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CARROT doesn’t just make getting things done fun – she makes getting things done addictive.

** Featured by Apple, Jeopardy, Wall Street Journal, NPR, Fast Company, & more! **

"CARROT is adorable. I have a huge grin on my face from using her." - Louie Mantia, Pacific Helm

"CARROT breathes new life into to-do lists." - Lewis Painter, The Strand

"If you want an extra kick in the [pants] from a sadistic robot, you'll want to give CARROT a shot." - Adam Dachis, LifeHacker

"01000001 00101011 00101011 00101011" - Deep Blue, Supercomputer

Users, critics, and supercomputers the world over have fallen in love with CARROT and her twisted personality. What are you waiting for, an engraved invitation? Download CARROT now!


Meet CARROT, the world's first to-do list with a personality.

You keep this sadistic AI construct happy by getting things done in real life.

She'll reward you.

But be careful!

Slackers make CARROT upset.

You do NOT want to make CARROT upset.

• Amazingly simple to-do list that's also a virtual pet

• Unlockable app upgrades, from reminders to mini-games to an actual kitten

• Thirty-six dastardly challenges to complete

• Over 500 unique rewards that vary depending on CARROT's mood

• The first four chapters in an epic, branching story

• Cheat codes, customization options, and kitten costumes available via in-app purchase

Don't make CARROT angry. Download her now!


Have feedback? CARROT would love to hear from you!

OS >= 10.0


Allgemein (02.04.17 - 13:26)
Love it and use it everyday as my easy to add to, todo list of smaller tasks. Sometimes you get free apps, weird websites and Wikipedia freaky info and if you don't do anything for so long it nags and then punishes you :) It's hilarious and works; so is the Carrot weather run but dark sky.
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (08.02.14 - 14:06)
Wer auf Beschimpfungen, Beleidigungen und schlechte Witze auf Kosten anderer steht, wer außerdem ständig gegängelt und angezickt werden will wird hier fündig. Manche scheinen das ja zu mögen bzw. zu brauchen, um Dinge zu erledigen - ich nicht!
(14.06.14 - 20:51)
@Ken Dschun:
It adds humor to life - without humor, would life even be worth living?���� Not in my opinion! It would SERIOUSLY suck, and more people would die�� of heart attack and stroke! Laughing is my favorite thing in the world to do - it has been since I was a kid, I just couldn't imagine not being able to see the funny side of such silly things?�� Not that I'm saying you don't find things funny, I'm just explaining why an app like this would appeal to people! Lol!��
Ken Dschun
(14.06.14 - 21:01)
Fortunately this kind of humor is not my cup of tea. Of course I understand that this insulting language is MEANT to be funny so it is not really necessary to explain this rude flavor of TRYING to be funny to me. Nonetheless I prefer not to be called names or things like that, not by humans and especially not by machines. If YOU do, feel free to go ahead young lady ;-)
Allgemein (31.01.14 - 11:25)
It's more of a game than a serious to do app. Great program and fun, but that's about it.
Allgemein (22.11.13 - 16:35)
Great idea but too simple for me.
Allgemein (21.11.13 - 03:08)
Not free any more ��
Allgemein (20.11.13 - 22:50)
App lol drôle et agréable en valeur le téléchargement!
Allgemein (20.09.13 - 17:15)
This is the greatest To-Do app I've ever used. With its rewards for completing tasks and it's evil nastiness (all of which I find immensely humorous ) it always inspires me to actually get things done and stop procrastinating. Only To-Do app I use. Worth every penny.
Patti H
Allgemein (21.08.13 - 20:43)
I'm mad for this app. Picked it up as a joke and found myself more productive than I can remember. Carrot is very clever... She tells really stupid jokes, provides you with information (some of which is useful), and has no respect for your need to sleep ("you've contributed nothing to society for 9 hours, lazy human!).

Fail to check your to do list for a few hours? Even if Carrot LOVES you (as she does me) you will be the object of her derision as she whines, "you left me all alone, again!"

Patti <---Carrot likes me
Allgemein (13.08.13 - 00:37)
Fun, apparently... different strokes for different folks
Allgemein (12.08.13 - 22:43)
Fun and humorous
Allgemein (12.08.13 - 17:57)
Benutze CARROT schon seitdem es vor einiger Zeit kostenlos war und finde ihn super. Keine langweilige to-do-liste abarbeiten sondern mal ein wenig Abwechslung :)
Alles was wichtig ist, ist integriert, Terminierung ist möglich und er übernimmt sogar Aufgaben, die man Siri diktiert. Top :)

...und man bekommt direkt ein Haustier dazu *lach
Allgemein (12.06.13 - 00:58)
Sassy to-do list that rewards you for getting things done. Makes good use of the psychological fact that humans are motivated by small rewards (look at how many hours people invest in games like FarmVille--just to get that virtual donkey, or whatever). Solid.
Allgemein (27.03.13 - 23:32)
I like it. It's definitely better than the 'Get busy - stop procrastinating, get busy' app I reviewed earlier.

This one is nicely designed, has the right dose of wits, and actually helps you get motivated and stay on the ball.

Although it could include a thing or two that top (paid) to-do apps contain, it's my favourite anyway. The carrot is funny but, most importantly, it simply works well. Even without hanging itself in front of you.

4/5 from me.
Allgemein (26.03.13 - 21:30)
Pity it's iOS6-only... I would love to get it. :(
Allgemein (26.03.13 - 20:12)
No es una app de tareas, más bien se trata de un juego algo divertido disfrazado de productividad.
(27.03.13 - 23:24)
Yep but truly productive people are often opinionated, have strong personalities and often good sense of humour ... so this app cannot hurt anyone.
(27.03.13 - 23:29)
lol, was ironic. It is a fun and original app. but perhaps not as practical as other more serious. It's a good and a cool app ;-))
Allgemein (26.03.13 - 13:39)
Soooo...heute gratis. Egal ob faul oder nicht...schnell laden ����!!!
(26.03.13 - 14:05)
Auch dein Wunsch ist mir Befehl. ��
(26.03.13 - 22:41)
Allgemein (22.02.13 - 20:11)
Perfekte To-Do-Liste für Menschen mit Antriebsschwäche und/oder Motivationsproblemen...lach... ��
Sasha Kalita
Allgemein (24.01.13 - 15:01)
Очень аскетичное приложение. У робота специфическое чувство юмора. Тема приложения без частого выполнения задач из белой надолго превращается в черную.
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