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Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful anatomy app of all time and has more content and features than any other anatomy app—bar none! With over 8,200 structures, our highly accurate, immersive and visually stunning app is the gold standard in medical reference applications. There's not a university or hospital around that does not use Essential Anatomy/Skeleton, resulting in 1.1 million user engagements every month. It is, by far, the worlds most used medical study and reference app.

Download our FREE "Essential Skeleton" app in the free section to experience our groundbreaking 3D technology.

TUAW: "Make no mistake about it: Essential Anatomy by 3D4Medical is the future of touch-based anatomy learning. Essential Anatomy is an app every doctor, physiotherapist, OT, nurse and medical student should own."

-- 3D4Medical highlighted at the 2015 Apple Key Note.

- - Number 1 Top Grossing Medical App in 118 countries worldwide.

- - Quality and Vision: 3D4Medical has led the way in introducing innovative products of exceptional quality. We will continue to forge new paths for others to follow.

- - Accurate Content: Essential Anatomy is used by anatomy professors in thousands of classrooms worldwide, including Stanford University, and has become the standard in third-level education. In many cases, our app is now mandatory with text books optional.

- - Stunning Graphics: No competitor comes close. Essential Anatomy’s proprietary engine was developed and optimized to showcase our new generation anatomical models for a completely immersive user experience.

- - Easy to use: Responsive and intuitive user interface, all systems and menus are easily accessed from the main screen and our model responds quickly to your touch.

- - Read all the reviews of previous versions: Our visionary app has enhanced the lives of reviewers, both professionally and academically.

iMedical Apps: “The 3D anatomy engine and impressive graphics bring a new clarity to anatomy education with impressive accuracy.”

Compatible with iPad 2 and newer, iPhone 4S and newer, iPod Touch 5th Gen. and newer, and iOS 8 or later.

In-app purchases allow additional muscle and skeletal content to be downloaded and accessed from within the app. These boosts add muscle insertion and origin points, skeletal bone parts and surfaces and 100s of animations detailing movements for each articulation.

Visit and watch videos that highlight the app's functionality and quality. You’ll understand why Essential Anatomy 5 is the most successful medical reference app of all time!

Essential Anatomy 5 is a full-featured anatomical reference app that includes MALE and FEMALE models, with 11 SYSTEMS and a total of 8,200 ANATOMICAL STRUCTURES. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any structure in isolation, as well as from any angle and represents the latest in groundbreaking 3D technology and innovative design. A cutting-edge custom built 3D graphics engine, delivers outstanding quality graphics that no other competitor can achieve.


--Cutting-edge 3D technology
--Over 8,200 highly detailed anatomical structures
--Hide/Fade/Isolate/Fade Others/Hide Others options for individual structures
--Multiple Selection Mode
--Pins: Create customized pins with notes and place anywhere on the 3D model
--Slice: Slice through certain structures using 3D plane tool
--Bookmarks: Preset and Customizable
--Correct audio pronunciation and Latin nomenclature for every structure
--Search via English and Latin nomenclature
--Dynamic Quiz: Drag and Drop and Multi-choice
--Share images via social media and e-mail
--Includes anatomy for 11 systems: Skin, Skeletal, Muscles, Connective Tissue, Veins, Arteries, Nerves, Respiratory, Digestive, Urogenital, Lymphatic, also includes the Brain and Heart

Feedback? Contact our customer support at

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (31.05.15 - 13:26)
Вот за 59 рублей это я куплю. Отличное приложение.
Allgemein (23.05.15 - 05:44)
I found out that this app is more user friendly compare to visible body.. Both developer currently got their app in great promotion... Worth to have it..
Allgemein (22.05.15 - 21:18)
I recommend to pay attention to other apps from this developer. Many of them are discounted at this moment.
Allgemein (22.05.15 - 21:06)
Lohnt es sich, wenn ich
Atlas der menschlichen Anatomie
Und was ist mit den anderen Apps der Firma? Ist diese App die AllinOne oft ist der Rest was anderes?
(22.05.15 - 21:25)
Anatomy & Physiology: An Introduction to Body Structures and Functions by Visible Body are not the same. It contains more information.
(22.05.15 - 21:52)
What about the medical body regions bundle?
(23.05.15 - 00:14)
I think it's a good idea for people who need it :)
(23.05.15 - 08:54)
What I mean: does essential anatomy include those apps or are they different? :)
(23.05.15 - 11:33)
Sorry, I thought you're talking about the application packages. So, in the AppStore you can buy bundles, that cost even less.
Alas, this one I can't say anything, I have never bought Essential Anatomy 5.
I prefer Anatomy & Physiology: An Introduction to Body Structures and Functions by Visible Body, without in-App.
(23.05.15 - 11:35)
I prefer the apps from visible body :)
Allgemein (22.05.15 - 21:02)
Only 0.99 $
Allgemein (28.12.14 - 01:40)
Приложение хорошее, помогло мне в свое время на первом курсе учебы. Но за такую цену...проще атлас открыть печатный)
SashCo Zapadinsky
Allgemein (27.11.14 - 21:04)
Please add Russian at least! Thanks.
Allgemein (27.11.14 - 21:03)
Может приложение и полезное для узкого круга людей! Но за такую сумму минимум должен быть мультиязычный перевод! А так дорого!
(14.03.15 - 13:36)
Зачем русский, при наличии латинского?
SashCo Zapadinsky
Allgemein (27.11.14 - 21:02)
Please add the Russian. Let us to know when done ;-) Thanks.
Allgemein (30.08.14 - 01:31)
In app kauf :( :( :(
Daniel Francois Joubert
Allgemein (20.06.14 - 19:12)
Got this when it only had a skeleton and some muscles, and was much cheaper.
They promised to add more and haven't disappointed.
Definitely recommend this app and this developer. I own 3 of them and I'm impressed with them all.
Allgemein (04.05.14 - 21:08)
Потрясающее приложение. Для студентов медиков, практиков, и интересующихся строением человеческого тела. Подробное описание всех анатомических единиц ( на англ. языке ) Название анатомических структур и областей на английском, и латыни, с внятной озвучкой. Возможность тегировать, оставлять заметки, копировать, и отправлять по почте выделенные вами детали.
Возможность выделить, удалить, или затемнить любую анатомическую структуру, и изучить её в 4-х классических анатомических плоскостях, или же в любом ракурсе.
Приложение из разряда mast have .
(05.05.14 - 08:12)
Дороговато только, хотя если конечно приложение качественное, то стоить может качественно))
(09.05.14 - 10:08)
Да, цена покусывает :).
(21.04.17 - 15:04)
А в чем разница этого приложения от complete anatomy ?
(21.04.17 - 18:17)
@Максим Попа:
К сожалению не могу сравнить.
Allgemein (04.02.14 - 20:43)
Hélas qu'en anglais
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21,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


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