10:03)
Wie Pony schon sagte: noch bis Montag gibt's 5 Artpacks für einmal anmelden. Selbst Schuld, wer es verpasst!! Näheres in der "was ist neu"-Beschreibung. ��.
Allgemein (13.07.13 - 06:48)
Hey AppZapp Freunde. Lest mal die Update-Beschreibung.
Es gibt bis Montag 5 in App's gratis.
Das ist doch was.
Ansonsten natürlich Top App und die beste ihres Fachs.
Man muß sich dafür allerdings anmelden,bzw. Account machen.
UniJam ON 😜
(13.07.13 - 08:14)
Die gratis inApps sind natürlich gut....dennoch...
Ersthaft 89 cent für ein jeweils eine handvoll teilweise sehr einfache handgemalte linien ?

Eigentlich gute app WENN man eigene Elemente zeichnen, abspeichern und einfügen könnte. Dann sogar hervorragend. So nur ein netter gag, der im Appkonzert mitläuft wie Aufzugsmusik. Harmlos, nett und schnell vergessen.
(13.07.13 - 10:05)
@UniJam ON ��:
Ja, das wäre toll, aber dafür gibt's ja noch die Stamps-Apps. Auf Papier malen, abfotografieren und als Stempel/Sticker einsetzen. ��
Allgemein (13.07.13 - 04:33)
I absolutely hate this app. I have hundreds of photo apps, and hands down, this one is the worst I have ever used. The interface is awful. It is so counterintuitive, slow to download fonts, painful to manipulate the text, the menus slide all over the place, pop out from the right, then the left, up from the bottom, disappear completely, a never ending drama. And to add insult to injury, the app saves images loaded from thehoto Library at a terribly low resolution, 768x1154, 0.9mp Why bother?
(29.08.14 - 10:58)
Resoulution is still the same. Deleted again.
(30.08.14 - 01:48)
Mit dem heutigen Update wurde die Auflösung erhöht, Ausgabe entspricht Eingabe.
(30.08.14 - 10:16)
Toll, danke für die Info :).
(30.08.14 - 12:02)
Ich habe mir die App nochmals kurz angesehen. Sie speichert Bilder die vorher 3264x2448 oder 3072x4096 gross waren, mit 6144x4608 ab. Ein weiteres Bild das ich getestet habe, hatte vorher 640x1136 - und nachher 1536x2727.

Was mir an der App jedoch absolut nicht gefällt ist, dass man einige Schriften (2 Pack's) und Artworks (5 Pack's) als 'Free Download' angezeigt bekommt; möchte man die aber laden wird klar das man sich dafür registrieren muss. Das finde ich persönlich nicht cool.

Insgesamt bleibt es für mich eine App, die ich nicht behalte - hauptsächlich da ich viele tollere Alternativen habe, bei denen ich mich u.a. nicht registrieren muss um etwas zusätzlich zu bekommen. Da bezahle ich lieber. ;)

(30.08.14 - 12:36)
Juchuuh! Danke für die Info! ��
(30.08.14 - 12:38)
Me, ich bin auch gegen registrieren, hab in diesem Fall aber ausnähme gemacht, weil es sich lohnt. Finde ich jedenfalls. Ich werde da nie was abstellen, aber alles benutzen, was frei daher kommt. �� sind super Sachen dabei. Und wenn jetzt auch noch die Auflösung stinmt, werde ich sicher öfter mal einloggen. ��
(30.08.14 - 14:51)
Ja, ich habe es gesehen. 5 Schriften und 59 Sticker (9+18+9+9+14) oder Artworks wie es in der App heisst, gibt es dafür.

Ich habe nicht mal etwas dagegen mich zu registrieren - wenn es transparent ist, ok. Aber nicht wenn man es in der App als gratis darstellt, um erst wenn man draufklickt festzustellen das man sich registrieren soll. Zältli (Bonbon auf schweizerdeutsch) hinhalten und dann sagen, aber nur wenn du.....

Nee, da mache ich nicht mehr mit.
(30.08.14 - 15:24)
Okay, sehe ich ein. Aber für mich war das mal eine, für die es sich lohnt. �� und ich hab's ja auch schon ewig. ��
(30.08.14 - 15:31)
�� Das wiederum sehe ich ein. ��✌️
(16.09.14 - 08:56)
Achtung! Seit heutigem Update wieder deutlich verringerte Ausgabegröße. Auf iPad Air reduziert von 12MP auf 5MP.
Allgemein (09.07.13 - 18:45)
Allgemein (09.07.13 - 06:05)
Path on is much better than this, just saying!
Allgemein (08.07.13 - 19:13)
To put meaningless words or try to inspire people with shitty messages with a nice background
Professor Snape
Allgemein (16.06.13 - 19:22)
I did not pay .99 for you to advertise on MY photos.
REMOVE your website branding to ALL saved pics - then I can review. Only a BOOB would display THEIR pics with OTHER people's info.
Jeez, I hate pompous developers that can't rely on their own merit or work to succeed! I'm also seeing seeded feedback from the developer"s team = low rent and dishonest.
(24.08.13 - 21:57)
@Dick Nixon:
Chris222 GR
Allgemein (10.06.13 - 01:05)
Just. Get. It.
Allgemein (24.01.13 - 03:09)
Universal app, high resolution images, 200+ fonts (& more added all the time), lots of sharing options, DSLR import options(!!!), and easy to use interface!
(24.01.13 - 03:33)
FYI: There is one IAP of $.99 for more fonts, though...
(02.02.13 - 12:07)
Ok merci !
(02.06.13 - 03:48)
Angidazee, I have only been able to get 2048x1363 or 2.8mp outof this app. Have I missed something somewhere? If so I would want to correct my review in the AppStore.
(12.07.13 - 05:07)
I have had this app since first release, and with this latest release, the best resolution I can get is 0.9mp on my iPad2. If you don't mind my asking, what resolution are you getting and on what iDevice?

Allgemein (24.01.13 - 03:04)
The app's on sale today for half off everyone! I've been waiting for a while! Not sure if it goes free or not (I forgot to look before posting this comment), but I think this is a pretty good deal considering it's the #2 photography app!
(24.01.13 - 03:06)
Nope, not one that ever goes free - get it now while it's $.99!
(13.07.13 - 06:59)
You obviously work for the Developer!

This is a CRAP app and comments are being seeded from the Developer(s)

Don't touch it!
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We’ve never been fans of generic release notes.

The ones that say “we update the app regularly with bug fixes and feature updates.”

Or “we’re always improving the app for you.”

So boring.

But we get it, sometimes there isn’t much to say.

Especially when you’re releasing a version just to test potential new features, design changes and internal bugs.

Which is exactly what we’re doing.

So … keep creating amazing things and we’ll be back soon with something new!

With love
Your friends at Over

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Over, Inc.
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 5.7.0
Größe: 154 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Over, Inc.


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