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Kehre mit dem beeindruckendsten Jagdsimulator für Mobilgeräte in die Wildnis zurück!

Unternimm eine abenteuerliche Reise vom Pazifischen Nordwesten Nordamerikas zu den Savannen Zentralafrikas, um absolut exotische Tiere zu jagen!

Stürze dich in diverse Umwelten, in denen über 100 Tierarten leben! Hüte dich vor angreifenden Raubtieren wie Bären, Wölfen und Geparden!

Genieße endlose Einstellungsmöglichkeiten beim Perfektionieren deiner Waffen. Verbessere Magazine, Zielfernrohre, Schäfte, Läufe und mehr!

Kämpfe um Angeberechte, indem du dein Jägerlatein über die Errungenschaften und Bestenlisten im Game Center verbreitest!

Die Jagdsaison ist eröffnet, geh auf die Jagd!

- Das Spielen dieses Spiels ist kostenlos. Du kannst, falls du dies möchtest, für einige zusätzliche Gegenstände mit echtem Geld bezahlen, wobei dein iTunes-Konto belastet wird. Du kannst In-App-Käufe in den Einstellungen deines Geräts deaktivieren.
- Dieses Spiel ist nicht für Kinder geeignet.
- Bitte bei Käufen sorgsam sein.
- In diesem Spiel wird Werbung eingeblendet.
- Nutzer können möglicherweise im Spiel interagieren (z. B. per Chat, Nachrichten usw.). Links zu sozialen Netzwerken sind nicht für Personen bestimmt, die diese nicht nutzen dürfen.
- Zum Spielen ist eine Internetverbindung erforderlich.
- Informationen darüber, wie Glu Daten erhebt und sammelt, findest du in unserer Datenschutzrichtlinie unter:
- Falls beim Spielen ein Problem auftritt, verwende bitte die Hilfe-Option.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (25.02.15 - 21:20)
Piece of shit. Had to hard reset ipad.
Allgemein (18.02.15 - 13:02)
ХУNTA. Кто вообще в это играет?)
Без обид, ребят, но как уже надоели подобные поделки ради высасывания бабла.

Ждем портов, таких как MaxPayne 2 и других хитов)
Комлев С
Allgemein (12.11.13 - 16:28)
Allgemein (03.11.13 - 13:10)
Why would i want to kill poor dears?
Professor Snape
Allgemein (02.11.13 - 11:00)
Huge disgusting IAP platform.
Allgemein (02.11.13 - 10:32)
Professor Snape
(02.11.13 - 10:54)
It is a digital GAME, idiot. It is not real.
My family and I will pray for the return of your mental health.
(02.11.13 - 11:02)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Firstly, As you know, digital games can be linked to violence. Secondly, I really dislike your attitude and am worried about your manner.
Last, a question, are you Chinese? I hope not.
(02.11.13 - 11:05)
like the professor said its only a game, we shot at people all day long at those games so what's the difference?
Now if it was real life you are right it would be easier to shot you or any human then an animal because animals don't sin and are not guilty for what they do like killing for food but human ate born bad pretending to be good!!!
You know what you might as well stop playing games on your devices because in one way or another there is always killing in those games!
(02.11.13 - 11:09)
why what's wrong with Chinese are you predigest to???
(02.11.13 - 11:12)
Ease. I know it's a game but the graphic still makes me feel a little uncomfortable. I would argue that I hadn't say that animals had right to eat people......( if I truly understand your words?)
(02.11.13 - 11:19)
Again you are wrong if I understand you right, Animals have every right to eat humans! As long as the kill is for food, it's the law of the land.
Let say you go swimming, a shark eats you, all he is doing is trying to survive just like any creature on earth!
(02.11.13 - 11:33)
Ok, if a game has the horrible graphic which describes a person is eating as food, maybe it would also make me uncomfortable. :)
Perhaps they could eat and avoid publishing like you had said, but it doesn't mean that they have rights or the things they do( like eating people) are approved by people.
(02.11.13 - 11:39)
it's hard to understand what you mean but let's put it this way, I understand you don't want to see it, but the law you are talking about is made by man, the real law is the law of the land!
(02.11.13 - 11:48)
I agree with you that the real law cannot be decided by human beings. Everything has its fate, which is determined by karma.
(02.11.13 - 11:51)
Finally we agree on something :-)
but I thing there is more like re carnation.
(02.11.13 - 11:54)
Sorry, but I cannot understand the meaning of re carnation?
(02.11.13 - 13:17)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
And I will do the same for you. Are you 4 years old to be name calling? You must be because I don't know ANY normal adult that would call someone else an "idiot" for their own opinion. Who do you think you are? He/She has every right to their own opinion without being discriminated against or called names.

And take your American flag off your profile, you're making your country look bad. The rest of the world generally dislike Americans and you are proof as to why. If you want that to change , you gotta start with yourself.

I hate bullies or wannabe bullies in your case, especially those who can only be bully on the internet because they know no one can touch them. There's no place for you especially on an app review board.

Professor Snape
(02.11.13 - 20:20)
You are confusing hunting games with violent gun games like Grand Theft Auto. It has NEVER been proven hunting leads to violence. Research your facts BRFORE you bang on your keyboard like a monkey with a skin disease. There IS NO hunting in the inner cities where gun crime is bad. So where is the connection?
Guns are not violent. Objects have no capacity to be violent or to express emotion. Violence is a human emotion - hunting causes violence like flies attract garbage.
No, I hunt, but I am not Chinese and have never had the desire to shoot children in Tianamen Square.
Confucius say, clean own house before criticizing neighbor.
Professor Snape
(02.11.13 - 20:29)
Stop being an iPussy.
YOU are the one directing attention to flags and culture instead of recognizing individuals and individual opinion. I suggest YOU are Racist. Go drink some watery Molsen and explain why it has a high fecal count (but somewhere else).
By the way, statistically, more Canadians hunt than Americans. But you knew that already, didn't you genius.
(03.11.13 - 02:33)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Hi, boy, you like a boy who likes making decisions so fast with undoubtedly words and impolite attitude, and never mind hurting others. Therefore, had you do research enough before you asked me to? Why you said guns were not violent so undoubtedly but put the blame to people only? As you said, drugs are completely innocent? Also, why you said Canadians hurt more than Americans so undoubtedly? How can you conclude the results?

I hope that you are not Chinese, not because I assume Americans are all not polite, but because I don't want such an impolite man comes from my country.
I admit the blood in Tiananmen Square and feel really sorry and bitter-- nearly all the Chinese people feel sorry and bitter. You shouldn't use this thing in this way to a Chinese person, but I will not do the same.

I argue that you will not consider all I have written carefully, so last, let's put it away.
What you should at least know is that it's your manner that really hurts others and shows your unwisdom.
(03.11.13 - 02:34)
Professor Snape
(03.11.13 - 02:39)
LOL. You are f u n n y.
I forgot, also - we don't use tanks and machine guns on deer like YOU used on those poor defenseless kids at Tianamen Square. LOL
Now WHO is violent, Chairman Mau?
Should we discuss your genocide in Mongolia also?
(03.11.13 - 15:10)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Allgemein (16.10.13 - 15:56)
Хватило на первый сезон. Элементарно, надоели однообразные вопли животных, идиотские звуки геймплея, плюс идентичность и повторение всего, что там есть. Тройка.
Allgemein (05.10.13 - 12:23)
Отличная убивалка времени-в прямом и переносном смысле,и донат ненавязчивый-играть можно
Allgemein (04.10.13 - 00:09)
Залипательное приложение, но однообразное. Просто отстреливай животных в сердца и легкие и копи $ на зверей-боссов. Красиво прорисовано, ассортимент зверей не самый большой, но в общем то и его хватает. Со временем надоедает однообразие. Прошел, удалил. Твердые 8 из 13. За бесплатно однозначно стоит попробовать.
Allgemein (03.10.13 - 21:28)
Allgemein (30.09.13 - 01:14)
لعبة صيد رائعة و مميزة حدد المطلوب و طور أسلحتك لتفوز بالطرائد و الصيد الوافر
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