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  • PhotoMagic - Photo Effect Studio & Photo Editor

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PhotoMagic is an easy and cool app to enhance your photos with exceptional filter effects, lighting effects and frame styles. Created with friendly and artistic interfaces plus plenty photo effects and styles, anyone can magically turn photos into stunning artwork in a few clicks.

Taking photos is just the beginning, and enhancing photos in special and artistic ways is to guarantee your photos much cooler and more memorable. A great amount of cool photographic effects and styles on PhotoMagic promise you eye-catching photos.

Key Features:

• 30+ Fantastic photo filters
Plentiful well designed photo filter effects including Color Tint, Color Temperature, Sharpen, Bright, Vintage, B/W, Sketch, Oilpaint, Art, and etc.

• 30+ amazing light effects
Incredible light effects are beyond your imagination, including Neon, Sparkle, Grid and Glows, Mystical, Rainbow, Nature, Texture, and etc.

• 30+ Beautiful photo frames
Various cool photo frames including White & Black, Stamp-Style, Retro-Style , Cinefilm, Nature, Art, and etc.

• Edit photo
- Crop photo with fixed ratios or freely
- Rotate or flip photo

• Supported to add text to photo
- Available to add multi-line text/caption
- 14 text appearance styles
- 60 text color / pattern

• Save & Share
- Share to Facebook, Twitter
- Share via Email
- Open in other apps
- Save to album (Camera Roll)

OS >= 5.1


Daniel Teo Abdullah
Allgemein (15.04.14 - 16:07)
Bad bad developer! Not free anymore. :(
Daniel Teo Abdullah
Allgemein (15.04.14 - 16:06)
Damn! By now i just want to download it. Now is not free anymore! How could you change it so fast! Bad bad developer! :(
(15.04.14 - 23:04)
It is still free for me. Its not actually fair at all to call someone a bad bad developer just because you didnt got the app for free. I wonder if you would think its a good good dev if you would have gotten the app.
Daniel Teo Abdullah
(16.04.14 - 17:21)
@adleras:you know what, i was hoping to download it a few seconds it's gone up a penny. While I was in the process for downloading it, pops up the message that the apps is making some changes on it!!! So I wait, then suddenly the price gone a penny, bro. It's like been cheated a while but actually I'm sorry for the previous comments. My apology though. :( at least, the developer should announce before making any changes or make a deadline before it went up a penny. Truth it's happens real fast like a thunder storm on a poor tree and fire all in the skins. :( by the way, thanks for reminding yo! :) nice guy!
(06.06.14 - 17:18)
@ AstDaniyal ����: I have to say, I share your frustration. Sometimes I try to download an app seemingly minutes after a sale has been posted, only to get the dreaded "changes being made—try again later" message (followed, of course, by a price return).

I'm not saying this developer is guilty of the 5-minute sale, but it seems they do occur. It's not AppZapp's fault, either: APPLE ought to make a rule that any app sale must last a minimum of 24 hours.

But I do compliment AstDaiyal for a most gentlemanly response.
Daniel Teo Abdullah
(07.06.14 - 08:39)
Not everything we could possibly have it for free! ���� now I realize that grateful is the best! Supposedly grateful for these developer at least..! ��✌️��⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Allgemein (13.10.13 - 08:55)
Nice little app and easy to use. WYSIWYG - not oceans of in-app purchases - that's nice! ��
Allgemein (12.10.13 - 15:23)
Very nice, but terrible resolution on iPad2. The app works well, looks great on an iPad, full of efects and features, but saves at its highest setting at only 1600x1064 1.7mp. Sorry, that's unacceptable for my purpose, and really spoils an otherwise great app.
Allgemein (22.02.13 - 10:14)
Heute kostenlos.
(22.02.13 - 10:31)
Schnell zuschlagen!!!
(22.02.13 - 11:05)
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Optimized for iOS 7.

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