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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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• #1 ad blocking solution for iOS
• Over 750 000 app downloads worldwide
• No in-app purchases, no subscription. Simple one-time payment
• Top Utility ranked in all App Stores around the world
• Over 1000+ carefully crafted filters
• Easy setup in under 1 minute with detailed tutorial
• Now with built-in Safari Content Blocker for better web ad protection

Weblock allows you to control how your device fetches online content. Easily manage PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) script and route different connections through different proxy servers. Weblock can make your device download ads (banners and popups), stats and user tracking, scripts or images through a proxy server you pick. It also allows you to use a different proxy for specific websites, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, social widgets from websites. You can even define your own content filters. With Weblock you can control proxy for basically any network resource! This way you can choose not to reveal your real IP to different services, limit advanced ad targeting and protect your privacy.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You're responsible for selecting a proxy server that allows you to download content you wish to download. We DO NOT provide a proxy service. Using a bad proxy server (like might result in some resources being blocked. You can control your proxy settings selectively with Weblock. Contact our support if you need help choosing right proxy server or setting up Weblock on your device.

Here are some situations in which Weblock might come in handy:
• Fetch ads through a proxy server you choose. Protect your privacy and prevent ad servers from knowing your real IP address and tracking you.
• Disable majority of ads on websites you visit on your iOS device! Weblock supports all major web browsers: Safari, Chrome, Mercury and others (browsers redirecting web traffic through third-party servers like Puffin Browser or Opera Mini are not be supported).
• Easily remove all native Facebook widgets and plugins (Like buttons, comments, etc.) on sites you visit - simply disable Facebook plugins in Weblock! Do the same for Twitter, Google+ and other social media.
• Stop annoying Tapatalk popups, nagging you to download forum browsing app on every visit.
• Take control of someone else's device - you can preconfigure any iOS device to control it with your Weblock app. Block or redirect any content, anytime, directly from your own device.
• Your predefined filters and custom rules can be synced between all your iOS devices using iCloud.
• If you wish to block something else, you can create your own rules and filters. You can block any URL (with regular expressions), domain or IP address. Don't know how? Let us know - we're here for you.
• You can also use Weblock's redirect feature to emulate '/etc/hosts' entries for HTTP and HTTPS traffic. This might be useful for web and app developers to pin domains to different IP addresses.

••• IMPORTANT! •••
Need help setting up Weblock? Contact our support at

OS >= 9.3


Allgemein (11.03.18 - 02:20)
As a warning, with the DNS/VPN update, using it makes my battery deplete extremely quickly and it turns my iPhone super hot! At first I thought there was something wrong with my phone.

Disclaimer that I haven't updated my iOS version, so users on the latest update might not experience this issue.

Allgemein (06.03.18 - 00:05)
VPN adblocking is back! Using this app I can block about 99.5% of ads and redirects from messing up my device. Works with apps too, on WiFi and data. Best app in the App Store if you hate ads and want to block them.
Allgemein (05.03.18 - 14:21)
Excelente aplicación
Allgemein (24.10.17 - 05:31)

Since the prices of external USB hard drives dropped so much that a 3 Tera is about $100 there is no reason why none of you creat hard copies of your Apps, this way Apple can not touch, take away, or change your Apps and if 3 Tera is not enough get 9 Tera for $250 the excuse that memory is expensive is no more!
That's what I do, been doing it for years now ( ever since Apple came out with the iCloud ), it's not that I don't use the iCloud but I prefer both especially now that my iPad and iPhone together are 1 Tera 512GB each, I don't trust Apple just a month ago they took away the best YouTube App ever named ProTube ( beautifully made, up to 4K streaming, no advertisements and so much more ), they just disappeared it from the App Store and from the iClouds of people who owned and paid for it, without giving back the money even if you bought it a day before, and all the free Apps lately are 32bits which will come off from the cloud too probably, and who know what other surprises they plan for us?
Don't trust Apple, make your own backups!!!
(16.11.17 - 21:47)
@odedo1 :
Same schiiit bro :) been doing it since iOS 5, I have one 500GB hard drive for it. Many apps (music players, clients, games) were updated by developer in their worst way, or banned by apple, that's why I can always roll them back to my own preferred version. Cheers!
Allgemein (19.10.17 - 22:42)
Version 5.1: We had to remove the possibility to block ads with a VPN profile.
(19.10.17 - 23:31)
War "dank" Apples neuen Richtlinien ja vorhersehbar. ��
(19.10.17 - 23:44)
So ist es! ������
(24.10.17 - 04:32)
Thanks for the info.

Just so I'm understanding correctly, now with the latest update to this app, we can't use a VPN AND Weblock at the same time? (in other words, while you currently have a VPN on or connected, even if you turn Weblock on, it will not work/block ads and so forth?)

Thx in advance ��
(24.10.17 - 04:45)
BTW: I'm sure you saw this earlier or a while back (H/T @LogiZapp)
(24.10.17 - 10:29)


Version 5.0.0 - 07.07.2017
Changes in v5.0.0:
- brand new app design. We think you'll love it!
- long awaited support for Wi-Fi and cellular with the new VPN method (old method is still supported)

Version 5.1 - 13.10.2017
We had to remove the possibility to block ads with a VPN profile.

Just posted the info, to bring to attention, it IS removed now, what we all knew it will be removed (like @LogiZapp informed).
(24.10.17 - 14:24)

Yes, for instance if I'm using a separate VPN (i.e. F-Secure Safe, Tunnel Bear, etc., or any other VPN), I've noticed that Weblock will stop working.

However, seeing this quote (below) from the previous 5.0 version confirms that in addition to being able to use a separate VPN, Weblock actually had its own VPN profile that you could install. Unfortunately I never installed this Weblock VPN when updating the older 5.0.0 version of Weblock, so I was unaware of this great feature that they made available for the previous version, only to take it away with the 5.1 version (because of Apple)

"support for Wi-Fi and cellular with the new VPN method (old method is still supported)"

Thanks "big brother" Apple (NOT)

PS: I was too nice the other day when referring to them as "Momma" Apple (it's an adjective that at least denotes a somewhat positive, if not overbearing/too protective, but caring image, unlike "Big Brother" - with the whole Orwellian/1984ish totalitarian philosophy, which does not)
(24.10.17 - 15:57)
I'm sorry i'm far away from being an expert on this VPN topics, therefore i can't explain properly what is happening by using together several services - and even less how you could get what you like.
(24.10.17 - 19:09)
No that's fine and I pretty much get it and see what's been happening with these ad blockers and how Apple has changed its rules (or at least started to interpret them differently)
(06.11.17 - 14:13)
BTW, I discovered that I had the old version (5.0.0) of this (was not updated) in iTunes on my computer (I was lucky, lol).

So I installed it on my iDevice from iTunes (after deleting the updated one) and it comes with an optional VPN which of course if enabled, will work on both cellular and Wifi.

And it seems to work really good. And obviously it's pretty messed up that Apple decided to remove apps like this or make the devs remove it, but not unexpected with Apple. ��
(09.11.17 - 11:16)
Great you found it. ��
(12.11.17 - 17:55)
Yes, thanks, but nothing more than a lot of luck, lol
(12.11.17 - 20:51)
Lol, where would we be without it! ��
(13.11.17 - 19:27)
lol, yes of course, where would we be? And there is appropriately an American (and British, Irish, Australian, etc.? Not really sure to be honest) English idiom (and abbreviation) that expresses just this: "SOL." Not sure if you've heard this, but the last two words are Out (of) Luck ����

(14.11.17 - 21:33)
@me, @appcollector:
BTW: Adguard Pro comes with a „Split Tunnel“ so you can handle your devices with DNS-blocking on AND using some VPN-Services at the same time.

I used to love Weblock, but switched to AGP a while ago as I found out this is indeed the most powerful and reliable content filter I’m aware of. Plus it comes with great support, but that’s a big pro for Weblock, too.
(15.11.17 - 17:49)
Lol, no i haven't heard about it before.

Lieben Dank für den hilfreichen Hinweis!
(16.11.17 - 21:02)
Thanks a lot for the tip ���� I'm surprised that it's still in the App Store to be honest (per the linked article in other previous comments) - although maybe I'm not understanding the TOS rules clearly. I checked and I have the free one, but it doesn't do what the paid one does. I'll check it out ASAP

PS - I can now see that they had to abide by the Apple "Rules" per that old linked article. But still great that it does utilize split tunnel technology (unlike Weblock)
(16.11.17 - 21:05)
lol, I see. The S stands for "sh&t" (Sh&t Outta/Out of Luck - SOL ��)
(16.11.17 - 23:00)
lol, yeah i've got it - after wondering about articles about Mars and Sun and "Seniors on line" i've got what you where referring too. :)
(19.11.17 - 04:30)
looool ��������
(06.03.18 - 00:00)
VPN blocking is back as of the most recent update.
(19.03.18 - 20:52)
Thanks a lot for the heads up! Did you experienced issues like draining battery or heating up the device after installing the update, as another user reported?
Allgemein (19.10.17 - 21:40)
Was perfect but last update remove 4G connection support and not working on wifi good
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
Allgemein (11.08.17 - 09:59)
Doesn't even start on iOS 9. Crashes right away.
Tipp & Tricks (17.07.17 - 18:37)
(24.07.17 - 21:36)
Nice, thanks for the link! Very interesting!
The only reason is that Apple slips money through the fingers. No other reason.
(25.07.17 - 15:04)
Yes, but not directly. It is not because Apple sells ads; iAds has been abandoned.
But they need to protect the income for many developers for who live on adsupported and/or freemium apps. Because without devs, no apps, and you have a ghost town that was Windows Phone Store.

I don't have much problems with little ads banners. It's the trackers I don't want.

Interesting article:

Except I doubt the conclusion that paid apps will save us from tracking.

Anyway, if Weblock dissapears from the App Store, you can always use the dummy proxy method, hosting a PAC file somewhere yourself. Editing will be a hastle though.

Allgemein (08.07.17 - 02:11)
Awesome update

"support for Wi-Fi and cellular with the new VPN method (old method is still supported)"

And it like before a local method, via a dummy VPN.
(08.07.17 - 09:17)
According to some rumors on the web, -"this is a dumbed down version" of another more powerful app, besides Adblock app, made by the same developer team under different name.
WeBlock and Adblock apps were designed and developed by a dev who got into a quarrel with the core team, stole the original code and launched his own apps :)

The core developer team keeps working on and improving the Adguard app, which I've throughly tested on my android devices for the past year. It works fantastically.
(08.07.17 - 15:12)
If it is just rumors I don't care much, until someone from that team confirms this.
I use Adguard browser extensions and lots lf custom rules in all my desktop browsers, but I find Weblock good enough for iOS, because it has iCloud sync and it is easier for my family to ad rules.
Adguard on Android and desktop might be good, but the iOS version is more restricted. And some rules transfered from my desktop lists don't seem to work. Maybe the syntax processing is different. I got Weblock working with no AppStore hicups and no ads on YouTube or any other stuff other reviewers on the AppStore seem to encouter. I honestly don't remember which rules fixed those, and don't want to fiddle with Adguard too to get it working. :) Until they introduce that awesome interdevice and OS sync they are working on for a long time now.
Agent Smith
Allgemein (01.03.17 - 10:52)
Time to time open the app and refresh the filter list for newly added ads servers.
And the developer update the list frequently.
Then open the list and check all the newly added ads servers simply by pressing the check box on the top right of the screen.
And enjoy the ad free iOS until you open VPN or something..
(21.03.17 - 22:33)
@Agent Smith:
Thank's for another good one. �� Just used your tip and my issue with the hanging/non responsive AppStore - while Weblock is active - seems to be solved. (Crossing fingers it is!)
Agent Smith
(23.03.17 - 10:50)
Unfortunately AppStore problems might not be related to the weblock's updates.
It's true that the AppStore doesn't like adblockers and hangs on, stops responding etc.
Not always but sometimes disabling the weblock solves the problem, so make sure to enable the weblock widget for easy access to the enable/disable weblock switch.
Yet again if the AppStore does not start responding, then try opening a vpn connection which usually solves the problem. But be warned this might cause some weird double downloading or downloading loop problems..
I think the problem relates to Apple's some decisions on restricting the AppStore access for lesser server load. It's most likely that the greedy management stuff wholly acquired the control of Apple, and as always they started to penny pinching for no good reason. Can you imagine that they even restricted the search quarries, so then they won't need to add more servers for high demands?!
I've already started to migrate to other alternatives, so Apple's stupid restrictions won't be effective on me. ��
(25.03.17 - 10:27)
@Agent Smith:
I didn't knew AppStore don't like AdBlockers. After my comment i've recognized the issue was back. So, thank you, for your reaction and helping me out with this! Your hint with the widget makes things much easier and the additional VPN-hint, also the explanations what do and may happen, helps a lot.

Now I can imagine - unfortunately. My initial hope was, they have a temporary issue with the search quarries, also maybe that they had add something to give sites or apps like AppZapp a hard time, but never for the reason you've explained. Don't have to say i find this another ridiculous move. Going for more customers and then throttle them down?! Really!? Don't know what to say ...

It's just so very rare these days that anybody who gained power continue to use it in a positive way. Meanwhile i do count Apple to this category too. They did great stuff with even greater intentions. But know ... i understand you are one you're way to free you're self from what's going on! Unfortunately i can't (or i'm not ready yet to) do it radically - but I'm freeing my self wherever it's possible from their ecosystem.
Agent Smith
(25.03.17 - 19:06)
Only a few know what is really going on in Apple and also in other giant global companies.
What they do is just stealing from the people under the name of capitalism.
And at this point no one can stop those evils since all the companies are already too powerful, even for the governments..
Like all the others, Apple steals tax money for a quite while now, but no government stops it..
Yeah, corruption at its best.

I see lots of people complaining about piracy in AppStore.
Sorry to inform you folks but; Apple is all about piracy.
Probably not much people know or mostly forgotten about it that the most of the main technologies in idevices were "directly and openly" stolen from US army's and the other companies' researches.
Once Steve Jobs himself admittedly said that: "Why join the navy if you can be a pirate".
Apple, probably, is the ultimate tech pirate company in the world right now.
They will steal anything related to their tech, and even if they cannot they'll buy and destroy it.

Well, of course, even if they are bloody pirates and might not have that much great intentions for us, they did some great jobs for humanity;
At least thanks to Apple that we could finally have said a full "stop!" to the evil Nokia's "paint the ten years old tech and sell it with the as high as possible price tag" era.
But, IMHO, we'll need another crazy tech pirate to get rid of the Apple era soon..

Since I'm against all the evil slavery tactics, I always try to find alternatives for every system in my life. Now I'm free of Apple's already rotten universe. Hope you all can find a way out too.

If you can't, don't worry,
as Agent Smith, I will convert all those slavery lover evils into "cats" in the future.
I know cats are evil too, but only 20%..
And the rest of the cats are "purr love",
so hopefully that will solve the world problems once for all. ����
Allgemein (01.03.17 - 09:16)
Auch hier hinkt AppZapp wieder hinterher, angezeigt wird, dass Weblock vor 6 Stunden gratis geworden ist, Nanuk hat bereits vor 15 Stunden darauf hingewiesen.
Wieso? Woran liegt das?
(09.07.17 - 05:12)
The truth is AppZapp can't update there app to fix those kind of problems, for example the search functionality not working 100% of the time.
the reason why they can't update is because apple changed there policy 2 years ago and if AppZapp will get an update it will get removed from the app store, unless it would be a very different AppZapp, not the one we all know and love.
(09.07.17 - 05:32)
3-4 years ago*
Allgemein (01.03.17 - 02:42)
Would not use my phone without Weblock. Yes, it only works on WiFi connections but since I do most phone time on WiFi it's not a problem. You need to add a couple of special entries to block iTunes ads in games and such. Create them and no more interruptions! Highly recommend.
(01.03.17 - 06:18)
Which special entries are those?, can you please tell me?
Allgemein (28.02.17 - 18:41)
Jetzt wieder gratis! ��
Allgemein (28.02.17 - 18:03)
Allgemein (07.11.16 - 09:18)
Perfect app i like it
Recommended ��
Allgemein (17.07.16 - 14:49)

• Français :
Juste pour dire que " AdBlock " est également gratuit et il est mieux mais dépêchez vous parce que il ne va pas être gratuit pour longtemps...
Pas besoin de configuration... C'est le meilleur entre les 2 ✌��️

------> AdBlock

• English :
Just to say "AdBlock" is also free and is better but hurry because it will not be free for long time...
No need to setup... This is the best between the two ✌��️

------> AdBlock

(18.07.16 - 08:53)
(29.11.16 - 22:24)
Weblock is much better!
For me even the best app of its kind (at least so far).
The second best is Adguard Pro.
The third best is Adblock from FutureMind.
BlockBear it's very good too.
Mark Jefferson
Allgemein (17.07.16 - 05:09)
I had this app on my watch list and today I got my hands on it when the price dropped down completely. I configured it as described and I opened an app called "Instant Vuvuzela" that comes with banners and popups. The ads did not disappear.
(17.07.16 - 09:40)
@Mark Jefferson:
This app works on wifi only. Also, did you restart your wifi (turn it off and then on)?
(17.07.16 - 14:35)
@Mark Jefferson:
Active ALL "BlocAds" in setting of app... For me it's good ✌��️ ... Good app ;)
If you want "AdBlock" is free for a little time...and It is better ^^

"AdBlock"work in WiFi and cellular �� :)
Work very good and no setting needed ��

I use with app ^.^
Mark Jefferson
(06.11.16 - 10:39)
I did that . Get the app I mentioned and test by yourself.
Allgemein (16.07.16 - 20:52)
Отличная программа. Блокирует рекламку во всех приложениях когда вы подключены к wi-fi. И кстати работает на iOS 10
Agent Smith
Allgemein (16.07.16 - 01:30)

Don't miss the sale this time or we will export a fresh coup d'etat to your government..
(16.07.16 - 01:31)
@Agent Smith:
(17.07.16 - 14:40)
@Agent Smith:
« coup d'état » is a french expression ^^ I did not know it was said in English too ��

Agent Smith
(17.07.16 - 14:48)
French is good for such words :D
Englishmen usually use just "coup" since they are.. well.. brits,
but if you ask me it's not as fancy as the French flavored one.. ��
(17.07.16 - 14:51)
@Agent Smith:
Allgemein (15.07.16 - 22:26)
Cannot purchase, item been modified :/
(16.07.16 - 12:57)
keep checking it is ok in US store now...
Rob Talent
Allgemein (03.04.16 - 03:13)
Denkt aber daran das die Werbefreiheit mit jeder dieser AdBlock-Apps teuer mit euren Daten erkauft werden. Den alles was mit dem Gerät über das Internet läuft wie z.B. jegliche deiner OnlineBrowserDaten, WhatsApp, YouTube, E-Mails, Standort, Cloud, Notiezen etc.
Einfach alles was raus und rein geht immer erst über eine von der WebBlock-App bereitgestellten VPN-Leitung geschleust wird. Dadurch es auch erst möglich wird die kleinen Werbungs-Klötzen zwischendrin abzufangen.
Hier aber auch der andere kleine rest, nämlich all eure Daten, ausgelesen werden, (nebenbei: ausser solche die extra geschützt oder verschlüsselt werden, Erinnerung an die allseits bekannte DE-Mail, welcher ein super Ansatz war. Es aber nicht gelang sie immer von Ende bis Ende verschlüsselt zu halten und dadurch nicht den erhofften Schutz grbracht hat).
Durch dieses Beispiel hier mit den WebBlock-Apps wird das dann auch mal verständlich. Denn was bringts wenn deine Mail nicht bei dir sondern halt beim gegenüber der einen Blocker oder besser beschrieben einen Scanner oder noch viel besser, selber bezahlten Scanner besitz, ausgelesen und zugeordnet wird... ��

Letztendlich, durch dieses schleusen können neben dem auslesen auch alle deine Daten die zumindest von diesem Gerät ausgehen, lückenlos zugeordnet, vervielfältigt, in die ganze Welt weitergeleitet und sonst was mit gemacht werden.

Also vielleicht nochmal driver nachdenken warum der Kundenservice hier so stimmig ist und deswegen so gelobt wird.
Vielleicht auch mal nach einer alternative schauen, wenn man nicht zu denen gehört die sagen das sie nichts zu verbergen haben, den darum sollte es nicht gehen.

Aber hey, was soll's, ändere kann man es eh nicht. Musste das jetzt einfach mal runterschreiben. ��
(09.04.16 - 09:44)
@Rob Talent:
Sieht eher danach aus, als ob das die Filterung direkt auf dem Gerät vornimmt. Schreib doch einfach dem viel gelobten Support und frage nach, ob das tatsächlich so ist. Alternativ mal deinen Traffic im WLAN mitschneiden ��

Zitat Beschreibung: „Jeder Teil der Inhaltsfilterung findet im deinen Gerät statt!“
(16.07.16 - 10:39)
@Rob Talent:
Sorry. Selten so einen Bullshit gelesen. Keine Adblock App hat Zugriff auf Daten. Das Gegenteil ist der Fall. Sie verhindert lediglich das bestimmte Dinge geladen werden. Zum Einen ist das Werbung. Zum Anderen, und das ist das Wesentliche, sind das Tracking Cookies mit denen dich Google, Facebook, Twitter, Analytics-Dienste wie Flurry und Konsorten im Hintergrund verfolgen und dein Surfverhalten ausspionieren. Selbst auf Webseiten Dritter geschieht das, in Apps auch, und auch wenn du bei den Diensten gar keinen Account hast. Bonus für die Dienste wenn du dich auf nem Smartphone und/oder Tablet mit deinem Google/Facebook/etc-Account einloggst. Schon können sie dich geräteübergreifend verfolgen.

Die neueren Adblocker (wie 1Blocker, Cleanse, Ruby, Klar von Firefox, etc) nutzen die Safari Content Blocker, die von Apple seit iOS 8 bereitgestellt werden, und funktionieren nur im Browser.

Diese App hier leitet Anfragen an Werbe- und Tracking-Server an einen Dummy-Proxy, sie greifen also in's Leere. Dieser Dummy-Proxy ist, das ist Google's DNS Server. Also doch wieder Google werden sich jetzt einige fragen. Das ist aber nicht der Fall das es sich hierbei um einen DNS Server handelt, nicht um einen HTTP/S Server. Die Anfragen werden vom Google Server einfach ignoriert. Etwas ausführlicher ist das auf der Website der App erklärt.

Weblock funktioniert systemweit in allen Apps und Spielen, aber wegen der Machart nur mit einer WiFi-Verbindung. Die Safari Content Blocker von Apple funktionieren auch auf mobilen Verbindungen.
Es empfiehlt sich beide einzusetzen. Ich nutze zum einen Weblock und dazu noch Klar von Firefox weil dies die Filterliste von einsetzt. Kann man auch mal besuchen die Seite.
(30.09.16 - 16:55)
@Rob Talent:
Bitte informiere dich vorher. Hier wird nichts durch eine vpn geleitet. Alle Werbungen werden mit Hilfe von einer "Proxy hosts" Datei an gesendet. Es werden nur Werbungen zu dieser Adresse gesendet. ist der Google DNS und er antwortet mit "Nein" auf alle https Anfragen. Somit wird deine Privatsphäre nicht beeinträchtigt.
Allgemein (25.11.15 - 17:26)
Buenisima ����
Windom Earle
Allgemein (18.09.15 - 08:41)
Ho scaricato la sorella di questa di app (Adblock) non piu di tre giorni fa e funzionava prima che scaricassi iOS 9.
Ora,perlomeno su quel circo di pubblicitá che è Flipboard, non sono non blocca niente ma alle volte non consente neanche di poter aprire una notizia per poterla leggere. Inoltre ho dovuto riscontrare anche problemi con l'attivazione/disattivazione del profilo della app stessa nonché una rallentamento assurdo nel traffico dati.
Ho scritto agli sviluppatori e spero mi rispondano ma quello che mi chiedo è: non era previsto che iOS 9 avesse una funzionalità nativa per bloccare queste stramaledette pubblicità??
Se qualcuno può consigliarmi magari provo anche questa sorella maggiore (Weblock) a patto che funzioni!
Windom Earle
(09.10.15 - 00:07)
@Ƒɾɑղϲվ Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ:
Yes you're right! Mi riferivo proprio ad Adblock, sorella minore di Weblock! L'ho acquistata proprio in virtù del fatto che era in grado di bloccare le pubblicità sia sotto Wi-Fi che sotto 3G/4G ma purtroppo non ha mai funzionato. Ho provato a contattare il loro servizio di assistenza (molto disponibili) ma non sono riusciti a risolvermi il problema così l'ho cancellata.
Ti ringrazio infinitamente per il consiglio, proverò a testare quanto da te suggerito.
Respect!! ��
Allgemein (27.05.15 - 08:43)
Hab es nie bereut, Weblock gekauft zu haben (ich wünschte mir diese App auch unterwegs im mobilen Netz). Nicht nur, dass es kontinuierlich weiterentwickelt wird, auch der Support ist superschnell. Ich kann Weblock auf jeden Fall guten Gewissens weiterempfehlen. ��
(27.05.15 - 09:02)
Schau dir mal die die andere App (dieser Art) von ihnen an. Installiert ein Profil und auch unterwegs ist Ruhe. Zum Test eben rasch gemacht (die App war in den Tiefen der Einkäufe verschwunden & und auf diesem Gerät nicht installiert) - die Werbung auf AppZapp blocken funktioniert jedenfalls gerade.
(27.05.15 - 10:56)
Du meinst AdBlock? Das hab ich bis eben noch gar nicht entdeckt! Da wären 99c ja mal richtig gut investiert. ����
(27.05.15 - 13:02)
Danke dir für den Tipp! (Mensch, hätte ich auch mal selbst drauf kommen können, nachzugucken, was der Entwickler noch so anbietet ��).

Hoffentlich wird das Blocken penetranter Web-Ads bald implementiert, denn das ist ja eigentlich, was ich suche. ��
(28.05.15 - 11:42)
@me, @GroovyGouvy:
Tja, 'Adblock' gekauft und nun mitbekommen, dass Apple das (voreingestellte) Blocken von iAds nicht (mehr) erlaubt, wenn die App nicht aus dem Appstore fliegen soll. :(
Der Nachteil eben, wenn man mit nicht freien Geräten von nur einem einzigen Store abhängig ist.)

Vom Support darauf aufmerksam gemacht worden, dass DIESE App aber, 'Weblock', ein sehr mächtiges Werkzeug sei, womit das Problem zumindest im WLAN in weniger als 10 Minuten gelöst war. :)

(28.05.15 - 15:30)
Also bleiben wir bei weblock und nutzen die ganzen Apps einfach nicht im LTE usw. ����
Allgemein (27.05.15 - 00:57)
Add me as a friend and follow me and I will follow u
Allgemein (26.05.15 - 23:23)
iAds are back...
(27.05.15 - 21:30)
Kann ich (hier zumindest) nicht bestätigen. Hast du vielleicht ein Gäste-Netz eingerichtet und bist versehentlich dort unterwegs? Dann müsstest du Weblock nämlich auch dafür konfigurieren. Oder guck mal, ob dein iPhone vielleicht über das offene Netz eines Nachbarn im Netz ist. ;)
(27.05.15 - 22:08)
Es scheint, hat Apple etwas über iAds geändert. Ich habe mit dem Entwickler entsprach und ich Hilfe erhalten. Wenn Sie Probleme haben sich die Sie berücksichtigen sollten per E-Mail den Entwickler als auch.
(27.05.15 - 23:00)
Ah, okay. So everything is running well again?
(Thanks for your hint. I know that they provide good support, I had also asked for in the past.)
Allgemein (16.04.15 - 18:18)
I'd like to get a redeem code to test...
Agent Smith
Allgemein (06.04.15 - 07:08)
Unfortunately weblock stopped working for me after over a year;
The js file was reachable, but the ads were allover the place.
Maybe this was a temporary situation, but I am not that patient..

So I found my own solution:

I downloaded the js file to the iphone since it was only mobile reachable, transfered it to my pc via dropbox for easy editing,
modified the code and uploaded the new js file to my domain's hosting server,
pasted new js file's address to the iphone's wifi auto proxy section.
And ads r gone without using any app or taking any security risk.

Here is the changed code snippet for ur pleasure; just change the parts with your domain name, save the js file and upload it to your server..

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
var u = url.toLowerCase();
var h = host.toLowerCase();

if (d(h, "") || d(h, "")) {

This is only for the ones who have some web editing knowledge..

Good luck

Sorry for the long comment and the code part, but don't expect any potatoes.. Agent out.. :P

(06.04.15 - 07:16)
@Agent Smith:
Absolutely GREAT and helpful, thank you! ����
Agent Smith
(06.04.15 - 07:18)
(06.04.15 - 07:56)
@Agent Smith:
Well done, my friend. Very creative.
Agent Smith
(08.04.15 - 02:43)
Actually it works without that if statement which contains part.. Erase it too (;
(28.05.15 - 00:43)
@Agent Smith:
I'm sorry but I have a difficulty understanding your workaround with the js file (it's a JavaScript file, right?) Can you explain what modifying the code gives us in a more easy digestible way? Thanks.
Agent Smith
(28.05.15 - 01:23)
I've simply removed the two if statements from the code which I have previously shared the snippet, so then I could use the js file from my web hosting. I think this is a simple job for the web developers or people who have some beginner level experience with JavaScript coding..

It is working fine for me without any problems.

I'm not sure how to explain it more since I'm not a js expert.. (:
Allgemein (17.03.15 - 05:52)
STILL won't filter YouTube ads. If anyone here knows of the url patterns (e.g.,* ) I can manually add to the blacklist I would greatly appreciate it if you share them with me.
(17.03.15 - 17:33)
I have been using Tubex for months (in combination with Weblock) and have never seen any of those videos ads like in the official YouTube app. So maybe switch to a different player?
(17.03.15 - 20:42)
Thanks. I'll give it a whirl.
Allgemein (16.03.15 - 23:29)
Currently using a different service from another app. Some of us would still like to return to Weblock and would appreciate it if you could let us know if this version (or any future version) is working or not.
(17.03.15 - 02:42)
It works for me, and you shouldn't have any problem switching from apps like this. I switch from Adblock to Weblock and back a few times.

The app is basically just a fancy way to edit the blocklist. You can share the link to your list with others, so it isn't even necessary to have the app installed. They only need to place the link in the proxy settings of IOS. The list is hosted by Weblock (, so when that service is down, just use the link from the other app. Or are you talking about a VPN service?
(17.03.15 - 02:47)
Thanks. Yes the app I've currently been using is called Adblock (it's the other one, the one with a black icon and a �� in place of the letter o). It uses a VPN profile. I'll check to see if Weblock is working.
(17.03.15 - 02:52)
Ok it apparently works now. I think.
(17.03.15 - 03:16)
Ok, then it should be no problem to switch. They both use the dummy proxy principle. (A VPN is something different. But I won't bore you with that)
(17.03.15 - 03:23)
Yep. Thanks.
Allgemein (12.02.15 - 16:23)
Muy bueno, cumple su funcion perfectamente, lastima q no sirve para 3 g...
Paul McMahon
Allgemein (22.12.14 - 23:04)
With nothing else to compare it to it seems to work well.
Allgemein (30.11.14 - 10:44)
Lately it hasn't been working for me. I followed the instructions but it just won't work. Keeps telling me "Filtering inactive. Check your setup." And yes, I checked the FAQ and did the Wi-Fi toggling: zilch.
(31.12.14 - 14:25)
Did you fixed it?
(31.12.14 - 22:18)
Nope. I'm going to have to wait for an update.
(11.01.15 - 08:34)
Same here ��
Agent Smith
Allgemein (19.11.14 - 05:39)
Neredeyse bir senedir sürekli kullandığım sağlam iş gören reklam engelleyici.
Tüm uygulamalar ve browserlarda çalışıyor olması güzel tarafı..
Hatta bir süre youtube video reklamlarını bile engelliyordu ama sonra youtube app güncellenince film bitti..
Sayesinde bir çok uygulama reklamsız pro sürüme dönüşüyor.
Çalışma şekli; potansiyel reklam adreslerini google ın boş proxy adresine yönlendirmek.
Güvenlik ve hızda teorik olarak sorun yok ama yine de ara sıra auto proxy ye girdiğimiz js uzantılı dosya içeriğini kontrol etmek iyi olabilir (:
Parasını hakediyor, tavsiye edilir.
Allgemein (26.07.14 - 02:32)
it's nice!
(26.07.14 - 23:52)
Por supuesto ������������
Allgemein (24.07.14 - 11:19)
Parait très bien. Mais la sécurité ?? Qui peut me renseigner ?? Merci
Ken Dschun
(24.07.14 - 21:20)
Keine Sorge, es wird nur ein Dummy-Proxy eingesetzt. Nichts geht nach außen bzw. über Dritt-Server. Andere mögen mich korrigieren, aber so lautet die Dokumentation.
(24.07.14 - 21:24)
@Ken Dschun:
Allgemein (24.07.14 - 10:18)
YouTube ads back.
Paul McMahon
(22.12.14 - 23:05)
I am surprised
(23.12.14 - 00:13)
@Paul McMahon:
There's another app called Adblock. Icon is black and says ADBL��CK in white text. It requires installing a VPN but it DOES block ads.
Allgemein (24.07.14 - 08:17)
Попробовал не работает (
(06.08.14 - 18:30)
Adblock в настоящее время бесплатно и включает в себя множество фильтров для российских объявлений
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (24.07.14 - 08:04)
Für die Nachzügler heute gratis. In Wifi-Umgebung absolut empfehlenswert und praktisch. Wie man die super einfache Konfiguration nicht schaffen kann, ist mir ein Rätsel.
Allgemein (24.07.14 - 06:08)
Врет автор, что не прокси ;( тогда не понятно, где еще он врет... Нет доверия таким софтам
(05.08.14 - 15:06)
I have AdBlock, made by a Russian developer that posts here.. In AppStore someone left a comment saying AdBlock is lying about not using a proxy, and recommended this app. Now I come here and see your comment that weblock is also lying.
Mattie Oliver
Allgemein (24.07.14 - 02:24)
I can't get it to work. Followed the in app set-up directions, enabled filters (all 158 AdServers are checked, as well as all 10 GeneralAdservers), closed app with ads, reopened and still see ads. Double checked settings and all looks as it should. Shut down and powered up iPad, still see ads. Waiting to hear from developer's support. If I can get it to work with their help, I'll post solution here in case someone else has a similar issue.
Allgemein (19.07.14 - 02:50)
Das Beste App ihrer Art! Habe bis jetzt einige getestet, aber diese hier hat das schönste Menü, die meisten Einstellungsmöglichkeiten und ist sehr übersichtlich. Funktionieren tut es natürlich auch sehr gut ��
(20.07.14 - 20:15)
Sehe ich auch so und nutze es;
aber es soll doch extrem unsicher sein.
Siehe die Kommentare weiter unten ��
Allgemein (08.07.14 - 01:19)
My new favourite app, woo-hoo!!
(08.07.14 - 01:32)
It's definitely amazing!!!!
Jaber Al-Muftah
Allgemein (22.06.14 - 16:35)
Love it
Allgemein (16.06.14 - 21:44)
Programm-Beschreibung: "Unlike other content filtering products, Weblock DOES NOT act as a proxy server for all your traffic, so your connection stays direct, fast and private!"

Programm-Setup: "Set HTTP Proxy to Auto ... paste the link as URL ..."

Martin Holmström
Allgemein (10.05.14 - 17:36)
Похоже, что безопасность данных действительно под угрозой. Прокси использует ява-скрипт, а тот в свою очередь собирает всю информацию о вашем подключении и при пропуске через себя вашего трафика можно только догадываться, как его обрабатывает. Верить на слово разработчику (инфе в описании) довольно затруднительно :\
Allgemein (26.03.14 - 02:06)
lol anyone else notice ads again suddenly on AppZapp? c'est la vie
(26.03.14 - 03:50)
Did you not pay for the ad removal?
(26.03.14 - 05:45)
Not for AppZapp, no. But I never even once saw them after installing Weblock until today. There must be a new rerouting tactic for ads introduced recently.
Allgemein (09.03.14 - 18:01)
Correct me if I'm wrong but to me it looks like the app developer has indeed setup an own proxy server and the app just creates a proxy script which contains this external address. So in the end, every http connection is done via an unknown external proxy where the actual filtering happens where everything could logged easily. That's a big security risk.
(18.06.14 - 10:37)
Try to read js file from the link. It sends data to google dns server ( So you can trust this app as much as you trust google. Try to google weblock and find subredit where it is much better explained.
Allgemein (13.02.14 - 16:29)
Безопасность ваших данных под угрозой. Вы направляете свой трафик на прокси сервер.
Впрочем решать вам. :-)
(26.03.14 - 06:16)
В описании программы указано, что она не отправляет данные на сервер, а лишь как фильтр работает!
(28.03.14 - 17:33)
Логично. Кто признается в том что он вор?
Если вы немного знакомы с фильтрами на прокси серверах…
И вообще что такое советую почитать в нете.
Allgemein (12.02.14 - 11:04)
Download this. Now. Do it.
Apple Martini
Allgemein (09.02.14 - 23:45)
I feel like I travelled back in time. I cannot believe I have been watching YouTube videos without pesky ads for the past few days. That is the greatest feature of this app! It feels like the year 2011 again, back when YouTube didn't have all those ads, ahh it feels amazing! I would have paid good money for this app! I feel guilty for getting it for free! What an amazing developer. I truly hope this shoots to the top of the charts. It also blocks ads from websites in safari, and even as supported apps and games.. Quite amazing, you can also tweak the settings to block some ads, and allow others, which is nice, as sometimes you do want to see the ads so you support the website in a small way, you can't seem to toggle app ads on or off though, so if you want to support a dev you'll have to just buy an IAP or whatever.. (Personally I feel guilty not supporting a dev if they make a great app or game I really enjoy..) another great feature is you can block websites or apps like Facebook, and you can set several devices up to the same server, so the parental device can block Facebook on their child's device and what not. This developer is truly a legend! ❤️����������
(21.02.14 - 03:44)
@Apple Martini:
Actually, I don't hope too many will discover this gem, because I think Apple will ban it because it also blocks their iAds. And other devs will implement more nasty ways to force ads and trackers. They've managed to circumvent lots of the things Adblock used to easily block on the desktop.

And I also don't mind supporting most devs by allowing some ads. Just not those very annoying stupid popup by those greedy HayDay, bastards.
(26.07.14 - 23:51)
Creo que tienes razón en Play Store (android) están vetadas estas clase de aplicaciones no es bueno para el negocio de las Apps
Allgemein (09.02.14 - 12:24)
Понимая технологию работы данной программы, настораживает за безопасность данных.
(26.03.14 - 06:17)
Так как же описание программы о том, что данные никуда не отсылаются, а программа лишь как фильтр работает?
(28.03.14 - 17:42)
Ложь аффтара по понятным причинам естественна.
Allgemein (09.02.14 - 03:06)
I wish "Love this App" was an option!!!! Took me a second to understand the set up (which was actually VERY, VERY easy by the way.....), but it is working better than advertised from what I can see so far.

Works internally on some of my other "advertising supported" apps as well! Didn't expect that!!!! :-). I can't be more pleased. Thanks so much for a simple but excellent app....and FREE to boot! Can't beat that. Thanks again!!!!

Oh, and of course, my web browsing is so much less cluttered!!
Allgemein (09.02.14 - 03:04)
Последствия этой ужасной программы.
Я ее уже удалил, так как внутри Pad пошла диссинхронизация программ внутри оборудования и самого оборудования. Компьютер начал завесать несколько раз в час. На сайт еще не успех заходить, так дисфункцию разрушительную почувствовалось внутри самой техники. Ненужность и разрушительность ее не надо было проверять: достаточно, что она закачана на Pad. Эта программа сама как вирус. Полный отстой, несущий разрушение. А первый вывод сделал, тогда когда я прочитал благие цели этой ужасной программы. Вывод один: программа опасна для продукции компании Apple и для потребителей, которые ею пользуются. Ее нужно полностью исключить из Аpp Store, а производитель должен каждому потребителю компенсировать моральный вред. Время, совместные и наблюдения показали не только, что это программа ненужная, а то, что под хорошим предлогом и хорошими целями скрыта разрушающая аппаратуру программа. Может она и была сделана с целью, чтобы изнутри под портить купленную продукцию Apple, чтобы ее чаще покупали из - за нарушения всех функций программного обеспечения аппаратуры.
(10.02.14 - 10:01)
очень веселое чтиво) поставил лайк за полное непонимание механизмов работы программы
(26.03.14 - 06:18)
Что за бред параноика?!
(28.03.14 - 17:39)
Ничего разрушить она не может.
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 16:01)
Хорошая программа. Ненужная реклама не нужна. Как есть вирусные программы , так и антивирусные. Данная программа блокирует ненужный сор, особенно в соц. сетях.
(08.02.14 - 16:17)
А то, что некоторые сайты не загружаются из-за этой программы − это вам как?
Похоже, вы действительно пишете свои категоричные отзывы без реального опробования приложений. Стоит ли?
Easy Fuzz
(08.02.14 - 17:15)
Именно то, что я и подозревала с самого начала: не только отсекают рекламу, но и не дают войти на сайт. Кстати, некоторые восхищались тем, что в другом приложении ( игре), снимают рекламу; не поделитесь, каким образом?
(09.02.14 - 03:01)
Я ее уже удалил, так как внутри Pad пошла диссинхронизация программ внутри оборудования и самого оборудования. Компьютер начал завесать несколько раз в час. На сайт еще не успех заходить, так дисфункцию разрушительную почувствовалось внутри самой техники. Ненужность и разрушительность ее не надо было проверять: достаточно, что она закачана на Pad. Эта программа сама как вирус. Полный отстой, несущий разрушение. А первый вывод сделал, тогда когда я прочитал благие цели этой ужасной программы. Вывод один: программа опасна для продукции компании Apple и для потребителей, которые ею пользуются. Ее нужно полностью исключить из Аpp Store, а производитель должен каждому потребителю компенсировать моральный вред. Время, совместные наблюдения показали не только, что это программа ненужная, а то, что под хорошим предлогом и хорошими целями скрыта разрушающая аппаратуру программа. Может она и была сделана с целью, чтобы изнутри под портить купленную продукцию Apple, чтобы ее чаще покупали из - за нарушения всех функций программного обеспечения аппаратуры.
(09.02.14 - 06:46)
А можно было бы и ещё один вывод сделать.
(09.02.14 - 12:05)
Спасибо за предупреждение!
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 09:02)
block the annoying ads in a creative way - just change the proxy settings and stop the DNS lookups, interesting :)
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 08:32)
It works really good, no more jailbreak+Adblock or changing DNS addresses. Nice!
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 02:43)
Толком пока не протестировал, но если работает-это бомба!
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 00:40)
Is the basic setup enough? Do we need any fine tuning?
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 17:43)
Hey, it works! YESSSSSSS!
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 16:33)
If you can't get this one for free, try Ghostery, which is more focussed on blocking trackers.
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 16:33)
Just amazing app ... It works fine just follow the instruction at the beginning :))) ������
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 12:43)
Кто не имеет , забирайте , распродажа , убирает рекламные объявления.
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 12:40)
Blocks ads!
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 10:45)
Это работает. Это великолепно.
������ Пусть рекламодатели обанкротятся.
Tipp & Tricks (07.02.14 - 10:16)
Leute, das ist gerade kostenlos!!!! DAS Utility, um ads zu Blocken - zumindest im heimischen W-Lan. Dadurch erwähne ich oft ads in apps nicht, weil ich sie gar nicht erst sehen. Und ihr kriegt es kostenlos. Unbedingt mitnehmen. Habe diese 1,80€ nie bereut!!
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 06:45)
how do you add the link to settings? it doesnt apply changes
Uncle Bobby B
(07.02.14 - 07:26)
If you mean the wi-fi settings, just go back after pasting the link.
(07.02.14 - 07:32)
@Uncle Bobby B:
i did but when i go back, the change doesnt apply, it goes back to "off".
Uncle Bobby B
(07.02.14 - 07:36)
If the link is ok then going back to wi-fi screen should have saved the setting..
(07.02.14 - 07:44)
@Uncle Bobby B:
it doesnt save it, Maybe my router doesnt support it, I also went back to the app and still needs setup
(09.02.14 - 03:11)

I had the same thing as you until.... I rebooted my iPad, (before that I closed ALL of my open apps). After that I have found not only on the web, BUT in ad supported Apps...."Ads, what ads?"

I hope this helps.... Take care, and good luck.
(09.02.14 - 03:51)
did you reboot after, or before pasting the http?
(09.02.14 - 05:28)

Howdy! Sorry, for some reason the AppZapp email link didn't work!?! To answer your question.....

I put the changes into my settings....

1. Went to my normal network I use, changed the setting to "auto", and then added the link.

2. Then I came out, closed all of my open Apps.

3. Using the power off button, I shut down my iPad (and it worked the same on my iphone 5). I then used the power button to restart after about 45 seconds.

Once my system was back up, I found my web (Safari) was a lot cleaner, and since my prior post checked 8 more of my apps I use regularly, and found NO ads.

I've noticed no slow downs, lock ups or changes (short of where the ads were....are now blank) in anything as of yet.

I am sure there will be the stray app (or web site) that will still have ads, as software such as this rely on how the code is written ref. how ads are handled. I hope this helps. :)
(09.02.14 - 08:43)
thanks for the help, though it didnt work, ima just get adblocker
(09.02.14 - 22:00)

Before you give up, try deleting the Weblock app and restore your settings back to normal. Power down your device and restart, - Re-download the app and then ..... Go into the settings section of the app and copy the URL. Come out of the app (don't close it yet)

1. Go to your devices Settings
▶️ Wi-Fi
▶️ Select the network you are
▶️ Scroll down to "HTTP PROXY"
and select "Auto", and then
Paste in the URL below from
the app.

Then back out to the main settings page. Then close all open apps and using your power button and completely shut down your device. After 30 seconds or so restart and you hopefully will be good to go! ��

Also, what iOS are you running? I am running 7 on both of my devices.

If it still doesn't work, I would contact the app developers, as they might know what might be stopping this from working on your device. That too, it could help others who may be having the same problem?

Fingers crossed for you.
(09.02.14 - 23:33)
iam using ios7 as well ill try it one last time
(10.02.14 - 01:55)
it didnt work, adblocker does the job well too, thanks anyway
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 06:40)
Yippieh! Danke!!! ����
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 06:07)
Jetzt für alle, die die App noch nicht haben gratis ��!
Ken Dschun
(07.02.14 - 08:38)
Danke, ich hatte es schon und Kauf nie bereut
Uncle Bobby B
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 05:56)
Ads gone.. like forevaaaaa..

Just paste the app's server address into wifi's proxy auto setting..
You can see the ads' empty space but not the annoying ads..

Even the appzapp's ads r gone..
This is no good for business (:
Krishna Agarwal
(07.02.14 - 06:20)
Buy AppZapp's ad removal please. Support this great app if you want it to survive.
(07.02.14 - 06:24)
awesome thanks for the notice!
(07.02.14 - 06:50)
@Krishna Agarwal:
I agree but it seems wether you buy it or not AppZapp is going to disappear :( hope Appzapp publish a brand New AppZapp I would 100% pay for it
Krishna Agarwal
(07.02.14 - 07:12)
It can not disappear. It may come in different form though.
(07.02.14 - 07:15)
@Krishna Agarwal:
I really hope so
(26.03.14 - 02:08)
@Uncle Bobby B:
Ads are back on AppZapp... ��
Uncle Bobby B
(26.03.14 - 02:23)
I don't have any ads..
I'am using weblock with almost all options on which r off by default.
And you may always email the developer about stubborn ads (;

Another issue that I notice is if you are using a vpn app, it bypasses weblock ad blocking..
(26.03.14 - 05:47)
@Uncle Bobby B:
Thanks for the tip.
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 04:33)
Download instantly !!!! For me It's better than adblocker
Фархад Ш
Allgemein (29.12.13 - 17:40)
О друзья мои,вот это,успеха!
Теперь племя зеленого робота,должно осадить свой пыл)))
Allgemein (20.04.13 - 18:33)
Ich hätte wirklich nicht erwartet, dass die App so gut!

Dafür zahle ich den Entwicklern gerne die 1,79 €!!!
(20.04.13 - 21:45)
Das klingt ja super! Erst mal auf die Lüste. Aber ich glaube, das ist es wert. Ich nehme an, statt Bannern hast du dort leere Balken oder?
(20.04.13 - 21:56)
Nein, nicht immer. Bei dem Spiel "Match" z.B. sind die Banner als Overlay integriert worden. Da sieht man dann den "echten" Hintergrund.

Wenn die Ad's als Container in die App eingebunden sind, dann bleibt der Container noch zu sehen...

Das wirklich gute an dieser App ist, dass man die Möglichkeit hat, Black- und Whitelists anzulegen. Ist also alles 100% personalisierbar.

Der Service ist auch echt auf Zack. Wenn es mit einer bestimmten App Probleme gibt, einfach anmailen und die machen einen Blog-post im Internet, in dem die speziellen Ausnahmen für die Black- / Whitelist für die App erklärt werden.

(20.04.13 - 23:22)
Ich war auch erstmal platt, dass es wirklich so gut klappt!!! DieApp ist echt Gold wert!

Man muss halt nur bei einigen Apps Ausnahmeregeln in die Whitelist eintragen...z.B. auch für AppZapp, da bei vollem Schutz die Weiterleitung zum AppStore nicht 100%ig klappt (man wird zum Internetbrowser weitergeleitet).

Aber das ist ein kleiner Preis, dafür dass man dann absolut Werbefrei ist...
(21.04.13 - 13:08)
Bei FB und Twitter brauchst du nur Ausnahmeregeln für die URLs der Server, auf denen die Bilder abgespeichert werden, in die Whitelist einzufügen. Dann klappt das auch wieder!
(03.06.13 - 10:27)
Leute, ich hab da mal noch ne Frage oder 2:
Wenn das installiert ist, muss das dann immer offen sein oder ist im Hintergrund eh immer offen?
Wo kriege ich die beste Anleitung dafür wie Black und white eingerichtet werden müssen???
Dank im Voraus!
(03.06.13 - 11:12)
@GG die Webseite des Entwicklers ist auf polnisch. So gut polnisch kann ich leider nicht. Kann höchstens einkaufen gehen auf polnisch, das war's auch.
Oben rechts kann man auf Englisch wechseln, funktioniert aber irgendwie nicht. Ich versuche es weiter.
Allgemein (14.04.13 - 00:20)
Finally an Adblock that works ! ...also in apps ! Tried it... Adopted it !
Allgemein (06.04.13 - 22:22)
Beste adblocker über wlan meine beste ipad apps...
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