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  • Ravensword: Shadowlands

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Von den preisgekrönten Studio das euch Ravensword: The Fallen King
und Aralon: Sword and Shadow brachte kommt

Ravensword bringt dem Rollenspiel- und Abenteuer-Genre einen neuen Grafischen Standard.
Entdecke eine enorme, detaillierte Welt, sammle mächtige Waffen, finde hunderte Items, verbessere deine Fähigkeiten und folge der Handlung um die Geheimnisse des Königreich Tyreas zu lösen.

Kompatibel mit dem iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2, iPad Mini, iPad 3 und iPad 4
Nicht kompatibel mit dem iPod Touch 4 oder iPhone 3GS

'It's hard to keep our expectations in check on this one. It could be The Elder Scrolls of mobile RPGs'
-Touch Arcade

'Could be one of the best-looking games on the platform'


Enormous 3d world to explore
First Person and 3rd Person on the fly switching
Gorgeous and realistic scenery
Ragdoll Physics
Game Center Achievements
iCloud support
Original Soundtrack from composer Sean Beeson
Hundreds of items to use
Various weapon types - Bows, Crossbows, Hammers, Swords, Axes
Flying Mounts
Tons of enemy types including huge prehistoric creatures.
Pick Pocketing
Magical Runes
Item enhancement
Tons of loot
Plenty of armor upgrades
Mounted combat
Decision based, multi-part Quests
Reputation and Jail System

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OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (27.05.17 - 13:31)
It's a really beautiful game.I had passed it,but still playing.Horse riding,pterodactyl flying.Joyful!
Allgemein (05.05.17 - 22:37)
Do yourself a favor buy this game
Allgemein (16.04.17 - 20:34)
Just make it free will you
(17.04.17 - 03:27)
@Rahel :
If only Bernie were elected then everything would be free!

People would spend a bunch of hours working really hard to create things for us to enjoy and wouldn't get a dime back for their time. If only...

Buncha greedy capitalists wanting $0.99 for this, how disguisting
Hosein Zuraev
Allgemein (15.04.17 - 23:20)
Ну и как вам игра? Стоит ли его покупать без русского языка?
Юля Самойлова
(16.04.17 - 05:09)
Владеешь 5 языками и как это помогает тебе мыть унитазы в Италии?
Юля Самойлова
(16.04.17 - 08:01)
Помечтай, пока хозяин в отъезде.
(16.04.17 - 17:32)
Don't respond. Our troll is back. I'm sure AppZapp will figure it out soon enough.
(16.04.17 - 20:40)
Поражаюсь некоторым людям,отвечающим всяким жертвам аборта.
(18.04.17 - 08:29)
А что? Я не понятно выразился? Не отвечайте троллям,и всё тут.
Allgemein (16.10.15 - 16:03)
За 119 купил бы
Dmitriy Lyakh
Allgemein (29.09.14 - 04:51)
На 5ке не работает вообще . Выкидывает при загрузке новой игры !!!
Allgemein (28.09.14 - 06:14)
игра в принципе не плохая жаль что русского нет! Но своих денег наверное не стоит купил по распродаже за 33 рубля поиграл понравилась!
Raining Blood
Allgemein (04.08.14 - 18:39)
Кусок говна
(28.09.14 - 06:12)
@Raining Blood:
Кусок говна у тебя в трусах!!!! Учи английский чмошник!!!!!
Геть Усiх
(28.09.14 - 14:04)
Хер сасай, головой трясай, падаль креаклячья
Иначе не возьмем тебя в ЕС даже гомно с улиц подметать))
Raining Blood
(01.10.14 - 20:31)
Уж лучше тебя знаю английский, гондон
Allgemein (02.01.14 - 12:07)
One of the best rpg games on IOS.
But after the update, the Graphics are lower and the resolution is terrible.
I hope they can fix this

Allgemein (04.11.13 - 18:33)
Tylko iOS 7 :((
Dla tej gry nie warto tej kupy instalowac.
Allgemein (31.10.13 - 18:56)
Магии нету,и это-печалька(
Allgemein (31.10.13 - 11:16)
90cent ist einfach ein Witz für so ein Klasse spiel! Früher hab ich 60€ ausgegeben für irgendEIN Spiel... Wer jetzt nicht zuschlägt, dem ist nicht zu helfen
Alex Tim
Allgemein (31.10.13 - 03:30)
Он не нужен. Покупай пока скидка. Единственный недостаток игры - короткий сюжет.
Allgemein (20.10.13 - 17:44)
One question: was this game ever offered for FREE?
(01.11.13 - 17:06)
no , but i dont think that it would free
Allgemein (01.09.13 - 08:06)
Будет Русский язык, обязательно куплю !!!
Big Zerk
Allgemein (01.09.13 - 02:54)
Расскажите об игре. В сомнениях.
(20.10.13 - 17:45)
мне тоже интересно услышать
Allgemein (31.08.13 - 22:53)
Jetzt noch auf Deutsch und alles ist gut.
Grafisch ists aber Top, die Steuerung etwas gewöhnungsbedürftig aber es geht. Ich habs gekauft und bereue es nicht ��
Ein klasse RPG
Henry Law
Allgemein (07.07.13 - 01:44)
I bought the Mac App Store version
just $3 dollars more and I could play it
on iMac and the game also have Game Center achievement
Allgemein (22.01.13 - 01:39)
Когда скидки??
Josh Wang
Allgemein (21.12.12 - 18:32)
Looks like elder scroll on ipad
Allgemein (20.12.12 - 18:43)
Controls scheme is Terrible !!!!!!!!!
(21.12.12 - 00:42)
There working on that. It will come in the next update. ��
(21.12.12 - 00:42)
You will have the option to customize you layout.
Allgemein (20.12.12 - 18:33)
Just by the graphics you can't say no! �� The Most impressive thing about this game is the Boss fight, you will kit regret buying this game. Mines is downloading, but am not disappointed. The best tip I would give is RESTART your device before playing to prevent crashes. ����9/10
(20.12.12 - 21:18)
What? That didn't make any sense...
(20.12.12 - 22:27)
What's wrong?! I meant to say you will not regret it.
(21.12.12 - 00:41)
Lol. WTF (Am not DISSAPOINTED) sorry I had some typos
(06.01.13 - 10:56)
I think the "disappointed" question from eltiOCOsa is referring to your original statement where you said "..mines is downloading I'm not disappointed..." I don't think he understood, that what you meant, is that it's a BIG file, is still downloading, but you didn't care because you really liked the game - did I get that right? At least, that's what I read it as! And, it didn't really matter to begin with - was more of a file size statement, more than anything, so I have no idea what the "all of a sudden" care over a not too important statement was all about? Lol! Maybe we'll never know - �� Lol! Enjoy your game!
(07.01.13 - 21:07)
Yes, angidazee your right. Am not disappointed about this game, just now that I have tried it the controls are a but hard, but I told them on twitter about it and they said the update is coming soon.
Get In The Van
Allgemein (20.12.12 - 16:04)
Wer's als Western-RPG Fan nicht kauft, ist selber schuld! :)
Allgemein (20.12.12 - 01:42)
��NOW THIS looks impressive, real contender for one of the biggest, most impressive and immersive open world RPG on ios...Skyrim on a handheld ��
poker face monk
(09.01.13 - 03:17)
Looks pretty sweet. May have to get this.
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-Unterstützte Unterstützung für Echtzeit-Beleuchtung und Schatten
-Metall Rendering
-Improved Kompatibilität mit iOS Versionen.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 2.1
Größe: 828 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 4
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