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Continuous play online Youtube video with playlists.


- Support background mode, continue playing playlist even the screen is turned off.

- Player supports shuffle, repeat, and single video repeat functions.

- TV-Out enabled, watch video on big screen.

- AirPlay enabled, play video on Apple TV.

- HD video enabled, get the best video quality.

- Editable playlist.

- Quick search, support keyword suggestion.

- Support remote control.

* The app does NOT support caching due to YouTube terms of policy.
* YouTube, YouTube logo are trademarks and properties of Google Inc. YouTube logo is used for informational purposes only.

OS >= 9.0


Tandir TC
Allgemein (13.11.16 - 08:53)
Tubot is the better choice...
Allgemein (09.11.16 - 14:41)
it's been a long time ,welcome back lol
Allgemein (03.03.15 - 04:08)
Really? We have to pay for an app whose website provides for free? I can't believe people earn money doing this shit... Or, rather, I can't believe why people are stupid enough to give away money for something they can get for free.

Anyway, anyone has the right to choose how and why to get screwed...

(03.03.15 - 08:34)
Gibt doch viele Apps, bei denen die fast identische Webseite gratis ist, die Apps aber was kosten, zB Noisly und viele weitere.
Per App ist es halt meist einfacher/schöner und die Entwicklung einer App nimmt ja auch Zeit in Anspruch, daher alles OK.
(09.11.16 - 14:36)
The app is free now #Patience
Allgemein (06.11.14 - 07:47)
To EVERYONE (11-6-14),

*********DO NOT UPDATE********


(or at least back up and save the .ipa file of the older version to your desktop using iTunes or DiskAid, etc., before updating)

(06.11.14 - 10:38)
Hast du recht, aber immerhin weißt der Entwickler in der Update-Beschreibung darauf hin,denn das machen leider nicht alle Entwickler und man merkt es daher oft zu spät.
(06.11.14 - 14:59)
Yes, exactly, well said. The VIATube dev(s) is very cool and down to earth! (To bad all devs are not like this!) They are at least telling us what this next update will be changing (or more to the point - "getting rid of") and I'm sure the "powers that be" are still very upset and peeved at how the same dev(s) very openly (putting the customers first, with NO BSing or sugar coating) announced the last major update several months ago when they were supposed to remove the YT caching feature. Then the VIATube dev(s) very openly said and I'm paraphrasing "Do not update to this next version if you want to keep the YouTube caching feature.... we are being forced to do this in order to comply with YouTube policy..." And of course the VIATube dev(s) did end up actually keeping the YT caching feature! Although they did remove all traces of the name "caching" from the app UI and the actual app description in the App Store. Genius move. But I guess all good things do come to an end, and we really can't blame them for being "coerced" or forced to remove the caching feature. Much props and respect to the VIATube app dev(s).
(09.11.16 - 13:10)
A whole other question, about the app-thinning-thing ... if loading apps directly on a computer, do it downloads the app with the informations for all devices? Do you know that? Thank's in advance ;)
(09.11.16 - 19:17)
You know, unfortunately I'm not really too sure. However if you're still running iOS 8 (or at least nothing later than iOS 8.3) you should be able to see every single file, folder and directory, etc., in each application if you were to use 3rd party software.

That said, I would highly recommend asking Agent Smith. I'm sure he would know!
(09.11.16 - 21:31)
Ok, i'll have a look - thank's for the hints! ��
(11.11.16 - 14:48)
Yes, if you have not already, you can IM Agent Smith. I'm sure he would definitely know ��

Agent Smith
(11.11.16 - 15:41)
It all depends on how the developer created the app.
Apple's app thinning includes using cloud or iTunes store resources and if the developer has used such features, then downloading the app via iTunes might not contain all needed resources.
Agent Smith
(11.11.16 - 15:44)
(11.11.16 - 16:41)
@Agent Smith:
Thanks for your input. You're the man! ��
Agent Smith
(11.11.16 - 17:47)
It's nothing compared to your contributions to AppZapp community. (;
(12.11.16 - 04:59)
@Agent Smith:
I disagree but thanks! ��
Agent Smith
(12.11.16 - 10:15)
I agree with me,
And I got that goin' for me,
which is nice.. ��
(12.11.16 - 12:57)
@Agent Smith:
Thank's a lot for you're reaction on this.

From what you told me now, there is no way to force an app to download offline to a computer with all informations in it - if app thinning was used such as a "feature", right? ��

Meanwhile i (re-)figured out if i update or install an App on an iOS 9 device (which does contain app thinning features) it won't download on the computer, never less automatic download is activated.

I don't like to belive there is no way to avoid all apps have do be re-downloaded from the cloud upgrading or changing a device.

Because of that my hope was, getting all new apps on a computer first would trigger downloading a file which contains everything, which isn't the case then.

Hhhmmm.... what i don't like to believe or i did hope for, doesn't seem not to be considered by apple while creating all that nonsense. ��

If you come across something which would solve this issue (the only exclusion yet would be a jailbreak) i would be glad to hear about.

Thank's again!
(12.11.16 - 13:00)
Thank's a lot! �� And take the goodies �������� both of you deserves as much as you can handle! ��☺️
Agent Smith
(12.11.16 - 13:30)
Unfortunately if a developer uses cloud storage or iTunes app storage feature for the app's resources then there is no legal way to get them into your computer.

Yet you should be able to download the base .ipa for the app to your computer via itunes. I never had an issue with downloading an app via iTunes up to now, no matter how it's built.
And then with this file you can install the app even for a banned apple id account. If apple deletes the app from iTunes which means deleting the online resources too, then the app might stop working or not functioning properly for a new installed idevice with this .ipa.

But thanks to the pirate ideology, a hacker or a cracker can grab all needed resources and prepare an .ipa file for all jailbroken idevice users.

If apple continues to ruin iOS universe then we will all have to go jailbroken or choose a better alternative OS such as android or windows in the near future.
(12.11.16 - 13:56)
@Agent Smith:
Absolutely agree about the future. You said it. With every bigger update and change they do, those options become more realistic for me.

This means, i buy an app, but in fact i only rent it until apple decide it has to be removed. ��

And now, we'll have a mix of all that, which mades it impossible to figure out which app, how was created (at least with that many apps we here mostly have).

Thank's for your explanations. Aprecciate it!
(12.11.16 - 16:45)
@Agent Smith:
(12.11.16 - 16:50)
All the sudden I'm very hungry! �� But I need to go and work-out, but maybe I'll only eat these goodies if we keep it a "secret!" ����
(12.11.16 - 17:02)
I was thinking that you "possibly" still had iOS 8 (not sure which build) on one of your iDevices. Of course that's why I brought up the option of using 3rd party software. I know that you were able to utilize one or more of these 3rd party programs in the past, but it sounds like you may not have any of your iDevices running iOS 8.x.x. And who could blame you (or anyone) from updating? After all, as time passes by, less and less apps work with older iOS versions.

Yeah this whole "walled garden" philosophy is really getting old, LOL. I think that many of us will indeed be considering the jailbreaking option as things get even more and more tight and restrictive!
(12.11.16 - 17:09)
@Agent Smith:
I second what me is saying. Thanks a lot for further explaining this whole app "thinning" thing.

Yeah, it's really irritating how Apple has been getting even MORE closed, with even more restrictions! ����
Agent Smith
(12.11.16 - 17:45)
No problem at all,
but don't get me wrong about the app thinning issue,

App thinning is something that became necessary for the developer side since apple has had to create different idevice types and thus different app resources for each idevice. There is no problem about it, the problem starts when apple disables us having a backup of the whole app that we bought or owned legally.

As in all cooperate and government businesses, their restriction of our freedom disturbs us even if we do not really know what is going on behind the closed doors..

What we are complaining about is highly related to us, people who likes to have the control and the freedom in their own hands. We know what we want and we don't like apple or something else to teach/choose us the path to follow..

Yeah of course they want to earn more money or profit from everything, but they have no right to restrict our freedoms whenever a progress that must be made in any situation..

(13.11.16 - 11:02)
First :), that sounds like a deal! ����
(���� - enjoy! ��)

You're right i use iOS 8 as well. I've asked this because i was on the way to update a device from iOS 8 to 10 and tried to figure out the consequences i have to face after the update more detailed. And what i now for sure by now is, i'm not amused!

About the walled garden, anything important was said by @AgentSmith and I couldn't express it better!!! (Thank you @AgentSmith!) He nailed it in short and clear words, what imho is the unacceptable situation in which direction apple did develop, is arrived yet - and, we are forced to deal with now, as users.
(13.11.16 - 22:05)
@Agent Smith:
Yes, you're 100% correct and I totally agree with you.

Of course the concept of app
thinning is advantageous to iOS consumers because these days the apps are of course a lot larger (especially games), and we have less and less room on our iDevices (due in larger part also to the high resolution pictures and videos in the default camera app). It's also advantageous because if not using wifi, we're still able to download many of these apps that otherwise would be too large to DL.

My main issue with Apple is that we're no longer able to transfer these apps from our iDevices onto our computers w/o iTunes. Also, we're no longer able to go into the apps using 3rd party programs (for instance, to add and/or delete various files - regardless of the "type" of app).

And of course you're totally on point about how Apple is really trying to control everything and restrict us in many ways and how we as consumers want and need the freedom to be able do as we want - without having our freedom "restricted." Preach on! ����������
(13.11.16 - 22:24)
Exactly. Agent Smith really broke things down, explained it very concisely and said all that needs to be said! ������

Yes, me, it now sounds like you now have all of the info that you'll need in order to decided whether it's really "worth it" to update to iOS 10. Unfortunately, once you update, you can't go back (it would nice if you could!).

Do you have any friends or family members with an iDevice (with iOS 10)? You could of course always play around with their device for a couple of days, and this could help you weigh out and contribute to any decision about updating.

But unfortunately, regardless of what you do (you'll probably have to update eventually), it's really frustrating and irritating how Apple and their "walled garden" are getting more and more closed and giving us less and less freedom. ������Apple is pretty much now our "iParents" and we're Apple's "iChildren."
Agent Smith
(13.11.16 - 23:17)
Apple was never a customer freedom oriented company, but up to a point they were doing fine about some important criteria for me such as design, usability, security etc., so I was mostly ok with their policies.
Unfortunately after their driving force Jobs has gone, they've started to go down.
Right now macOS is a mess, iOS suffers a lot. Apple Store is out of control. Their new devices have problems which are related to their bad or wrong decisions both for hardware and software departments, etc etc

Long and the short of it is, I have had enough with apple and if I hadn't get this iPhone as a gift I would have definitely go for an android device.

Hopefully AppZapp consider renewing its android application, because it's totally useless right now. :D
(14.11.16 - 01:30)
@Agent Smith:
Yeah I know what you mean. It really hasn't been the same with Jobs gone. But then again, Apple shouldn't just be about one person (of course not at all taking away from a giant like Jobs). Meaning, Apple was supposed to have been more then just about the genius and brilliance of Mr. Jobs. Apple was always known as having very high quality and superb craftsmanship (although maybe this reputation was especially reinforced when Jobs came back in the late 90s?). And of course fantastic customer service (and that's always been topnotch as far as I know).

But while I don't know as much about the current state of other Apple products (I'll take your word for it though), do you really think that iPhone and iPad are really going downhill? (i.e. the hardware). I guess I would ask the same in terms of iOS (software). I guess we would have to include their watch (which I don't own).

Obviously there are some advantages in terms of having an Android device (with respect to being able to modify and customize their OS for instance). However, do you really think that their hardware and OS is currently superior to Apple's? I'm not asking because I disagree, but only because I don't know too much about Android ;-) Yeah, I've heard a few bad and negative things, but negatives are sometimes exaggerated and others can say the same about Apple/iOS I guess.

But do you think that you would first consider the jailbreaking route for iOS? (assuming you don't currently have a JB)

Sorry bro, I'm not trying to interrogate you :-)
Agent Smith
(14.11.16 - 03:00)
About Jobs, he was not just a chairman in a company, he was soul of the apple, and we all know what's happened to apple company without his vision in the past. And this time it's happening again, just in a slow phase.

if you exclude the price point right now there are no better devices than idevices in all departments, but rivals've closed the gap greatly,
and if you ask me, android OS (6.0 or later) has succeeded to catch iOS.
At least I can use it perfectly without much issues..
Moreover, ios has become a bugs full of environment for me( I'm having issues even for installing apps right now), which was completely opposite in yesteryears.

Even though I consider myself as a poweruser for windows and now in android OS, I cannot see myself using a jailbroken idevice and deal with its consequences. It kinda kills the whole idevice concept that we all used to love.

But now they're forcing us to think about jailbreaking with their restrictions and bug added new iOS versions.
Yet I will not go jaibreaking since I have a choice now, which is choosing an android device.
They have become powerful alternatives to idevices if you know what you want.

Hopefully Trump will make Apple and America great again, and I won't have to forget about the good days I spent with my idevices ��

(14.11.16 - 08:51)
@Agent Smith:
For me, besides the fact that the ios has become even more of a "noble dictator" and full of shortcomings and negligent bugs (the only improvements seem to be android rip offs - done poorly, or ripoffs from ingenious apps and features that they killed and commandeered - like 3d touch) is the apps ...

The ios apps used to be so much better and "more professional" than the Android offerings or variants ....
(Currently it's noticeable in the prisma / IMAGE processing scene ...)
Not to mention ask the junk apps (which is one of the things i hated in the past store)

But it seems this is advancing backwards ....
(Android always had a better camera , not to mention stuff like additional storage options, etc ...)

I have a new phone now , and i find myself copying many apps from my old ios6 i phone 4 because the new versions are crappier... (Also some of the greatest apps are gone from the app store or broken .... But why should Apple care about backward compatibility/legacy ... Instead they force/nag you to constantly update the ios ....)

End of rant ;)
Agent Smith
(14.11.16 - 09:44)
Yes, you are right about the app part even for today, and in comparison there is usually a huge gap between the iOS ones and the android ones for such as AppZapp app (which is devastatingly crap in android side).

Me too have lots of .ipas in my backup since the new versions are worse or apple killed them long ago. Unfortunately it is really pain for me to see some of these backups had stopped working with new ios releases,
and now I'm getting a warning message from the lastest iOS when I first open most of these old faithful apps such as this AppZapp pro app.

But besides these individual apps android gains power with every each day.. plus I can't ignore the price point fact when it kicks in really hard for apple hardware side.

We cannot ignore the process that android is gaining power and iOS is losing its magic with time and eventually at some point in the future most of us will be choosing our path. Apperantly that future point is much more closer for me.. ��
(14.11.16 - 12:49)
@Agent Smith:
Yup ... Apple is advancing towards being the "internet explorer" of smart phones ....
(I wonder when/if someone will make a way to run iOS apps on Android .... Or maybe more app makers will go Android ...

I am speculating that one of the benefits of iOS upgrades are to keep jailbreaks away ... But while promising more revenue for app developers who charge a lot ... It also puts a strain on developers to keep updating their apps ...

I dunno ... But IMHO it feels like the "apple experience" is getting worse ...
Agent Smith
(14.11.16 - 14:11)
Exactly, you are right on the spot. Actually apple has already become the "internet explorer" of mobile universe, but because it's more profitable than the other systems, developers continue to follow apple's lead.

The important thing for me is that I don't enjoy using iPhone as I did before. It's frustrating, right now notifications stopped working for messaging apps.. why?! apple, why!?

(15.11.16 - 01:44)
@Agent Smith:
Yes, very true about Jobs. Well said.

Thanks, I really appreciate all of the info regarding Apple and Android. I've also been hearing from some other iOS users that there seems to be more issues as compared to years ago, but other iOS users will say it's about the same (mostly good, and positive experiences, etc.). It seems that it's somewhat of a mixed bag, in terms of people that I know, but it's not like I've done an official survey or whatever!

And of course for some time Android OS has been getting a lot better, catching up to Apple (if not surpassing it - although I guess this would be disputed by most Apple users) and I guess I wouldn't be too surprised that if there continues to be issues with Apple (hardware/software) or if people perceive that Apple is not resolving these issues in a timely manner, then I guess you'll be far from alone as far as considering a whole new platform. I know what you mean about the whole JB thing. If you're somewhat familiar with Android or already have some experience with it, why not just move to a this particular platform that will give you what you're looking for? As opposed to being dissatisfied with the one you're with, staying a few more years, etc., of course having to go through all of the drama and headaches of JB, including having to wait a while for when the newest release comes out (assuming you were pretty much keeping up with each iOS update), having to decide if you want to wait longer for a non-tethered JB, and factoring in security - if this is an issue that one may have to consider (even if much of this is of course hyped up/exaggerated by Apple corporate). Yeah, I definitely get where you're coming from. Good luck bro, I don't want to see you leave the family, but you got to do what you got to do ;-)

And as far as Trump, I guess only time will tell. He was the one (s)elected, but don't tell all of these protestors and/or rioters that he won or that Hillary wasn't (s)elected. Of course we're now having a "color revolution" (Soros backed) that I'm sure was totally spontaneous and grassroots (NOT). But to be honest IMO, it will most likely be along the lines of: meet the new boss - the same as the old one.
(15.11.16 - 02:25)
It's good to hear others weigh in as far as negatives and positives... But Apple is becoming the IE of smartphones? Wow, I guess things really are going downhill, at least for some (many?) ��
Agent Smith
(15.11.16 - 13:47)
There will always be apple or android fanboys out there, and there are people who only care about their image or charisma with an apple device.
I simply don't care about those, if a device makes me angry because it's not functioning as it should be then I'll look for an alternative device.

I'm always with the final iOS update, not just because I am a fan of updating devices, but because iOS is full of bugs and I'm hoping that apple would fix the problems with the new updates.

And as I mentioned before JB is not an alternative for me, I will not use an idevice as an android or windows machine, that's my respect for the steve Jobs legacy ��

To be honest I have left the family long ago, but since I got my iPhone as a gift, I continued to stay as an apple user. You know how they say, "nothing beats a free iPhone" ��

The whole election system is a joke and a terrible one, but until the next phase of civilization we are taking our part as figurants..
(15.11.16 - 16:40)
@Agent Smith:
Yes, very true about fanboys of various OSes and brands. I agree 100% with you. While I may be pro Apple to some extent, and appreciate all of the great, revolutionary things accomplished by Apple (especially under Jobs!) I'm of course NOT going to ignore or be critical of Apple if they make mistakes or do things that negatively impact my experience as a customer! And if another OS or device is good, I'm not going to ignore it out of supposed loyalty or whatever.

Yeah, I feel you. You can't really beat something that's free! Especially a very expensive iDevice ��

As far as the (s)election process, it's seems that almost half of the electorate didn't vote. Of course it doesn't help that the best they can do is come up with two freakin' "losers" - Hillary and Trump. How pathetic!��
Allgemein (12.07.14 - 11:36)
Eine der besten Apps dieser Kategorie.
Top. ��
Kirill Kuzyk
Allgemein (27.01.14 - 22:41)
Mctube is muuuch better then this. And it is free
(27.01.14 - 23:50)
@Ki Ku:
Mctube has IAP. A free version of VIATube also exists.
Kirill Kuzyk
(29.01.14 - 06:31)
Mctube has only one IAP: disable ads. But ads are not annoing. And free version cad downloadvideos, rate videos, can add video to watch later. Viatube cant do any of these
(06.11.14 - 13:11)
@Ki Ku:
That's not true. Untill the last update it was possible to download and have a watchlist. Both apps are better at different things. VIATube is great for using at parties with the playlists, remote, Airplay et cetera.
Allgemein (13.12.13 - 18:07)
This app near replace me old famous mctube ! Big Thanks for dev's!
Allgemein (11.12.13 - 07:28)
do comments work? I just cant get it to work on the website in an iphone
Yiğit Taşlı
Allgemein (11.12.13 - 05:02)
Youtube bi başka bakıyor bu programla.

İster hafızaya al, ister arkaplan çalsın, o gün Türkiye'de veya dünyanın herhangi bi yerinde en çok izlenen videoları gör, gündemi kaçırma.

COOL!�� diyelim yabancılar da beğendiğimizi anlasın ��
Allgemein (10.12.13 - 20:02)
It caches and lets you subscribe.
Tested on iOS 7 iPhone 5s
You have to play with it. Took me all but 2 seconds to figure out.
It is a no brainer.
Thanks for the app dev.
Allgemein (10.12.13 - 16:55)
Nice app ! Highly recommended.
Allgemein (10.12.13 - 08:18)
Без рекламы отлично
Allgemein (10.12.13 - 06:33)
�� No Ads, very happy ��
Allgemein (10.12.13 - 02:30)
YouTube FREE app has 99% of VIATube claimed features, but YouTube app does them 200% better. Deleted this app after 5minutes.
Allgemein (07.10.13 - 11:26)
Nice App - but:

Cannot subscribe to users/channels

Cannot like or dislike videos

No "caching for offline" progress status or info ...

App support link doesn't work
(10.12.13 - 20:03)
Not true does all of what it says and subscriptions too. Caches fast
Krishna Agarwal
Allgemein (06.10.13 - 05:30)
Only YouTube client I have found so far which plays the video without location constraint. Highly recommended!
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