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At last, the highly anticipated update to Distressed FX is here. v2.0 Allows you to take your photos and turn them into works of art. See our hashtag #distressedFX on Instagram to see 90k+ examples!

** Featured by Mac Format and Black + White Photography Magazine

Join us at:

Creating gorgeous artwork from your photos has never been easier. With Distressed FX, simply take a photo and choose from a wide range of textured images and overlays. Transform even the most mundane photo into a work of art.

• Particularly suited to still life and landscape photography - this app will perfectly compliment your existing collection of photo apps.

Distressed FX is powered by the textures of Cheryl Tarrant, a texture artist from Tennessee. Her popular and unique style is now available in your pocket, wherever you go.

• Follow Cheryl on Instagram
• Be our friend on Facebook
• Follow us on Twitter : @distressedfx

See examples of the Cheryl's distinctive work here:

** Find out more about Distressed Textures at &

Distressed FX (tm) is a trademark of Cheryl Tarrant in the United States of America.

OS >= 9.3


Allgemein (20.03.15 - 07:46)
One of the best apps out there! It's one of my top 3 go-to apps. Highly recommended.
Alex Moskalenko
Allgemein (08.08.14 - 18:18)
Юзал, пока не посадил батарею на айфоне и не отправил все отложенные фото в инстаграм. За это время ни разу не вылетело и не закрылись ничего. Входил и продолжал далее работу. Один из лучших фоторедакторов с которыми я работал. Эффекты качественны, хорошо прорабатывают недостатки фото. Особенно понравилась вторая линейка фильтров которая не под живопись и винта жнут бумагу с потертостями. Там прекрасно подобраны эффекты по разным светотемпературам, каналам, эффекты под пленочное фото разных лет и типов пленок. Интенсивность всех фильтров регулируется по цвету, контрасту и выдержке. Супер приложение. Берите, пока бесплатно.
Allgemein (07.08.14 - 21:08)
Вылетает при масштабировании.
Mattie Oliver
Allgemein (07.08.14 - 15:14)
With the right image -- trial and error helps you discover which images are worth trying -- I can get gorgeous transformations so it has become a staple in my photo toolbox. It has unique and highly textured filters with sliding controls to customize effects and the option to flatten and layer filters (long press on image) to build complexity. I especially love playing with the "Custom" option (last option on the bottom row) to import, layer, filter and blend additional images from camera roll to add further complexity and uniqueness.
Allgemein (03.05.14 - 09:23)
It is simply a fantastic app. I send to you the face of Astrocat after trying �� ��
�� �� ��
Allgemein (02.05.14 - 16:33)
Wieder geatis und noch immer ne Hammerapp. Output max 2048 x 2048 px. Impotiertes Bild bestimmt die Größe. (zB hier ein 500er px und noch vergrößern für den Ausschnitt, wird auch bei eigenem Overlay-Bild von 2000��px nur um 500 px rauskommen. Umgekehrt schon.)
Unbedingt "Birds" ausprobieren. Fantastisch für Landschaftsbild mit Himmel. ����
(03.05.14 - 11:22)
Thanks Gouvy, you made me discover a very nice app, I did not think so pretty, I did some tests and the effect is really super!! I think I will become one of my favorites!!
See you soon Gouvy �� �� �� �� ��
(07.08.14 - 20:01)
Today's update brings along an inapp for 10 more birds for 0,89€. I am very tempted but don't. Reason: al long as the birds can't be moved or mirrored or even better both and even much more better scaled and rotated, too, I don't see the point. It would be perfect if they would attach it as stickers and you are able to do all at once. Will write to the dev and if there will be an answer. This app is so blinking great that the bird stickers would be cream of the crop. ��
(07.08.14 - 21:41)
Maybe you're right, better to wait,
you 're very wise! Thanks for your comment and advice, always useful! �� ✨ ✨ �� mieeeow ;)
Allgemein (17.12.13 - 11:25)
Просто офигенное!!!
Allgemein (17.10.13 - 13:56)
Эффекты - все очень депрессивные и унылые какие то.
(02.05.14 - 19:09)
Не согласна, что депрессивные ��!
Очень мягкие и милые. Настроение тоже разное бывает. А фильтры и наложение птиц очень оригинальные.
Allgemein (17.10.13 - 12:51)
attractive to operate it first time ,but after a while time ,you will feel boring to creat the best image you want ,boring to adjust the filter
Allgemein (16.10.13 - 22:19)
Мне нравится! Обработанные фото выглядят оригинально- это не стандартные фильтры, в них очень богатый потенциал!
Allgemein (16.10.13 - 21:39)
Increíble esto es arte lo demás mamadas
Allgemein (16.10.13 - 08:56)
I love it (now that i can (buy) and download the 6.01 version ... A few bugs here and there though ...)

Great app - cant believe its free ;)
Allgemein (04.09.13 - 08:40)
Not lowest resolution, but not highest either. (I forgot it's exact size already just by coming from the app to AZ! Ugh! Lol!) It's on the higher side rather than the lower. I sent dev a message to request full output res and Flickr sharing integration (and any others since so many people use different ones). Keep your fingers crossed!

I like the effects in this app. It's supposed to be a kind-of grunge, I think, which I don't generally care for too much (ironically, since I live not too far from Seattle, The Grunge Capital of the World! Lol!), but these give a different effect, IMO. Rather than just giving photos a "darker" feel, I think some of the filters give the photo a different reference of time (e.g., instead of the photo being taken in 2013, it will look as if it was taken in 1813!), some give a different time of day, and, believe it or not, some even have a cheery tone to them! So, as far as grunge-type photo apps go, I love this one, but I normally don't like them at all.
Professor Snape
(16.10.13 - 20:41)
I love these too! Especially the age video apps!
Serg Zuev
(18.10.13 - 21:25)
Ебать ты хуйню написала
Allgemein (13.08.13 - 14:27)
频繁闪退,ios6.1.3。I can't even open it ,please fix it.
(04.09.13 - 04:32)
The app has been updated since your comment, did this update fix your problem? I wanted to make sure, as I also have iOS 6.1.3, and didn't want to run into the same problem. What device are you using the app with? I'm using an iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.
(16.10.13 - 18:17)

关于老版本,我过了很长时间以后才发现在ios6.13上无法运行的只有一台New ipad。在iPhone 4上 没有 问题。至于当时的更新,我并没有试过。
Allgemein (18.02.13 - 01:03)
I like it
Allgemein (17.02.13 - 08:28)
Not so special, not so useful for me.
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (16.02.13 - 16:39)
Nur quadratische Bilder möglich, sonst ganz gut.
(25.07.13 - 01:58)
@Ken Dschun:
nur quadratisch? In mathe wohl nicht aufgepasst...
Ken Dschun
(25.07.13 - 08:35)
Durchaus aufgepasst. Lieber gojo, besser etwas nachdenken, bevor man sich mit blöden Kommentaren selbst blamiert ...

Für alle anderen: Ich bitte um Verständnis, dass ich meine Kommentare nicht an jedes Update anpassen kann. Erst im letzten Update kam das als neue Fähigkeit hinzu. Die von mir kommentierte Version konnte jedenfalls nur quadratische Bilder ausgeben.
(04.09.13 - 04:30)
@Ken Dschun:
No worries! If someone downloads an app, discovers previous comments to be misinformation, they should show themselves, as well as the original commenter, a bit of respect and courtesy, put on their investigative hat and do a bit of research, before they begin spouting off. If they do not even care enough for the impressions they leave of themselves, then I wouldn't even waste my breath (or thumbs!����Lol!) in helping them figure it out! Besides, as you pointed out, they only made themselves look silly! Anyone, with the slightest bit of common courtesy would've looked into this before attempting to make someone else look bad - it was justly karma that had them end up opening their mouth and showing their own behind.

That said, I sincerely appreciate your initial comment, the forewarning of "insta-" (or square) format, as I try to stay away from that as much as I can as well! I'm also glad to hear that this app has strayed away from insta-only too! With that out of the picture, would you recommend this app?
Ken Dschun
(04.09.13 - 07:00)
Thank you for your kind words. Yes, I would recommend it to add some distress ;-) to pictures. The latest update made this app a lot better and if you got used to the interface it is in fact rather nice. As groovygouvy pointed out limited resulution (if still so?) is no real issue. If someone is picky in this respect a desktop Photoshop machine should be used instead ;-) I don't know the exact output resulution, my solution to this is to use it as an overlay layer in another editing app.
Allgemein (13.12.12 - 13:08)
Sehr schade, dass die Auflösung so gering ist. Für lau aber ok.
Allgemein (13.12.12 - 12:59)
Aber sieht gut aus. Da kommt's nicht auf Schärfe an. In eine app ziehen, die groß speichert, bisschen weichzeichnen und man hat nette Postkarten. ��
Muss ich gleich saugen. ��
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Pack picker given a title to make it clearer you choose your current pack from that screen.
Image Picker now works in Landscape (iPad).
Rotation bug in iPad fixed.
Fixed crash on iPad image cropper constrain button.

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