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  • PicItEasy PRO – Foto Kamera mit Selbstauslöser und Stabilisator

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!! Already 1 500 000 downloads !!

Now with PicItEasy, your pictures will always be perfectly SHARP!

ORGANIZE your camera roll by labels to find your photos easily, take a picture without touching the screen, share easily your pictures with your DROPBOX account or use the anti-shake.

- Anti shake to snap only when iPhone is stable
- « ghost hand » : snap without touching iPhone
- Send to Dropbox in background
- Apply labels to pictures in your camera roll

- Instant magnifier to verify sharpness of photo
- Automatically label city where photo was taken
- Use labels to sort & filter your pictures

****** ’… The ability to take pics on my iPhone 4S without actually touching the screen is Awesome! I currently take about 600 pics a month of model and serial numbers for work. [...] Definitely worth the small investment to improve my already exceptional phone.’

SHARP PICTURES: the iPhone camera is very sensitive to movement. This is where the anti shake can help you. The picture is taken only when no movement is detected. Sometimes even just touching the screen to snap created the dreaded movement that makes a blurry picture. PicItEasy can detect that your hand is approaching and snaps for you! And to make sure the picture is sharp, a dedicated interface allows to verify sharpness with just one touch.

SHARE EASILY: directly accessible, PicItEasy enables to send mails of as many pictures as you want in the same mail. PicItEasy is also perfectly integrated with your Dropbox account: send pictures in the background to your Dropbox account, as you take them or from the camera roll. EXIF data are of course maintained, and the picture name can include the labels applied to it.

LABEL YOUR CAMERA ROLL: tired of having to browse through 100+ photos to find the one you were looking for? PicItEasy allows you to label your photos. Just select the label to find instantly the picture you were looking for. Multiple labels are allowed on one picture. PicItEasy automatically labels your pictures with the city where is was taken

More info at

Credits: many thanks to for the great design

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (30.12.13 - 02:59)
Here we go again. Says its fee then when u get to app it cost $$$ wtf! Man this is starting to happen to many times
(11.08.14 - 04:27)
Because they go free first in Europe. Time difference lol
Allgemein (14.07.13 - 06:34)
Ganz OK, aber wer bereits Pro Camera,Blux Camera oder Camera+ sein Eigen nennt,kann sich diese App getrost sparen,da die anderen alles genauso gut oder besser machen.
Allgemein (13.07.13 - 05:24)
- a simple and straightforward UI
- I like that it gives you the option to directly upload photos to Dropbox in high quality

- not complex, doesn't offer any filters or tilt-shift options, etc.
- not given functions to adjust brightness or contrast, besides basic tapping. I recommend CACA camera or even Blux (another one I've deleted) for more image-control options.
- a minor con, but the UI is not aesthetically pleasing. not ugly, but absolutely standard and bare.

camera was too simple for me and I deleted it. however, it is a nice basic camera, and I can recommend it to anyone who just wants a basic camera, for those who really need more disc space, or for those (ie maybe some parents or grandparents) who don't know how/want to deal with a more "complex" camera.
(30.09.13 - 21:18)
Thanks, Good Review.
(02.10.13 - 11:03)
thank you for reading!!
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 3.3.6
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