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Color Thief transfers colors from one photo to the next.
- Every one of your photos is a new filter.
- Playful and quick, it's easy to discover new color combinations.
- Harmonize a group of photos to have the same tone.
- Results are saved at original resolution.

4.5 / 5 "Color Thief is an app with a singular purpose and it does that task very, very well. ... Highly recommended!" - Life in LoFi iPhoneography

5 / 5 "the results are truly astounding and appear with unusual speed." - iCommePhoto

"This little mobile photography gem is a one-trick pony, but the trick is an extremely clever one." - Ars Technica

"(Color Thief) is the Robin Hood of the photo world. It takes great colors from one photo and gives those colors to other photos in need." - iOSAffairs

"One of the best color manipulating apps I have ever used, hands down! It is amazing!" - REGI on iPhoneArt

OS >= 8.2


Allgemein (25.08.13 - 03:07)
Wow, very unusual - if only there are sliders or other means of fine-tuning the resulting transformed photo! Overall a useful app if you are interested in this kind of colour transformation activity.
Duncan Allan
Allgemein (24.08.13 - 23:53)
Amazingly simple and effective app that is quite unique in the way it leaches the colour from one image to tint another.
Allgemein (24.08.13 - 21:14)
Fantástica app que trabaja con las resoluciones originales.

He traspasado los colores de dos panorámicas de 28mpx del iPhone 5 y las ha tratado sin despeinarse. Además trabaja con RAW y gif
Allgemein (24.08.13 - 02:03)
Why does this say 'now free' but still $1.99 in the App Store? Anyone else having this issue?
(24.08.13 - 05:14)
в связи с часовыми поясами так бывает иногда, через пару часов оно станет бесплатным
(24.08.13 - 06:50)
Same issue,try it now,I think it's already fixed.
(25.08.13 - 08:01)
Thank you!
(25.08.13 - 08:02)
Allgemein (01.08.13 - 13:37)
Genial. Die App erzeugt schöne Farbfilter, die den Fotos ein sehr interessantes Aussehen geben.
Allgemein (18.03.13 - 20:43)
I take alot of pictures and this app is pretty neat. When I first used this app I didn't want to stop.
(20.03.13 - 21:02)
Same feeling!! It's like u have thousands of filters..
Allgemein (18.03.13 - 06:52)
Allgemein (18.03.13 - 00:17)
FREE for a limited time
(18.03.13 - 01:03)
Allgemein (17.03.13 - 23:03)
App refuses to open if location services are turned off, even though it says in the same error message that it never uses or examines location information. Stupid app.
(19.03.13 - 15:36)
J'ai le même problème
Professor Snape
(24.08.13 - 03:05)
It is not an app problem. It is an Apple systems architecture rule. It is a way for Apple to force location information into pictures, but oddly, there are apps to remove the EXIF info. Don't blame the app.
(25.08.13 - 07:53)
??? Still don't get the point. To access the location data on a taken photo doesn't require to have the current GPS data.... And also taking a new photo, you can add location information, but it's not mandatory. I have enough camara apps and processing apps not having access to my location data – and they are working fantastic.
Allgemein (17.03.13 - 21:59)
Hab's schon bei 89c gekauft, jetzt für lau
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2,29 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 2.3.2
Größe: 1 MB
FSK: 4+
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Mehr von: Yellow Cedar Software, Inc.


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