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Forgetful? Often procrastinate? Feeling inefficient?

All you need is a simple and effective tool to help you manage all your personal matters, like Getodo!

So, how is Getodo different? Well, it has many distinctive features:

- Intuitive and elegant interface design
- Seamless interaction: drag-and-drop to prioritise, promote/demote tasks
- Easy breakdown of tasks into smaller, more do-able bits to help you tackle procrastination
- Ability to review your task with visualised task progress chart and allow you to adjust time allocation to improve efficiency
- Ability to delegate tasks to others to allow collaboration with transparency of each other's progress status
- Ability to share task list, like sharing a shopping list with your partner
- Cloud-based synchronisation to allow you easy access to your tasks anywhere, anytime
- More supprise just after your download:)

#Featured in Apple's iPhone5 AD!
#Recommended by AppAdvice, ifans, best10apps#

***Key Features***
- Break down tasks recursively
- Delegate tasks to other people
- Share lists with others
- Colorful tasks for category or priority
- Landscape support
- Cloud sync
- Web interface to manage tasks
- Beautiful themes
- Set reminder for tasks
- Review tasks by chart and calendar
- Gestures and cool animations

You can also learn more from our website:

So, go head, we invite you to try Getodo!

*** What our customers say ***

* "Wow !! - This is how an iPhone/iPad to-do app should work. Intuitive, flexible and powerful. On the power side: multiple tiers of to-dos/projects. On the flexible side, it is super easy to promote, demote and move subtasks. Love it." -- C.greaves

* "I love this app! Set up lists for everything, and the color coding helps me differentiate. I enjoy not having to date everything. Plus who doesn't love crossing things off a list?? Lol" --Ms.Liss

* "This is a great to-do app. I use it like a daily scheduler because of the simplicity. I've been searching for a app like this and finally found it. I love how you can regroup tasks within each other and take them back out." --EdZillaah

* "Best to-do/checklist app I've come across. Main features that work for me: cloud sync,nested lists,simple/focused,looks great,share tasks. This app is sure to get very popular..." --Drdrink

Also, we would love to hear from you, if you have any suggestions for us to better improve Getodo!

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OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (12.03.17 - 09:59)
2 years, zero updates? It's an abandoned fail. Was decent when new.
Allgemein (30.03.16 - 15:13)
Very interesting and intuitive app, very fast to learn and use. Unfortunately it crashes systematically when you try to share items (iOS 9.2.1 iPad 2)..
Not surprisingly last update dates back to 2014.
Allgemein (04.06.15 - 06:24)
当购物清单 棒极了
Allgemein (05.10.14 - 19:50)
It is an universal app, but does not work for now on iPad (4) with ios8 though the app is updated works on iPhone 5!
Might have the potential for one of my favorites!...
Update: it won't work when started in landscape mode and some functions in landscape mode on iPad !
Allgemein (22.09.14 - 16:26)
For stupid guys who can not memory their deals our world invented paper and pen
Allgemein (23.02.14 - 10:50)
It only works with a login, I think
(05.10.14 - 19:51)
But it's free...(the registration)
(10.03.15 - 16:43)
Creating an account is not required. Just touch the tiny word "Skip" at the bottom right. I think an account is only necessary if you want to synchronize with and manage your lists via their website as well.
Allgemein (31.08.13 - 15:13)
If I haven't found the most suitable for myself(for me Astrid is useful) or it has iPad version I will insist of using it ~ nice UI and effective ways of managing tasks. 加油!!!
Allgemein (24.05.13 - 18:56)
Awesome accordion interface!
Allgemein (09.10.12 - 15:08)
Eine weitere mehr oder weniger gut gemachte ToDo App.
Ich bin mit Todledo(oder so ähnlich)absolut zufrieden.
(09.10.12 - 15:27)
*Toodledo meinte ich natürlich. Ist für mein Nutzungsverhalten die beste ToDo-App.
(25.05.13 - 08:24)
Thanks for the tip. At any given moment I likely have 3-5 to do list app titles on my phone battling it out for top slot—guess I haven't found my perfect match yet. It never occurred to me that these productivity apps would force one to reckon with their particulars so much as they do.
(26.05.13 - 06:52)
@jaydeedoubleyou: HOLY COW!!! I am so extremely glad you shared that information!!!! I thought I was the only one that had this dilemma! I so totally and completely understand your problem! When I first got an iPhone years ago, I downloaded one I thought couldn't possibly be lacking a single thing, encompassed all areas I needed, and that I'd never need another again - I couldn't have been more mistaken! Sure, it included everything I could ever want, but it also was so over the top all-inclusive, ridiculously so, that it took me longer to make my To Do list than it did to get my To Do's actually done. (It might have been "Awesome Note")? I don't recall now, but I remember it having more sorters, folders, and options that I could possibly ever use - thus making the app so cluttered and confusing I didn't even want to use it. Not to mention, it's one of those very expensive apps that cost anywhere from $4.99 - $15.99, depending on any promotion going on at that time.

So, I'm just glad to hear that I'm not the only one downloading To Do apps like most people water their lawn: sometimes multiple times a day, but always EVERY day! Lol! You know, I just found one the other day that I downloaded and am excited to try out, but haven't had a time to yet. You might be interested in it? It's title is "UltimateCal". It's been in the AppStore for quite a few years, but not many people have used it, and it didn't have many reviews at all. Anyway, it looked pretty inclusive and seemed to have a lot of the features I want without being overkill and time-consuming. I might have even gotten it for free, but I don't recall right now? Well, let me know how it goes, and if you happen across any other To Do apps that you really like, it would be awesome if you could let me know! Alright, time to quit blabbing and pay my iphone bill! Lol! Hope you're having a good Memorial Weekend!
(26.05.13 - 17:15)
i have a thousand to do apps, most likely literally. 2 I've never deleted (though, to be honest, "using a to-do app" is on my to-do list) are Doo (or something like that) and Noted or Note'd
UniJam ON 😜
(26.05.13 - 18:44)
As I stated already in another comment (I think to omnifocus): its all about having an idea how to use a todo list. Choosing an appropriate tool that supports it is second. I speak from experience. I have spent ... Surely a 3 digits amount of euros on todo apps and tried a few free ones as well.
I always only accumulated tasks and tried to set meaningful deadlines and I alway ended up in frustration.
Later I have read a few things about how to apply GTD, Franklin Coveys system and Scrum. I like particularly the GTD approach. Omnifocus is the best for that, if you know how to use it. I practiced it some time. Now, I am back to a most simple approach. I use at the moment mainly wunderlist and notes on paper. However, I see the shortcomings and boundaries with it and think again about using a more powerful system like toodledo (allowing better management/ filtering with sub tasks and tags). Maybe I will come back to omnifocus and GTD again. But then again, I think first about how I want to manage my tasks and only then about what tools fit the purpose best.

However, looking back, I have the feeling that I invested so much time in finding the right method and tools, that my overall efficiency was lowered by that instead of increased ;-)
(21.06.13 - 08:35)
easy, compatible, reactive: taskpaper
variety of shortlinks: things
simple as ...: many many

alternatives: go back where they came from! i.e. outliners.
1) thinkbook
2) magicalPad

or try a different type of interfacing and codifying messages:

graphical ways may lead to huge organizers and planning methods:

or probably just buy a table calendar

whatever you do: stick to it!
(31.08.13 - 22:22)
Fake, paid endorsement. Paid professional shill. Ignore.
(02.09.13 - 13:05)
I'm confused and not sure what you're referring to? What is it that should I ignore? Ignore this app? Or...? Would you mind clarifying for me? I'm not too quick on the draw these days! Lol!
(02.09.13 - 13:06)
You pegged my problem entirely! I spend so much time trying to find one that I like the most that I have become utterly INefficient! Just as UniJam ON said about themselves! Lol! I appreciate your suggestions, though, and will look into some of these you've suggested - thank you for the assistance!
(02.09.13 - 13:15)
@UniJam ON ��:
I have done the exact same thing and find myself on a very inefficient, cluttered mess of To Do's that seem never-ending and never gotten done! Thanks to AppZapp, I haven't spent so much money on them as I would've otherwise! Gotta love our AppZapp!!! I generally end up just using the standard calendar app that came with the device, but that has so many limitations in setting reminders and repeats that I end up aggravated all over again! Lol! I don't particularly care for the Reminders app that goes along with the iOS calendar, either - it has limitations as well.

One of the things that I've been looking for is one that will allow me to email/SMS/copy, that doesn't require them to have an iDevice to receive, other members of my family, to either assign tasks to or inform them of, and I'd found one that did this pretty well, but am unable to remember what it was called now! Argh! It had some other limitations that I no longer recall, but after several years, could very well have added them now, I just need to remember what its name is. I should've put it in my To Do list - ah, the irony!
David Movsisian
(23.02.14 - 23:35)

Whoa you sound really happy
joe camel
(06.10.14 - 19:43)
@UniJam ON ��:
You 've been around much, are now using wonderlist.
So it's ok for you to store your Information online.

May i suggest trello?
It' s often used for coordinating Open source projects, can be used for kanban stuff, as well as for simpler purposes.
I like it more than wonderlist.
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