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Take your pictures back in time with Retromatic's retro-style themes,
stickers, and effects. In a matter of seconds, you can create fun
posters featuring your favorite objects. Remember your favorite
decades with our unique, easy-to-use app.


1. 18 amazing retro filters

2. 17 graphic themes in 17 different colors

3. Over 70 modifiable retro stickers

4. Supports high-resolution images (1280x1280)

5. Supports Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr


1. Take or choose a photo

2. Trace the outline of the subject

3. Pick a theme in your favorite color

4. Select a filter

5. Add stickers and text in a variety of colors

6. Save and share with your friends!

Don't worry, we will continue to update our stickers and effects for
more retro fun. :)

Participate to win a spot in our showcase!

All you have to do is...

1. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter


Instagram: Petavision

Twitter: Petavision

2. Tag #RetromaticChoice to your favorite photos!

Want to get in touch with us?

Email us at:

OS >= 5.1


Allgemein (08.02.15 - 02:34)
Разрешение заточено под instagram и это основной минус. Почему на скринах нам демонстрируют наиболее пригодный формат, а в самом приложении на выходе мы получаем квадрат. Неужели разработчики не могут сделать возможность выбора пропорций???
Allgemein (15.10.13 - 00:36)
Ich verwende diese App sehr gerne, die ist wirklich extrem gut! Die Kombination von buntem Hintergrund und blassem Hauptmotiv ( mit Rand drumherum wenn man das will) funktioniert hervorragend.
Professor Snape
Allgemein (25.08.13 - 18:50)
Weak platform to hawk tired and hackneyed In-App Purchases.
(25.08.13 - 19:04)
@Dick Nixon:
I like it even without iAps. �� Well, actually I did, haven't yet tried the updated one.
Professor Snape
(25.08.13 - 19:31)
I know I am a little weird - LOL, but there is something about AIP's I HATE. LOL. Maybe it's because I know the code is already taking up space on my iPad, and I have to pay for something I already have stored and taking up memory I have purchased. Ha ha ha. I just can't explain. LOL
(25.08.13 - 19:37)
@Dick Nixon:
You're right. IAs are actually a pain in the a…
What I hate about iAs is, that you're never able to backup them. You buy something and in case the seller closes his shop and you have to reinstall it, you can't retrieve the iAs anymore. That's the mean thing of it. If I have the choice I always go for a complete pro app instead of iAs.
Professor Snape
(25.08.13 - 20:41)
I just had to restore my iPhone and I lost about 1/4 of all my IAP's!! Problem is With almost 400 appa, I CAN'T remember all the IAP's to restore!! That is why I hate them. THE WHOLE IAP CONCEPT IS TOTAL BULLSHIT!!!
Apple doesn't care. They make money off of it. And id you write these problems in the AppStore review, they will delete them, If you ever notice. THAT is why AppZapp, at the end of the day, is MUCH more accurate than the AppStore for reviews!!! I trust you guys more than the "seeded" bullshit reviews in the App Store! LOL. REALLY!!
(25.08.13 - 20:53)
@Dick Nixon:
I totally agree with you. �� Inapps are ��
(25.08.13 - 21:19)
@Dick Nixon:
Couldn't agree more with the whole restoring problem....And it get's worse, if a developer just closes shop (or apps get pulled).

I honestly wish Apple would implement a way for the desktop-iTunes versions to store all in-app related data on the PC/Mac while syncing your devices.

Having this info stored on user-side would at least prevent us from loosing any IAP's we invested in...
(25.08.13 - 21:28)
�� Ja, das wäre eine gute Lösung! Sag ich auch immer.
Professor Snape
(26.08.13 - 06:31)
I am also getting sick of looking for apps for 15 - 30 minutes in the App Store and cant find them because the "Name" of the App is different from the name on the icon.
After about 20 minutes, I stop looking for the name and start looking for the same icon scrolling through HUNDREDS of apps to restore it.
Also, I have found that not all developers have "restore purchase" button to recover their IAPs! The only way to tell if you had not purchase the IAP is to "buy it" and see if the purchase fails and says I am downloading it for free due to prior purchase!
If the purchase goes through, then there WAS no prior IAP and you just wasted your money trying to find out. I am so frustrated with Apple's horse shit. I think each app should have an "Item Number" for reference.
(26.08.13 - 08:09)
@Dick Nixon:
�� Another great idea!
AND: when you check your receipt, there is no mentioning of the app you bought the inApp in. If you are lucky you remember it by the developer. This is soo confusing!
Geez, I think I change to a cheaper android phone. It can't be so much worse. ��
(26.08.13 - 11:02)
@Dick Nixon et al: You're all quite correct.

I'm composing a message to the AppZapp developers that they expand their app into a downloadable database of one's purchases. That would be SOOO useful! Imagine being able to sort a list of apps you own (or, alternatively, have alarmed) by size, alphabetically by name, by developer, etc., complete with app description, what you paid for it at the time, any IAPs you bought, and so on . . . with a column for personal notes for each app, please, where we could recap what we like about it or how we prefer to use it.

I admit, I've got too many apps, and it's a pain trying to recall what each one does, much less why I thought it was a good idea to download/buy it. Even looking it up in the App Store in order to try to remember is problematic, for the reasons you mentioned. And if you succeed in finding it again and want to record some reminders, you can't even copy from the information in the App Store! Very frustrating.
(26.08.13 - 12:20)
@Dick Nixon:
Ya...finding all your apps again out of a pool of 2000+ is indeed artrocious!
If Apple would allow you to customize the "bought apps" folder...that would help a lot! That way you could put all the essentials into one folder.

The IAP-restore through a purchase can fire back big time though.....
Never try that right after you've downloaded something from the app-store ��
Professor Snape
(26.08.13 - 17:19)
FYI: When I first downloaded AppZapp, it scans and indicates all your installed Apps, and asks at the bottom if you want to sync.
Not knowing AppZapp yet, I declined. Now if I scan, it still skips all those apps I declined initially, and I have been FOREVER clicking "I Own" on my already owned app screens to restore all that. I even tried deleting AppZapp and reinstalling to sync from start and THAT even ignores all those apps I originally declined. The first list must be stored server bases and not locally. I would LOVE to be able to scan my devices from scratch and sync them!
I WOULD ALSO LOVE to have the AppZapp front-end attach to the AppStore and get my history as you described. I have over 400 apps installed and probably 4 or 5 TIMES THAT of apps I installed and deleted that were crap. I also have a SECOND category of deleted apps I have deleted - ones I often use but deleted SOLEY to keep space available on my devices!
Being able to organize all my apps is like trying to organize a box of cereal!
(26.08.13 - 17:38)
@Dick Nixon:
=) I empathize!
Pink Lady
(27.08.13 - 04:33)
@Dick Nixon:
If it's any consolation, I've just been through a similar rigmarole with my phone, so can relate entirely!
It peeves me no end that IAP acquisitions are not backed up when syncing one's phone to iTunes, particularly since I'm now obliged to repurchase a number I've already purchased on a previous occasion.
(27.08.13 - 08:46)
You are sooo right.
Yes, same to me.
@Apple should be more customer friendly and make iTunes much more useful. Especially to improve the search option would help a lot. How often is the app name on the device totally different to the one you bought. You should be able to type the device app name to find the right one.
And they should LIST ALL inapps possible and not "InApp purchases possible". You know you don't need to waste your time when there is more than "unlock all". ��
AND Apple should give us divices with unlimited folders and far bigger storing space. Why not 320GB? Don't tell me this is impossible. ��
(14.09.13 - 03:13)
Agreed! If you purchase an app and then go to "Restore IAP's", it automatically purchases the IAP, whether you wanted to or not! Had it happen to me twice before I realized what was happening!!!

@doubleplanet, @Chris CGN, @Dick Nixon, @Pink Lady, etc.:
You are all making this so difficult for yourselves!�� There really is no need for AppZapp to "give us a way to sort our apps" - they already have!!! It's called Collections! (I believe they were initially intended for keeping track of our apps - the ones we own, but I'm not truly certain.) I use the Collections not only for apps I want, but also for apps I own as well! I keep them in the same folders. For example, if I want a photography app, I mark it in the photography folder. Then, when I own it, I leave it marked in the same photography folder! Check out my collections sometime and see? Also, I have collections for the different prices I've paid for apps (this was initially done to keep track of whether I was being charged correctly), I have another called "Bought IAP's", so I know whether I purchased any IAP's and for what apps. I also mark in my Collections the prices I pay for IAP's. For example, if I get an app for free, I mark it in the "FREE" collection, then, if I purchase an IAP, I mark the "Purchased IAP's" Collection, then I mark the Collection for "$1.99 Paid for App" (assuming that's how much I paid for the IAP). Does this app make sense? It may seem confusing at first, but since I can't pay "Free" for an IAP, it works out ok. The only time it gets a bit confusing is if I've actually PAID for an app AND purchased IAP - I can usually figure it out though, if I just look through the prices the app has been listed at, or the prices the IAP's sell for. It's SO much easier than having to sift through hundreds of apps in the "I Own" column of AppZapp! That would be so ridiculous! Hope anyone finds my idea useful? Works great for me!

I do agree with Dick Nixon, that attempting to find an app in the AppStore by the name shown under the icon is a serious task these days! I've even had to go so far as to search for the app by the dev's name. The problem I've had with that is that the dev name listed in the app, and the dev name listed in the AppStore or AZ, are not always the same! If you look in the AppStore, at the bottom of each app's description is a name. I believe this is the name of the TRUE maker of the app. The name listed under the app's title I believe is only the name of the person/company who released the app for them. They can be the same name sometimes, but not as often as you'd think! So, when looking in the app for the dev's name, it shows the person who REALLY made the app, and you're not going to find the app by that name in the AppStore or AZ, unless they happen to be the same. Crazy!

What aggravates me about apps being removed from the AppStore is that we are literally being stolen from! How can Apple, or these devs, sell us something, collect our money, and then decide to take it back? To me, that's theft, no matter how you look at it! I don't see how Apple can justify being able to do this? Anyone happen to know the laws behind this? I don't, but it definitely feels immoral and wrong, to me!

Lastly, as for trying to remember why I've purchased an app, or didn't, I have requested, of the AZ devs (since this is where I keep track of all other app info - since the AppStore SUCKS) to give us a spot for being able to keep notes on each app! Maybe at the bottom or something, that only each individual would be able to see their own notes? I haven't gotten a reply from them, but having everyone else request this of them may help my cause? �� Hint! Hint! There are just so many times I find myself looking at an app I KNOW I've looked at before, but don't recall why I didn't mark it for a price notification? That would solve this problem! Another Collection I added, along these lines though, to ensure I don't purchase the same app (a free version of an app I've already paid for), is a Collection called "Already Purchased
(14.09.13 - 05:02)
@Dick Nixon:
(Cont - accidentally waited too long to edit it! Oops!):
A Collection called "Purchased app w/Bundle/Purchased app for free". I know this makes no sense when you read it in the literal sense, but I wasn't thinking while I set it up! Lol! I initially set it up because I like the Hidden Object and Mystery games by Big Fish, Alawar, etc., and they will at times make an app that contains three or four different games (which is nice because although the app may contain 3 games, the file size is actually smaller than having all 3 games/apps individually downloaded! Yay!), but I found myself purchasing the same games that I already owned in a bundle of them! That gets quite expensive! So, initially the Collection was called "Purchased app w/bundle". Then, one day I was going through my photography apps, of which I have more than any other type I have, and realized I owned multiple versions of the same photo apps! There's HD, Universal, iPhone, Lite, Free, and the list goes on! After that, I changed the Collection's title to "Purchased app w/bundle/Purchased Free Version", or something along those lines. It has definitely helped to keep me from purchasing/downloading the same apps just with different titles! What I do is when I purchase a new app, I check the same dev's entire group of apps and then mark that Collection if I find another version, unless, that is, I've downloaded a free version and still want the paid copy eventually. Then, when the paid version goes on sale, or I decide to splurge, I mark the first, free version I downloaded in that Collection. It really is a great system. I know it may sound very convoluted and confusing, but once you get it set up and going, it really helps!

I also have set up collections for apps' features, options, functions, etc. Like, if I want an app that is a photo app, has ability to change photo to .pdf, is Instagram-style, and contains exif data, I'd mark these collection: IT, GPS/Map Apps, Insta-format, Education/Books, and Photography (or Fave Photography, whichever one applies). I still use the Education/Books collection for books and educational apps, though, as well. It may sound really convoluted and confusing, but once you start doing it that way I find it really helps. If I'm looking for an app, don't recall a title, or maybe even if it's a photo app, I just want the ability to wifi a photo to my friend, I can look in all of those places and find any number of apps that may do that. It saves time from searching through one, extremely long photography collection.

Anyway, I hope anyone can find any use for any of this, otherwise I've just typed a really super long message for nothing, wasted anyone's time who's bothered to read it, and took up an amazing amount of space in this Comments section! Lol! If anyone does decide they want to try any of this and needs any help, please don't hesitate to message me in AZ's new awesome messaging area! (I believe we have to be friends first, though, so make sure you send a friend request, if we aren't already?) Good luck and happy day to all!
(29.11.13 - 21:42)
@Prof Snapes:
You both have the power to change things around, why not write a letter (in a very long time, maybe?) to your local voted party representative and ask him the next time he walks into his office to think about it??!!
I am also sick and tired of shelling out money, time after time for no apparent reason, even though I already paid it once, but have no way of checking it before hitting the "buy IAP" button.

Verdict: my next firmware upgrade would be a definite JAILBREAK!
(27.12.13 - 12:55)
I read recently in AppAdvice that AppZapp and a few other similar apps were scheduled to be pulled from the AppStore because the debs refused to comply with some of Apples requirements/limitations. So I wonder how much longer AppZapp will be functioning/supported?
(28.12.13 - 04:21)
Not sure either. AppZapp left us a note in their daily updates section and said the app would continue to work - they just did an update, so hopefully it hold out long enough for them to make their AppZapp 2 version? It's a bit unsettling, but I'm being as positive as possible, in hopes it makes it way out into the universe and keeps AppZapp with us! Lol! Since nonof us have much control over Apple (aside from leaving hundreds of nasty comments on the tech blog sites?), there's not much we can do but wait and see? ����
(28.12.13 - 13:03)
Non ho ben compreso cosa significa questo visto che da poco ho App zap , spero solo che la nuova versione sia aperta e migliorativa, vedremo , anche io sono molto ottimista .

Allgemein (09.05.13 - 12:30)
Love this��
No landscape mode for ipad
Allgemein (12.04.13 - 22:26)
Nice app for free
Allgemein (12.04.13 - 11:42)
Und schon wieder kommt die Empfehlung NACHDEM die App wieder kostenpflichtig ist!! Sehr schade!!!
(12.04.13 - 12:09)
Ja,dass fällt mir in der letzten Zeit auch immer häufiger auf.
Aber einfach Preisalarm setzen und auf nächste Reduzierung warten.

Denke mal die Leute von AppZapp wollen halt auch paar Cent am Kauf,bzw. Verlinkungen verdienen und das ist ja auch OK.
Aber netter fände ich es auch wenn die Tipps kommen wenn die App(s) gratis sind.
Aber da wo es was zu verdienen gibt, existiert Nettigkeit (meistens) nicht.
Der Preis des Kapitalismus unserer Zeit.
(12.04.13 - 12:15)
Ich finde das nicht schlimm...ganz im Gegenteil sogar...
So kann AZ wenigstens nicht unterstellt werden, dass sie Top-10 Platzierungen verkaufen würden, so wie es AppGratis getan hat.
(12.04.13 - 23:54)
Die App war am 5.4. in den Hot Deals des Tages gelistet, als sie kostenlos war.
Logischerweise wird die gezielte Werbung für die app erst danach platziert, wenn sie nicht mehr kostenlos ist.
Das ist gezieltes Marketing, für das AppZapp von den Entwicklern beauftragt wird - und in diesem Fall, aufgrund vieler positiver Bewertungen während der kostenlosen Phase, bestimmt zum Vorteil für die Entwickler.
(25.08.13 - 13:30)
Jetzt wieder gratis! Schnell abholen!
Allgemein (06.04.13 - 20:39)
Güzel bir uygulama ipad için
Allgemein (06.04.13 - 01:17)
Fuck sack, for free :((
Allgemein (05.04.13 - 15:50)
Heute wieder gratis ��!
(05.04.13 - 20:55)
Ja �� bei manchen Apps sitze ich es auch aus ����!!!
(05.04.13 - 21:16)
Und die ist wirklich toll! Hab sie beim ersten gratis eingesackt.
Gibt's auch fürs Fon. Allerdings (noch) nicht wieder gratis. ��
(05.04.13 - 21:56)
Das stimmt ������ die iPhone Version habe ich natürlich auch ��!
Allgemein (05.04.13 - 14:21)
La escasa resolución la mata. (1600x1600)
Allgemein (09.03.13 - 20:49)
Приятная програмка��
Allgemein (09.12.12 - 18:35)
Genial app
Allgemein (09.12.12 - 15:38)
Layan je..
Allgemein (09.12.12 - 14:54)
Ja, greift zu. Macht Spaß und sieht Retro aus. �� Gratis niemals ein Fehler!
(10.12.12 - 12:53)
Weihnachten ist für dich schon gelaufen. ����������
Allgemein (09.12.12 - 12:08)
Schnell zugreifen, ich habe die normale Version und die ist wirklich nett. Jetzt die HD-Version kostenlos ist ein schönes Geschenk.
Allgemein (09.12.12 - 11:02)
Allgemein (09.12.12 - 09:18)
Nach der guten iPhone App, hier bei der iPad App schon nach 2 Tagen gratis ��!
(09.12.12 - 09:33)
Gefällt mir ��! Hab ein Ergebnis von 1600x1600 ��.
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Mobile Tag

Diese App mit einem QR-Reader einfach auf Deinem iPhone in iTunes öffnen.

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