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Listen to millions of songs from Spotify and your personal library as they were intended to be heard. All in one app. Optimized for your headphones and Bluetooth speakers.

If you want to elevate your mobile listening experience to studio reference sound, look no further than the Audyssey Music Player. This award-winning app is the smartest music player app in the world, and the only one you’ll ever need to unleash your inner audiophile.

The advanced Audyssey audio technologies used to perfect the listening experience in music studios, home theaters, luxury automobiles and IMAX Theaters are now available to deliver that experience to your headphones and portable Bluetooth speakers.

Audyssey Music Player is the only app that applies custom tuning profiles for your specific headphone or Bluetooth speaker model. Combined with audiophile-grade 32-bit processing, it enables richer tones, greater clarity and deeper bass for an unsurpassed listening experience.

Audyssey Music Player now integrates with the Spotify music-streaming service. Users with Spotify Premium service can now listen to millions of songs available on Spotify, with reference-quality sound tailored to their specific accessory. Whether you’re enjoying music in your iTunes library or streaming with Spotify, Audyssey Music Player has you covered.

With Audyssey Music Player, amazing studio reference sound is as simple as 1, 2, 3:

1. Pick your headphone or Bluetooth speaker: Individually calibrated profiles are used to optimize your music. Just choose your model to get started.

2. Play your music: Enjoy the iTunes and Spotify experience, with added personalization power. For further customization, Audyssey's patented Tilt control gives you the power to precisely adjust bass and treble to your liking.

3. Hear the difference: Audyssey brings a decade of the most advanced audio science to your listening experience. Hear what you never knew you were missing.

The Audyssey Music Player will also play songs from iCloud after they are downloaded to your device. If you have older DRM files please note that Apple doesn't allow any audio processing on these files.

Previously downloaded profiles will be retained. Before upgrading, use iTunes or iCloud to restore a back up of Audyssey Music Player to your device. When you then update your app, your old profiles will be migrated to the new version.

We want to make this app the best it can be. Please contact us with your feedback.

Use of Spotify requires iOS 7 or greater.

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (16.10.14 - 17:55)
it's not really free now. now you pay for every single speaker profile. before they were free.
Allgemein (18.09.13 - 22:48)
La gente debe estar loca diciendo que esta �� es buena. Menuda porquería de programa. Ni regalado lo quiero habiendo cosas gratis como Beatblaster...
Allgemein (29.07.13 - 03:01)
Por fin una app que ase lo que dise ����������������������
Allgemein (25.07.13 - 00:06)
Sehr nette app!
Absolute Empfehlung! Und im Moment gratis.
Allgemein (24.07.13 - 05:40)
很棒的重低音!原以為沒法背景執行,沒想到重啟就行了 Oh~Ya 給這App滿分啊!超級讚〜
Allgemein (23.07.13 - 22:33)
Mezzanine! ♥
The Developer has a good taste in Music! ;)
Allgemein (23.07.13 - 05:03)
It make my headphone sound even better! I can hear the difference!
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 14:58)
As long as those apps are just players, i don't care.
Make a JACK iOS version witch let you use any audio app as source, and i will care more ;)
For now,.there is not a single audio enhancer in audiobus/ jack format.
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 12:15)
Good player but the audio customization is kind of simple I prefer Radsone
(22.07.13 - 23:33)
Me 2
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 08:15)
Очень неплохой плеер!
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 08:09)
Моих любимых sony xba-1 не оказалось в списке... =(
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 07:27)
Хороший звук. Рекомендую.
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 05:12)
Отличный плеер. Очень понравился.
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 03:20)
Muito bom!!! ��������
Allgemein (22.07.13 - 02:29)
Great app. Its my default player now. Also it syncs a-t cks99 verywell
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Fix audio route handling for iOS 9

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Musik
Version: 1.5.4
Größe: 11 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 2,5
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Mehr von: Audyssey Laboratories


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