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  • Super Stickman Golf 2

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*** Awarded "Appstore Best of 2013" by Apple! ***

With 30 dynamic mini golf courses, new power-ups, customizable characters, 70 achievements and two different multiplayer modes, Super Stickman Golf 2 will keep you on the fairway for a long time!

** Reviews **

"Appstore Best of 2013" - Apple
5/5 - - "Fantastic"
8.2/10 - IGN - "Polished to near perfection."
4.5/5 - Touch Arcade - "It is awesome!"
4.5/5 - Gamezebo - "Hugely entertaining"
4.5/5 - 148 Apps - "Sticktacular"
4.5/5 - MacWorld - "A No Brainer"
4.5/5 MacLife - "Brilliantly Fun"

** Description **

32 Dynamic Courses. Never have the links been better looking or as unique as now. Moving obstacles, portals, magnets and more await you on the most creative courses to date.

Turn Based Multiplayer. What is better than golfing alone? Why bringing a friend of course. Now you can go head to ahead against all your friends on your schedule with the new Turn Based multiplayer mode. Earn big rewards and even bigger bragging rights.

Race Mode Multiplayer. The frantic race mode is back and bigger than ever! Play online against up to 3 people and battle it out to see who can get to the cup first. Or kick it up a notch and try out the local 8 player option. Chaos reigns in this mode. You have been warned!

Customizable Characters. Stand out from the crowd with new unlock-able characters and even more valuable hats. Each hat contains a unique ability and some are more rare than others. Can you collect them all and become a certified Super Stickman Golf Legend?

** Features **

* iCloud Support
* Leaderboards
* Universal App
* 2 Multiplayer Modes
* 250 Challenging Holes
* 71 Achievements
* 34 Hats
* 14 Golfers
* NEW Powerups
* Dynamic Courses
* Local Multiplayer Support Over Bluetooth

Thanks to all of our fans who have been waiting patiently for the release! We hope you enjoy.

At Noodlecake Studios we focus on making fun games. If you appreciate what we do and like our game, please give our game a positive review as we really do appreciate it.

Follow us on twitter: @noodlecakegames

Thank you!

OS >= 7.0


UK Flarity
Allgemein (04.02.14 - 13:51)
StOckman? Lol
Megat Azwan
Allgemein (03.02.14 - 19:56)
best golf app that is 'playable' out there. go for it !
Allgemein (09.01.14 - 02:49)
free! bitches!
Apple Martini
Allgemein (08.01.14 - 22:43)
Touch arcade said it was going freemium but the game description is implying its "free for limited time" hmm
(09.01.14 - 02:43)
@Apple Martini:
TA only said temporarily not freemium as far as I can see unless they updated it
(11.01.14 - 03:33)
Thank you for the info! I hate when paid games go freemium after I download them and then put ads in! I don't mind the IAP so much, but I despise ads! One of my fave apps (which is always free) has ads, too, and I keep begging the dev to give us an IAP to remove them. To no avail thus far, though....��
(11.01.14 - 20:46)
@Apple Martini:
Yeah, it only got free temporaly for the update of Super Meat Boy.
Allgemein (08.01.14 - 21:51)
Free! Just click the download button you'll have a lot of fun. ;)
Allgemein (24.03.13 - 13:44)
Allgemein (19.03.13 - 19:03)
Better then the first Super Stickman Golf, and simply addicting. It expands on gameplay options from the first game and unfortunately expands on IAP as well.
Nikita Maslov
Allgemein (17.03.13 - 06:44)
Waiting to be free plz!
(17.03.13 - 08:18)
It will be free, based on the fact that every app by this developer has gone free 3-4 months after their release.

Of course you could simply pay the buck to help support the devs, or to thank them if you got the first SSM Golf for free.
(08.01.14 - 23:09)
@Nikita Maslov:
Its free now :)
(17.05.14 - 20:54)
You have a long sight !
Allgemein (14.03.13 - 18:56)
Waiting for being free first game was awesome
Allgemein (14.03.13 - 01:38)
Wow this took forever to come out, now its finally here. The 1st one was great and this looks to improve on it in all ways including async multiplayer.
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Bug fixes for turn-based multiplayer.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Spiele
Version: 2.8
Größe: 92 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Noodlecake Studios Inc


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