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**** Over 5000 AppStore reviews rated 4.5/5 **** New 1.7 Update ****

THE DEFINITIVE HORROR GAME and the scariest game on the AppStore according to players arround the world. This game is only designed for touchscreens and inspired by the popular urban legend. Shocking over 10 Million worldwide. And if you are finished, you are ready for the official sequel. 'Slender Rising 2' is out now!

TouchArcade: "Inarguably the pinnacle of the mythos on iOS."

This is what players say:
"The best horror game ever!"
"The first 3 minutes...too scared to play it...."
"If you choose to get 1 horror game, MAKE IT THIS GAME!"
"I love this game. I'm too afraid to play at night!"
"I dropped my iPod and ran away."
"I wish I could give this more than 5 stars, it is so awesome!"

• Day and night modes.
Investigate haunted places during the day and with a flashlight during the night. Additional nightivision and thunderstorm modes for extra shock value!

• Easy controls.
Tap and Swipe to move your character. Multiple optional joystick control schemes.

• Intense horror atmosphere.
Hear frightening sound effects and terrifying music.
Feel the fear as the enemy is coming closer and escape his deadly stare.

• Endless suspense
Find as many of the mysterious signs as you can before the enemy takes you or find 7 signs to escape.

• Unreal Engine powered graphics.
Special effects for newest Apple devices to create an even more intense atmosphere.

• Good performance.
Even runs on older devices from iPhone 3GS upwards.

Use headphones when playing, ideally at night and alone! ;)
If you experience any issues with sound etc. please close all backgroud apps.


OS >= 6.0


Henry Law
Allgemein (24.01.14 - 18:10)
the updates make this game even better... hands down the best slenderman on ios

wow finally with the Game Center implementation ��with leaderboards and achievements !��

and this game scares the shit out of me , ��I drop my iPad and ran away ��
Комлев С
Allgemein (05.12.13 - 21:21)
Ну не страшно на смартфон в это играть
The Lich
(05.12.13 - 21:32)
@Комлев С:
Согласен, никогда не понимал смысла хороров на консолях/мобильных девайсах. Только на PC/Mac можно полностью погрузиться в атмосферу игры....
Marlo 08
(07.12.13 - 05:16)
@The Lich:
Maybe because when in mobile it is too small and while on console it is way too far. Pc and Mac is closer as facing the monitor and with a good audio and lighting(probably turned off) and open the closest window with curtain in it(white is suggested) then a speaker or headphones with suround sound and there it is.. The perfect setup, or let say it's all about perspective. Lol
The Lich
(07.12.13 - 06:42)
@Marlo 08:
Yeah, you are like reading my mind, when you are sitting close enough to the monitor, in darkness with headphones on, you like unwillingly view yourself as the character (especially in FP games), so you experience pretty much the same emotions)
Allgemein (01.11.13 - 00:22)
ONE OF THE SCARIEST GAMES MADE....Slender man...will be in your nightmares...
Allgemein (07.08.13 - 10:51)
Tolles Spiel 5 Sterne macht aber voll süchtig wenn man es erst mal Spielt !!
Horror ist es nicht gerade das dich leicht kitzelt ich denke es ist Angst die dich kitzelt !!! ��������������❤❤❤
Allgemein (27.03.13 - 00:33)
the updates make this game even better... hands down the best slenderman on ios
Max Khorsun
Allgemein (23.03.13 - 11:23)
Наложил кирпичей. Самый лучший и качественный хоррор на ios.
kleines Monster
Allgemein (16.03.13 - 22:21)
Trotzdem war es spannend es zu spielen!
kleines Monster
Allgemein (16.03.13 - 22:21)
Oh Mann,ich habe das Spiel mal auf dem Handy von einer Freundin gespielt.Was finden alle daran gruselig?Slenderman hat doch noch nicht mal ein Gesicht!Ich will ja jetzt nicht so tun,als ob ich so ne furchtlose wäre,aber das ist echt das ungruseligste,was es gibt
(06.06.13 - 16:26)
Spiel Slender mal auf dem PC mit 5.1 Kopfhörern dann ist es ganz anders.
Allgemein (01.02.13 - 17:18)
Tried the demo and I really don't get it. Is it scary when slendy shows up? Is that what makes it good? You just aimlessly walk around in a grey foggy and empty environment doin nothing really.
(14.02.13 - 10:44)
dude the full game is so awesome.. can choose between foggy day, night, nghtvision (green) and thunder.. and 3 different maps... the AI is much better.. it wont just show up and take you like in the rest of wannabe slender games.. this game is even better than the original slender for PC... so, if you decide to buy a slender game i recommend from the bottom of my scared-shitless heart to buy this one.. cause there is no better one :D

you can get paid apps for free via gift card on this site for 50 points headstart
Allgemein (20.01.13 - 20:07)
Super game
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3,49 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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-iOS9 support
-Improved graphics on newest devices
-Several fixes

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Michael Hegemann
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 1.7
Größe: 218 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Michael Hegemann


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