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  • Grammar Expert : English Grammar Beginner

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Mastering English made easy with English Grammar Beginner. This is a complete English Grammar study and testing aid featuring:
- Study package: 20 Lessons. Covering all the basic English Grammar concepts.
- Quiz package: 2000+ unique questions divided among 20 Grammar topics. Meant for beginners. Selected from everyday use situations.
- Super detailed test results for personal progress evaluation.

Golden Academy presents "Grammar Expert”, a series of fully featured English Grammar education apps, created by a group of professional English teaching experts from USA and Europe with more than 30 years of professional experience.

It has 2000+ multiple choice questions divided in 20 topics and is aimed at those who have just started learning the rules of English grammar.

Each topic has more than 100 questions chosen specifically for English grammar beginners that introduce and explain the topic through multiple choice questions and lay the foundation for a solid understanding of English grammar.

Improve your everyday business English. The specially designed quiz system is fine tuned to maximize learning with questions progressing from easy to difficult and is highly effective in improving everyday business English.

Grammar Expert is useful in getting basics right for English proficiency tests in TOEIC, PET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT

Learn grammar topic by topic and test your understanding in a Topic Quiz. There are 20 topics with 2000+ multiple choice questions.

Once you have mastered all topics, take the Final Exam to test your proficiency in English Grammar.

The Topics are:
7.Possessive Adjectives
8.Question Tags
16.Passive Voice
17.Reported Speech

Focus Areas:

* Learn english grammar topic by topic and test your understanding about the topic in a "Chapter Quiz".
* Once you have mastered all the topics, take the "Final Quiz" to test your proficiency in English Grammar.
* All questions are prepared by a team of leading educationists in USA and Europe who have decades of experience in english grammar education and preparing students for tests like TOEIC, PET, KET, FCE, CAE, IELTS, TOEFL, SAT, ACT.

Bonus Features:

• Question by question analysis of test results.
• Keep track of exactly how many times you tried each question and how many times you got it right.
• Time spent in answering each question.
• Whether you used the hint feature in solving the question.
• Store history of up to 10 topic exams and 10 Final Grammar Exams

• Measure your progress in each topic through a slick graph
• The app records your progress as you start giving practice tests.
• It shows your progress in an informative graph so that you can track your weak areas and focus on them.

• The slick user interface allows you to choose from possible answers.
• You don't need to press too many buttons or encounter any alert messages.
• The app is very interactive and needs minimum user input. Innovative use of iPhone's small screen real estate.

• Choose number of questions you would like in each test.
• Share the Detailed Results through Facebook, Twitter, Weibo or simply E-mail it.
• "Progress Graph" keeps track of how you are performing in a particular topic.
• Choose your own timer settings.
• Special algorithm that randomizes questions every time you take a test.

OS >= 6.0


Огненная Лисичка
Allgemein (24.12.14 - 20:31)
Не бесплатно. Стоит 123 рубля- цена хорошая, но не тогда, когда хочешь купить много приложений.
RYU creator
Allgemein (19.02.13 - 10:30)

This app enables you to learn grammer with fun.
The design is really good.
Allgemein (18.02.13 - 10:31)
Richtig gut, passend auch für Schüler.
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1. Daily Development Quiz to help you strengthen your Grammar Skills

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