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Take to the slopes, ice-rinks, and snow in this winter sports-themed edition of Flick Champions. Choose a nation to represent in 8 winter sports including Slalom, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey and more.

Pick a country and lead them to victory. Master the art of flicking to win the gold trophy in 18 challenging cup events. Alternatively, create your own playlists in Champ mode.

Try your fingers at eight chilly events including Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling Snowball fight, Biathlon and Sledges.

Earn experience as you play and unlock up to 30 items such as a speed boosts, perfect finishes and more.

• Eight sports to play; Slalom, Skating, Ski Jumping, Ice Hockey, Curling, Snowball Fight, Biathlon, Sledges.
• Choose your nation and go for gold in 18 cups.
• Prove yourself each day with Daily Challenges.
• Give those fingers a work out with flick and swipe controls.
• Universal; plays great on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (14.06.17 - 13:42)
FREE TODAY $0.99 > $0.00
Allgemein (14.06.17 - 11:50)
Вылетают после запуска все игры этой серии
Allgemein (19.08.14 - 21:01)
Looking forward to Flick Champions Sex Games.. That world be a great two player game.
Allgemein (11.02.14 - 15:04)
Fantastique ��
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 00:55)
Mediocre game. Boring games with rigid controls. Only "sledges", an "endless falling", game is entertainment.
Allgemein (15.11.13 - 19:59)
Flick Champions series should be played on an iPad and nothing less as the flicking may getting too hard on a smaller screen..

Personally I prefer (and love) Flick Champions HD and gives it a top rate both single play and two player (singel iPad).

However.. These follow up games "Flick Champions Summer Sport" and "Flick Champions Winter Sport" are NOT as enjoyable and mostly as the control are different and no info on how to contol them. Atleast when those app firs released and I got them. Maybe that has been fixed and if so, please reply and I will retest them.
Ghastii 🌇q
Allgemein (20.03.13 - 17:22)
Now we need Water Sports ����
Allgemein (14.02.13 - 23:05)
Still no multiplayer via GameCentre
(27.02.13 - 04:47)
Thank you! Always nice to know!
Allgemein (14.02.13 - 07:26)
(27.02.13 - 04:48)
Thanks! Wondered if it was worth it...!
(27.02.13 - 05:16)
Yeah for 99¢, its is. My favorite of all time is Flick Champions HD the first series of Chillingo. ��
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