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Alles in Englisch? Jetzt mit Google ins Deutsche übersetzen.
Improve your english pronunciation using our speech recognition enabled software.

This app gives you feedback on how to improve your English pronunciation

It is important to minimize background noise.

Once you speak a sentence you are able to swipe over the audio wave form and tap on the word sections to see how you performed on specific words.

You can also tap on both your or the example phoneme to see how you did.

Make sure your volume is turned up and be sure to tap the record to start, and then to end once you are finished speaking the sentence!


√√√√√ Amazing application (kavafianos)
After practicing with this application for a week I can actually talked, dictated to my iPhone and iPad and been understood, really good application for anybody who wants To improve their accent and speaking skills even if it is good and need just a little touch up

√√√√√ Love it, very very helpful for people who like me from other country..... (Juihua)

√√√√√ working it.thank you (I_java)

√√√√√ indispensable (tyl34325)

√√√√√ For a non English person, I find this app extremely useful to improve the pronunciation dramatically. The star feature is the evaluation, after repeating a phrase the app tells you how well you said each word and entering the word tells you the same in each sound. (Adrian)

OS >= 5.1.1


Allgemein (30.12.15 - 14:03)
Allgemein (18.01.15 - 11:04)
I need an american girlfriend who wants to speak and write English with me. And finally maybe I could learn something,,, ☺️
(18.01.15 - 11:56)
How about Ukraine? I heard girls there would die for a western man with deep pockets..
(30.12.15 - 12:03)
Yeah, they will. But they're pretty stupid, like chicken

(30.12.15 - 12:23)
Not good to talk like this
(11.01.16 - 17:23)
I think in UK there are plenty of girls who will do the same
(11.01.16 - 17:26)
Which girls are not stupid then?
Duncan Allan
Allgemein (18.01.15 - 08:57)
A complete false idea of how pronunciation is made. It just compares a bad example with what you have recorded.
As a native English speaker with a south coast English accent it scores me poorly.
Don't waste your time to learn with this app as you'll develop bad pronunciation.
(18.01.15 - 15:09)
@Duncan Allan:
Englishmen and Aussies have the worst English I ever heard. :)) When dog is duck it's fokin' funny but unbearable.
(05.01.16 - 07:42)
Советуешь загрузить? Как прога-то?
Allgemein (21.02.14 - 09:19)
I'm always a bit skeptical about this App, because all the apps like that are the best in others, I d like to find one that tells me even in ordinary language English idioms, that is what people are saying and not simply a book :)))))
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für iPhone + für iPad


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-Fixed a crash issue when recording

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