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  • LongExpo Pro - Tripod-free long exposure and slow shutter camera

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** Sharp static elements in motion blur and light trail long exposure photos even without tripod **
** Fantastic light trail photography with high quality and smooth light trails **
** Adding amazing effects after long exposure photo capture"

LongExpo is a revolutionary camera app that allows you to capture high quality long exposure photos.

-- Capture long exposure photos (e.g. motion blur, water scene) with sharp background and static elements even without tripod

- Capture high quality light trail photos with the camera features provided by the new iOS 7

-- Sharpen moving or static objects and adjust their color after the photo is taken, creating highlighting effects that in the past can be only achieved with Photoshop and/or professional equipment.

-- Adding amazing effects after long exposure capture

* Main features:

1. The app offers high native resolution for taking sharp long exposure photos.

2. High quality long exposure photo without tripod: create long exposure photo with sharp background and sharp static elements even without using tripod (for motion blur, water scene etc.)

3. High quality light trail photography with smooth light trails (iOS 7)

4. Adding amazing effects after long exposure capture

5. Great low light performance and low light sensitivity adjustment (iOS 5.0 and above)

6. Natural Real-time live preview of the long exposure photo capture result during shooting

7. Exposure time span and time duration adjustment after shooting

8. Motion gradient effects: create temporal motion gradient after shooting

9. Color, contrast and brightness adjustment for the captured photo

10. Sharpen and highlight moving or static objects to create unique highlighting effects, unleashing your unlimited CREATIVITY

11. Selective light and color adjustment; Create selective color effects for moving objects or background (iPhone 4 and above only)

12. Share photos on Instagram, Facebook, or by Email

13. Save unfinished projects for later photo retouch

14. Geotag, Autosave, Volume Shutter, and image stabilizer support

Check out our website and gallery of high quality long exposure photos by LongExpo at:

Follow us at:
Instagram: @longexpoapp, #longexpoapp
Join the LongExpo Flickr group:

OS >= 5.0


Allgemein (02.01.15 - 08:51)
Автор пиздабол, софт гавно. Заслуженный минус.
Allgemein (27.11.14 - 21:11)
Crasht reproduzierbar beim speichern der Fotos. Mail an den Entwickler bleibt unbeantwortet. ��
Allgemein (01.02.14 - 07:29)
Обман, опять говнище. Это не длинная выдержка, это снимается видео, и кадры накладываются! Зайдите в полутемную комнату и сравните с ProCam (там реально выдержка до 1 сек в ночном режиме).
Easy Fuzz
Allgemein (31.01.14 - 14:43)
Очень плохой результат: всё размыто. Редактирование - бесконечно крутится загрузка. В собственной галерее три кадра, выбирать не из чего - все нечёткие.
Allgemein (20.03.13 - 10:50)
Kritiker, da wollten wir dich rufen, wenn's wieder kostenlos ist. Falls du's mich schon hast: gerade gratis!!
(20.03.13 - 20:45)
Danke Groovy, ich hatte sie schon mit hohen Erwartungen gesaugt.. Schließe mich dem Kommentar von 2rw uneingeschränkt an. Ist auch bei mir schon im Entsafter!
Allgemein (20.03.13 - 04:35)
Captura a 1440x1080 pero puede grabar a 5760x4320 con un up x4.

Por lo demás es como un Slow Shutter con bastantes opciones para difuminar y sacar algo decente de varias tomas.
Allgemein (19.03.13 - 01:13)
The name is a bit misleading--it only takes motion images and makes it look like you've used long exposure. In that way, it does its job. But the longer shutter speed doesn't actually let more light in like in a real camera, so no matter how long you set it for, the exposure doesn't change and the image won't be lighter. I think the mixed reviews is from people expecting different things from this app.
(08.06.13 - 22:49)
Thank you, Hyde! I definitely would have thought it would brighten up darker photos, so you clarifying this saved me from my inevitable frustration! I like what the app does, and is supposed to do, but would have expected it to lighten up photos as well... Great explanation!!!
Allgemein (04.02.13 - 21:57)
Looks like it's worth trying, despite the mixed reviews. I'll wait for it to go free again.
Allgemein (03.02.13 - 12:05)
Free for this day only friends! Get it if you haven't yet!!!
(03.02.13 - 12:08)
And, by the way, it has EXCELLENT reviews in the U.S. AppStore! Not sure why it shows only 1 star in AppZapp, but I also don't know where their feed is from, but it stands up to professional photographers anyway!
(03.02.13 - 13:54)
Thanx. Done ��
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Fixed the problem of crashing when saving images on iPhone 6 (low light mode)

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: EyeTap Soft
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Version: 3.2.2
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