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Create and share your personal Keep Calm poster using our top-selling app designed for iPhone and iPad!

√ Create a Custom Message!
Edit the default text to create a poster with your one-of-a-kind message!

√ Choose Your Background!
You can take a picture or choose one from your library. You can also set the tone for your message using millions of different background colors included with the app!

√ Choose Your Icon!
Get creative and select from a library of over 200 searchable icons the perfect image to give your message the greatest impact!

√ Share with Family and Friends!
Whether your family and friends are accessible via email, Facebook®, Twitter®, or Weibo, you will be able to share your message with the tap of a button!

√ Save Your Poster as a High-Resolution Image!
Store your message in a format that is crisp and sharp as possible on any mobile device and save it to your Camera Roll!

√ Print Your Poster!
Quickly and easily print your masterpiece directly from within the Keep Calm app to an AirPrint-capable printer!

√ Assign Your Poster to a Contact!
Create a personalized Keep Calm poster to identify one or more of your personal contacts on your mobile device!

√ User-Friendly Interface!
The Keep Calm app is designed with simplicity in mind so that you can focus on creating your Keep Calm work of art!

■ Overview ■

Keep Calm and Carry On. A few simple words, but during World War II the British government produced millions of posters of the slogan with the intention of boosting the morale of the masses during a difficult period. Since resurfacing in 2000, the iconic poster has revolutionized impact messaging. Join the revolution with the Keep Calm app and go viral!

You undoubtedly have a message to share and now you can do just that in one of the most dynamic ways possible with the Keep Calm app. This app lets you create your own Keep Calm poster to inspire, motivate, entertain, or whatever intent you choose to share with your friends and family—or for your own personal amusement!

The Keep Calm app includes all the tools you need to create your one-of-a-kind message in the iconic format that has become so popular. Simply swipe the screen to create your custom message—no other app of its kind creates a Keep Calm poster as simple and as fast!

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OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (17.09.13 - 20:25)
это так называемое "бесплатное" приложение; каждую позицию нужно покупать. отстой. если я неправ - сообщите, пожалуйста.

Allgemein (08.07.13 - 01:14)
Maybe also interesting:

That same template/effect is included in an app. called "PhotoFunia", alongside many other (imho) great fx.

"PhotoFunia" is better known for its "integration-effects", e.g. the user's picture becoming a poster at Times-Square, or the cover of a magazine...
Definitely worth checking out, especially as it comes around free every now & then, too!
Allgemein (26.05.13 - 09:59)
Oh those in-app purchases.
Allgemein (22.05.13 - 19:04)
��Meine Meinung
Allgemein (21.05.13 - 11:09)
Ceep Kalm and take it now, it's free,...with Calm!
Allgemein (21.05.13 - 08:56)
Good one:)
Allgemein (21.05.13 - 01:59)
Sorry to say the font looks nothing like the original one from the poster, I once installed the official app from barter books but its now removed from AppStore..
Allgemein (21.05.13 - 01:26)
Why can't I use it????? It's crash all the time
Allgemein (13.05.13 - 16:55)
Allgemein (27.03.13 - 19:17)
Utile nei momenti di demenza..
Allgemein (26.03.13 - 18:43)
won't load all
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Thank you guys for all your feedback. We appreciate everyone who writes. What's new:

A lot of people have written annoyed by the ads even though we have a remove ads package. You know we have to make money to continue developing, but we're putting our users first so in this version you won't have any more ads. Please update your rating if you rated us because of ads.

You know this was coming. Now you have the iOS 7 look and it works like a charm.

There was a bug that didn't record how many times our "Rate this app" pop-up showed. We agree... it was very annoying. We've fixed that.

Finally, we're releasing a paid version of the Keep Calm app with a lot more features. Get it now

Please keep writing and sending your requests, we always love hearing from you.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Branko Zabala
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Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 2.5
Größe: 6 MB
FSK: 4+
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