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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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Afterlight is the perfect image editing app for quick and straight forward editing. Our simple design, paired with powerful and snappy tools, will give you the look you want in seconds.

Use any of our 15 uniquely made adjustment tools to enhance your images to perfection with ease.

Afterlight has 31 fully adjustable Original Filters, 14 Guest Filters by various Instagram users, 18 Seasons filters, and the new Wander pack including 16 filters. Now including the new Fusion filters, allowing you to mix tools, filters and textures to create your own personal filters.

Afterlight includes a range of real and natural light leaks we created with 35mm film and instant film, to simplistic scratchy film textures.

Crop your photos with our quick and easy cropping tool with 15 different presets.
Transform your photos with our rotating tool, vertical and horizontal flipping tools, and straightening. Now with the new Double Exposure tool.

We provide a list of 128 different simplistic and adjustable frames, paired perfectly with Instagram. Now including the new Wallpaper Pack.

Have any questions? Contact us!

OS >= 8.0


h babby
Allgemein (03.11.17 - 16:48)
Why so many likes.... don’t understand.... There is nothing pleasing in this apps.....downloaded... tried it for some minutes ... found not so useful.... so deleted.....
Allgemein (03.11.17 - 13:05)
Quote: As of today, November 2nd, Afterlight is now officially 5 years old! We thought this anniversary was as good a time as ever to do something big and fresh, so today we're introducing our brand new app, Afterlight 2. We've packed a ton of new features and content into this release, and we hope you love it!

The original Afterlight is now available free as we focus on what's new, but rest assured, we aren't going anywhere! We will continue to take feedback, make fixes and add new content here frequently!
Allgemein (03.11.17 - 09:43)
In AppZapp not free in AppStore is free!
Allgemein (10.12.15 - 14:47)
Наверно старо как мир, но вы можете получить это бесплатно. Зайдите через американский аккаунт, скачайте apple store, пролистайте вниз и нажмите получить бесплатно. Потом download now. Redeem код можно будет ввести под своим родным аккаунтом. У меня получилось погасить код под российским аккаунтом.
(22.12.15 - 18:23)
На моменте скачать Apple Store я впал в ступор. Если есть возможность скинь сюда подарочный код, я так понимаю он генерирует каждый раз новый.
Allgemein (02.12.15 - 17:26)
Here 2x FREE codes for this super application :



(03.12.15 - 02:24)
Do you have more? :(
Allgemein (01.12.15 - 21:38)
Get a"App Store app"first, redeem this one for Free Now!✨✨✨
(02.12.15 - 07:54)
Thanks for the hint ��

Aktuell wird diese Universal-App *Afterlight* über die Apple-Store App -> gratis angeboten; übers iPad klappt es ja ebenfalls !!!

So funktioniert's:
-> Apple Store App (!!) öffnen (Version 3.6 Universal-App)
-> untere Menüleiste: schon auf der Startseite (★ Empfohlen) einfach Angebote scrollen oder unter *Stores* die News wischen
-> so kommt man zum kostenlosen Download bzw. Gratis Code!

Greets ��
(02.12.15 - 15:23)
Ja, und zurzeit auch noch weiterhin gratis zu laden ��
(02.12.15 - 16:08)
Ja - klappt immer noch ��
(10.12.15 - 14:43)
Thanks for advice. Redeem code is worked for russian account.
Do you know what time there is a new free app in apple store app?
(10.12.15 - 15:43)
I'm sorry to disappoint you,but I don't know anything more.��
(07.04.16 - 21:27)
The free apps come out once a week, on Tuesdays, I believe? It's not always a photo app, sometimes it's a game, just depends on what they decide on for the week...
(07.04.16 - 21:45)
I'm not sure I understand your comment? The translation to English isn't very clear. I thought I understood what you were writing, and then I went to the Apple AppStore app and I was unable to follow your instructions - is it because the format of the AppStore changed or is it that maybe I'm completely misunderstanding your comment? (The latter is very likely to be true, I've been a bit scatterbrained lately! Lol!)
(08.04.16 - 00:03)
The free app of the in App Store gets renewed every Thursday.

But he was talking about the "Apple Store" app. Not the App Store, but the app where you can order physical products. You can download the "Apple Store" app from the App Store. It has a blue icon with a white shopping bag with an Apple logo on it. :)
If you open that app and scroll the bottom, you can get a freebie app ones a month or so.

Allgemein (25.07.15 - 09:57)
Не понравился интерфейс, и фильтры тоже обычные, ещё и платный контент. В целом работа приложения не порадовала.
Обычный редактор, которых сотни, в каких-то моментах даже проигрывающий может более дорогим, но гораздо функциональным.
Allgemein (11.04.15 - 19:17)
Далек от фотографии и искренне не понимаю почему именно это приложение все хвалят, чем оно отличается от десятков подобных? Попробывал, ничего особенного не заметил.
(11.04.15 - 21:56)
Полностью поддерживаю ваше мнение. В приложении есть разные фильтры, их там много, но, как уже писал, большинство довольно примитивно и требуемых денег не стоит. Не ведитесь на отзывы в AppStore, сейчас там есть более интересные предложения с богатым функционалом от разных разработчиков.

(11.04.15 - 22:11)
It was the first of its kind. Other app developers took the idea of pre-made mix-and-match layers and developed it further. Personally, I like Mextures better—more subtle and more versatile. Can't remember if it degrades photo quality though.
(09.11.15 - 18:08)
Подскажите более толковые варианты?
(09.11.15 - 18:53)
Их много, но я уже не пользуюсь ими.

Мой рецепт наложения фильтров на фото:
1) Snapseed от Google
2) pixlr-o-matic от Autodesk
3) rabel от Make A
(03.11.17 - 04:02)
Pixlr-o-matic is not from autodesk, it's from 123RF Limited
(03.11.17 - 18:38)
It was at the time he made that comment.
Allgemein (28.03.15 - 18:24)
I want this app please! ��
Allgemein (08.03.15 - 21:15)
This app ain't worth even to download it. Frustrated to use it both on iPhone6 and Samsung Note3.
It doesn't really offer any quality filters on both platforms.
Plus, the dev seems to have introduced inapps, which automatically makes it to become free on Appstore, thus reduce its value for those who paid for the full version.
In-app and Freemium business models will ultimately mean the dead end for app markets..
Allgemein (10.09.14 - 19:17)
Найкраща програма для обробки фото��
(08.03.15 - 21:16)
Для "обработки"? Очень громко сказано для такой примитивной программы..
Allgemein (21.08.14 - 17:36)
To by mě teda fakt zajímalo, co všichni ti žebráci, co nemají 0,89€ ukradli ty iPhony a iPady?
Chris Ihao
(29.10.14 - 05:39)
Lol. Agreed.
(08.03.15 - 21:03)
Haha good point
Keishla lmao
Allgemein (06.06.14 - 03:09)
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make it free one day I'm begging you. My family doesn't want to spend money on apps so I'm begging for you to make it free.
Apps addict
(03.11.17 - 10:32)
@Keishla lmao:
It is free today
Allgemein (30.05.14 - 07:46)
Please make this free :(
Allgemein (30.05.14 - 03:49)
��������I want iwant haha
Laura languasco
Allgemein (30.05.14 - 03:29)
Please make it free de Tomorrow ��������������������������������Please Pleasseeeee

sand worm
Allgemein (05.05.14 - 22:41)
Raise the price NOW, please! :)
(05.05.14 - 22:42)
Allgemein (01.05.14 - 20:49)
Free for one day pleaseee :'(
(01.05.14 - 22:05)
It was NEVER offered for FREE before :)
Flavio Favilla
Allgemein (05.04.14 - 14:32)
C,mon guys just 0,99 ... Pay for it
Steven Jacks
(11.04.14 - 11:43)
@Flavio Favilla:
No kidding! It's 99¢. If someone
is that hard up for a dollar, maybe they should reconsider owning a smartphone...
(01.05.14 - 22:07)
@Steven Jacks:
Remember that we're on Appzapp, perhaps you should also reconsider using this app, if saving $$$ on apps isn't what you're after here..
Marina López
Allgemein (03.04.14 - 12:01)
Make it free for hours or days please....
Marina López
Allgemein (13.03.14 - 14:47)
Make it free for one day pleaseeeee
Allgemein (07.03.14 - 16:50)
Pleaseeeee makeee it FREE

Yafim Zelm
Allgemein (10.02.14 - 16:33)
Lol, please, DON'T make it free)))
Megat Azwan
Allgemein (25.01.14 - 08:53)
BEST PHOTO EDITOR APP EVER. Really great for editing for Instagram and sorts. Keep up the good work !
Allgemein (20.01.14 - 10:16)
Please, make it free!!!! Oh, sh**, I've already bought it...
Allgemein (19.01.14 - 02:04)
Nastya Khoroshilova
Allgemein (15.01.14 - 13:31)
Please, make it free!!!! Please��������������
Aqilah Muiz
Allgemein (05.01.14 - 12:00)
Please make it free!!!!��������
Allgemein (20.11.13 - 20:29)
Please make Afterlife free!

(I don't want you to drop the price for free. I'll gladly pay for the discount. Hell, why don't I give you our dog too. Actually, take the cat as well! Wait, is it Afterlight or Afterlife? Shoot, I thought I can avoid paying taxes after I die. Nevermind, please ignore my request.)
(20.11.13 - 20:32)
Something is not right here..
The app is already less than a euro, how much more of a drop do you need?
and I just bought it..
(20.11.13 - 20:36)
Mate, I thought you speak Sarcastic beside Russian and English!

(Hint: check the begging comments.)
(20.11.13 - 20:52)
My sarcasm sensor gets switched off after hours of no activity.. :)
(20.11.13 - 20:56)

Welcome to the 'On' mode again, bro!
Ghastii 🌇q
(20.11.13 - 21:39)
Hahahaha ��
Ghastii 🌇q
Allgemein (16.11.13 - 08:32)
This app has some fantastic filters and cool UI.

A good combination of apps to make incredible photos is: Snapseed, Afterlight, Camera+ for iPad (but Camera+ is glitchy to me lately)
(20.11.13 - 20:37)
@Ghastii ��:
To teda má!
Ghastii 🌇q
(20.11.13 - 21:39)
:)) Yep
Allgemein (19.10.13 - 22:07)
Please make free!!!!!!!������������������������
Allgemein (18.10.13 - 15:44)
So many requests...hmm
Why is it so special?
Megat Azwan
(25.01.14 - 08:55)
it is special. easy and quick. you should try.
Ilaria Coppola
Allgemein (18.10.13 - 15:30)
Make it free for a day!!!
(19.10.13 - 02:30)
@Ilaria Coppola:
I am asking again, why is app so special?:)
Allgemein (18.10.13 - 09:03)
Allgemein (05.10.13 - 19:02)
make ir freeeeee!!! please!!
Leticia fdidgtbn
Allgemein (01.10.13 - 04:40)
#afterlight #free
Amanda Lima
Allgemein (12.09.13 - 02:53)
Make it free!!! PLEASE
Gustavo Schoneweg
(17.09.13 - 22:54)
@Amanda Lima:
Use o basta assistir propagandas para trocar por apps, o afterlight é 32 pts, basta assistir 32 comerciais curtos
Leticia fdidgtbn
(01.10.13 - 04:41)
@Amanda Lima:
É nois! Rsrs pobres em busca de um programe de edição bom! Rsrs
Leticia fdidgtbn
Allgemein (10.09.13 - 00:47)
Make freee pleasee
Gustavo Schoneweg
(17.09.13 - 22:56)
@Leticia Miranda Figueiredo:
Use o basta assistir propagandas para trocar por apps, o afterlight é 32 pts, basta assistir 32 comerciais curtos
Majed T.
Allgemein (11.08.13 - 04:30)
Make it free for day pls
Allgemein (01.08.13 - 08:23)
Please make it FREE,Please please please!
Allgemein (30.07.13 - 03:41)
Finally, a universal version! A really nice app, great toned-Fx filters and a wonderful selection of lightleaks, each one is adjustable as to strength and position. This is an essential, must have app that just keeps getting better. Saves at full resolution up to about 11.2mp (max 4096 pixels on the long side). Larger images are downsampled to the 11.2mp. At $.99, it cant't be beat, and deserves your support!
Ghastii 🌇q
(31.07.13 - 08:37)
Well, it can be beat! Camera+ for iPad (0,89) and Snapseed (FREE) combination is the best. It makes professional photos. You should try it! ����

EDIT: Prices changed to euros
EDIT: It's 1.79 now but it was 0,89 for a long time! Anyway you should try it xD.
Ghastii 🌇q
(31.07.13 - 16:44)
EDIT: New update with new filters came out and the price is once again 0,89€. ��
Лиза Афа
Allgemein (28.07.13 - 23:08)
(30.07.13 - 21:26)
@Лиза Афа:
Тебе жалко 33 рубля? Не понимаю таких людей... Почти цена проезда в маршрутке... Не так уж и дорого
Лиза Афа
Allgemein (16.07.13 - 08:02)
Allgemein (12.07.13 - 17:25)
Quando vai ficar de graça?

Katya Landysheva
Allgemein (19.06.13 - 16:31)
Please, please, please!!!!!! Make free!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please.... One day...
(14.12.13 - 15:21)
@Katya Landysheva:
Allgemein (10.06.13 - 12:24)
The best photo application for iphone.
Danielle Ong
Allgemein (12.05.13 - 05:22)
Only app I paid for and it's worth it ��
Allgemein (24.04.13 - 01:07)
Please make it free :( at least for a few days :(
(12.01.14 - 02:55)
Just buy it...
It's worth it:(
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Version: 3.6.1
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