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  • Atlas by Collins™ – a themed collection of interactive world atlases

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See the world in context with Atlas by Collins™ through twelve themed globes.

Current globe available on initial download:
• Satellite map – search and go straight to 200,000 places around the world

Additional globes available via in-app purchase:
• Physical maps – Physical features such as oceans, mountains and deserts
• Political maps – Current states and territories, political and economic alliances, and historical maps showing the effects of exploration, colonialism and conflict
• UNESCO Memory of the World – Documents, arts and people that have shaped humanity
• UNESCO World Heritage – View some of the most breath-taking places on Earth
• Development – Demographic statistics and context from the World Bank
• Economy – Global economic statistics and context from the World Bank
• Environment – The impact of human life on the natural world, and how countries compare on environmental issues such as pollution and forest loss
• Population – Statistics about the people who inhabit the world, including population trends, migration, and birth and death rates
• Energy – The distribution of energy resources, and patterns in energy production and consumption
• Communications – How technology connects the world, including mobile coverage, Internet usage and number of telephone lines
• NEW* Extreme Survivors – 60 stories of human endurance

With Atlas by Collins™ you can:

• Explore colour-coded world maps showing up-to-date information on topics from mobile phone coverage to energy resources and economic development around the world
• Share interesting maps and information via social media or email
• Download to view mapping offline down to 1:3,000,000 scale
• View sample of globes before purchasing
• Zoom-in on any location down to street level when online through your in-device map app
• Research in-depth country profiles for every nation on Earth
• Discover over 200,000 cities, towns and major natural landmarks instantly through search, even when offline

We advise a good Wi-Fi connection when downloading additional globes. This app makes use of the latest Apple technology and is available for iPad 2 and above, and iPhone 4 and above only. Please note it is NOT suitable for iPod Touch, iPad 1 or iPhone 3Gs and below. If you have any questions please see the list of FAQs on, or contact

Selected as one of the 20 Best iOS Apps Of 2012 by Techcrunch.

"It’s this kind of app that one suspects the Retina display on the new iOS devices was built for." The Next Web

"I wish this was around when I was in school."

"Fun, easy to use, constantly updated, always there when you need it, and with the most important information about the environment at your fingertips" Fast Company

The app is produced by Collins – publishers of the Collins Atlas range and the authoritative Times Atlas of the World, and one of the most respected cartographic teams on the planet – in partnership with the Other Media, developers of the best-selling Wonders of the Universe app.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (19.07.14 - 11:20)
642 mb. Wtf. I want only mini atlas.
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 11:14)
Tell me how much money did you get from arabian sheikh to change "Persian Gulf" to the "Arabian Gulf" or "The Gulf" ?
I am sure you have sold yourself for just some bucks , you worthless.
You should learn from National Geographic World Atlas.
Allgemein (23.04.14 - 07:35)
Interesting, but how much is complete? And then 600 mb, not cheap!! I have to think :)))
Allgemein (08.07.13 - 18:16)
Nice app but too much memory especially with the in app purchases, really gutted due to the fact that I paid for it and the next day it came out for free.
Allgemein (08.06.13 - 21:51)
Donate ��������
Allgemein (07.06.13 - 23:22)
But 602Mb...����������������....��
Allgemein (07.06.13 - 22:59)
Очередная лажа со встроенными покупками ������������������
Allgemein (07.06.13 - 16:40)
Nice app. And now free. Go download it.
(07.06.13 - 17:46)
Its trial
(07.06.13 - 17:53)
Free? Yes - but only the basis App... Every Plugin costs $$$$
(07.06.13 - 21:22)
I see.
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