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Instatube is the best video/music player for YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion.

* Key Features:

- Continuous playback, background playback.
- Manage videos & playlists
- Support Youtube subtitle (CC)
- Supports remote controls
- Full HD videos (720p & 1080p)
- Supports repeat one, repeat all, shuffle
- Sync favorites/playlists/subscription with YouTube account
- Share videos via social networks (Facebook & Twitter)
- Supports AirPlay
- Like, dislike & share YouTube videos.
- Write comment on YouTube videos.
- Subscribe channels.
- Manually re-order videos in a playlist.
- Universal app (support for iPhone & iPad)

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (30.09.16 - 15:17)
Если хотите сохранить клип, то записывать в память устройства и проигрывать оффлайн уже не получится. Но зато можно сохранить закладку, она будет очень красиво оформлена: обложка, все сведения о клипе.
Возможно, это даже хорошо, что не загромождается память.
А если клип удалят ?...беда-печаль тогда.
Allgemein (27.09.16 - 21:53)
War früher, ganz früher (zumindest das *Original mit dem identischen Namen) mal echt gut, mittlerweile gibt es bessere.

* bei der Masse an YouTube dritt Apps verliert man einfach den Überblick.
So viele sind identisch unter bekannteren Namen, da fällt es schwer die Rosinen rauszupicken.
Allgemein (11.06.16 - 20:20)
قبل التحديث كان رائع تستطيع تحميل مقاطع الفيديو وحفظها فـ الاستديو ...

هل يوجد برنامج بنفس المواصفات ؟

أرجو الرد ��...
(11.06.16 - 22:37)
@Hino Kaname :
شكراً جاري تجربة التطبيق ...
Majed Shaheen
(12.06.16 - 02:26)
انصح بتحميل دا البرنامج تقدر تحمل من اليوتيوب او اي موقع تاني بجميع انواع الملفات سواء صوت او فيديو او مستندات يعني تحمل اي شي من النت
في منه نسختين
نسخة مجانيه بإعلانات
ونسخة مدفوعة

browser and file manager for documents

ودا الرابط :

Browser and File Manager for Documents by Download Apps
(12.06.16 - 21:07)
@Hino Kaname :
ابشركم لقيت برنامج بنفس المواصفات ...

video downloader pro

لاكن محذوف من المتجر لقيتة فـ برامجي المنزلة قديما ويحفظ مقاطع الفيديو على الاستديو شكراً لكم ...
abu ahmad
(12.06.16 - 21:13)
إذا كنت محمل tubesify
قبل تحصلة بمشترياتك
Allgemein (13.06.15 - 17:55)
Application inutile �� depuis la mise a jour ne peut plus ecouter hors ligne en plus des bug de l'affichage a ne pas acheter ����
Allgemein (04.06.15 - 00:58)
Jetzt ohne Möglichkeit eines Speichern auf Kamera-Roll! Update daher nicht laden!
Allgemein (04.03.15 - 21:46)
Alguien sabe por que en mi iPad ya no puedo bajar vídeos, pero en el iPhone si me da la opción de guardar
Además en ninguna de las dos se puede ya sincronizar con dropbox
(07.03.15 - 08:09)
Yes, there are a few likely options why you are experiencing this, and I have a pretty good idea why...

When you first purchased this app it was on your iPhone (and since you installed this on your iPhone, you probably have not uninstalled it since). And you waited a while to install it on your iPad, and by this time the DL feature was gone.

Or possibly you installed this first on your iPad but basically installed it very soon on your iPhone (still in this scenario you probably have not uninstalled it from your iPhone since this time), but for whatever reason you uninstalled it on your iPad and waited a while to reinstall it, and by the time you reinstalled it on your iPad (like the first scenario) the DL feature was gone.

Or put another way, you have had this app for a longer consecutive time on your iPhone (without reinstalling it) than you have on your iPad.

Is some of this close or similar to what happened?

I think I have an idea because I had this installed on both my iPad and iPhone, but I accidentally deleted this app from the iPhone. Later I wanted to put this back on the iPhone, and I did, but at this point I noticed that the download feature was missing.

This devs (can't blame them, and they were pressured, although it sucks for us) of this app removed the download feature because of various copyright laws allegedly being infringed upon when the various videos were being downloaded.

If you want to keep this app (and the DL feature) on your iPhone, don't uninstall it, because if you do and try to reinstall it, it will no longer have the DL feature just like your iPad.

Regarding neither apps now not being able to sync to Dropbox, if that's what you're saying, do you at least still have the icon showing that this feature is still available? (Even so, this function may not work anymore, as apparently certain functions can now be disabled over the air, connected to 4g/LTE/Wi-Fi)

If you want another almost identical app to this, please check out Tubesify by Hung Vu (I was also going to say TubeLove, but apparently this has been removed in the past 24 hours or so from the US App Store, although it still appears at AppZapp). The downside of Tubesify as compared to Instatube is that while it does download from YouTube, it does not download from Dailymotion or Vimeo.

Just enter Tubesify into AppZapp's search and it should pop right up.

(07.03.15 - 18:22)
Muchas gracias por tu respuesta, efectivamente lo que dices es la cruel verdad, baje varias aplicaciones similares y en una de ellas dice lo que tu comentas, que Apple las retiró del AppStore hasta que cambien sus opciones de DL solo encontré una que si lo hace aún por si quieres probarla también está su versión gratis y la de paga se llama video download & player de Bekham martin, aun funciona, pero como instatube no hay :-( debería haberle hecho como appzapp retiró su aplicación y creo una nueva con las características que Apple le requería pero los que habíamos adquirido la anterior podíamos bajarla pues ya la habiamos adquirido antes, y con las mismas características. Habrá que mandar un correo al creador de la app de insta tube y ver si nos da alguna alternativa , pero mi ingles es terrible! .
Por cierto muchas gracias por tu recomendación acerca de tubesify , es parecido y me permite tener organizado mis vídeos y funciona el DL GRACIAS!!
(07.03.15 - 19:51)
No problem. I'm glad you were able to download Tubesify and that you like it.

Yes. I'm familiar with Beckham Matin's app "Video Download and Player - Titan" but the app dev(s) officially stopped the download feature with an update, and although it's still possible to download a video, if you open it up, play it, and keep doing this over and over, and sometimes you get lucky and are able to DL a YouTube video, this is an app that's pretty inconsistent and sporadic at best, and one can't really rely on such an app and consider that this is an app that downloads YouTube videos (unless you have an older version and never updated it, as this would be a different story).

Actually there are still surprisingly a lot of apps (although they are always either being removed from the App Store, or are updated as to not have this feature anymore) that have the ability to download YouTube videos or have the ability to "cache" the video (meaning you can only view this video offline inside the app, but cannot save it to the camera roll, open it in another app, or email the .mp4 file).

If you get a chance please check out my collection regarding apps that still actually download YouTube videos, and my other collection that lists apps that allow you to cache YouTube videos. Also for reference you can also check out my collection showing apps that USED to download YouTube videos, but don't anymore, along with my other collection showing apps that used to cache YouTube videos.

Unfortunately my Espanōl is not too good either, but I'm very thankful to AppZapp that we have this ability to translate the posts of other people! :-) You do have this feature correct? (I use, at least sometimes, an older version of the AppZapp app that just offered this as an "in app purchase")

Talk to you later buddy :)
Allgemein (06.08.14 - 01:00)
Must have.
Kirill Kuzyk
Allgemein (05.08.14 - 23:23)
Не работает в фоновом режиме, как мактуб
Ужасный интерфейс, опять же, по сравнению с мактубом

Но как альтернатива изза отсутствия мактуба вполне себе. Функционал на высоте. И кешировать умеет. И весь функционал полноценного ютуба покрывает
(30.09.15 - 22:39)
@Ki Ku:
Данная прога кеширует видео?? Ато instatube 2 после обновления не кеширует.
Kirill Kuzyk
(01.10.15 - 10:48)
Чтото непонятное с мактубом происходит. Разрабы несколько раз перезаливали это приложение под новыми именами, каждый раз урезая функционал. В последней версии перестало логиниться в ютуб, в итоге я перешел на youplayer. Юплеер кешировать не умеет, есть баги с подписками, но зато бесплатно)
Allgemein (05.08.14 - 19:08)
Ich bin seit langem und hoffentlich noch sehr lange mit der "Tube Downloader Pro" App
sehr zufrieden. Die saugt einfach alles.
Allgemein (05.08.14 - 13:19)
Всё делает, как обещает :-)) сейчас скачал с YouTube, создал в плейлисте тематическую папку, сделал cache ролика, отключил wi-fi, ролик воспроизвёл �� всё отлично!
Кроме того красиво и удобно :))
Качайте и пользуйтесь, пока бесплатно!
Allgemein (11.06.14 - 21:59)
doesnt work anymore its to make you get their new app and pay to download videos
Allgemein (11.06.14 - 20:32)
Stopped working for me, deleted and got back and still won't download videos. Everything works smooth but it just won't download. Please fix this. This has been such a great app and one of my favorites. Thank you.
(11.06.14 - 22:00)
how can they remove features if i never updated their app?
(11.06.14 - 22:05)
I know. I don't really understand. I even tried there new app and it stopped working also. Not sure why.. Could it be I uninstalled (before it messed up on the old version and new version) then reinstalled? There was no updates for it as i recall when I did this.
(11.06.14 - 22:28)
new one still works, did you buy the inapp? because you can only downld 5 videos until it asks you to buy, if you have a old version just try reinstalling see whats up.
(11.06.14 - 22:46)
Ok thank you! No I did not buy the IAP but I knew that you could only get 5 vid. Without buying. I will try this one again.
(11.06.14 - 23:00)
Tried this and still nothing. Where it should normally say for example "25% downloaded" there's nothing there and it looks as if the video is already fully downloaded. I click on the video and its a plain black screen. I guess I will try another one, although, I've never found one quite as good.
(11.06.14 - 23:10)
yeah they have been removed, you could also use a browser app for example icab or on ur computer from firefox browser apps.
(12.06.14 - 03:10)
I tried a downloader called "Best video downloader Free" and I will have to say. It may be better than this one. I will leave my review of it on the app but I am pleasantly surprised!! Check it out if you get the chance please
Allgemein (30.01.14 - 18:07)
So.... Isn't this technically illegal? Or is it just not showing enough respect for a band to pay up for there music? I mean all I use it for is unreleased song and podcasts or live performances. But can someone answer me, is it illegal?
(30.01.14 - 19:14)
What exactly are you talking about?
(30.01.14 - 19:41)
Illegal to download free music pretty much. I mean you can download the latest songs that have been illegally (in my opinion) put on youtube and play them as if you owned them (on and offline). That's either not showing respect or illegal haha
(30.01.14 - 20:43)
I'm not sure if it's a Country or an International legality (meaning, the laws may change from Country to Country, but I believe it is at least a National law, if not an International one, but don't quote me!), but app developers can get a license that allows its users to download any music that is licensed to be downloaded. For example, if Ozzy Osbourne signed an agreement that his music could be legally downloaded for free, then this app developer would be required to obtain a license that states his users can download Ozzy's music to this app. I know it's a bit more involved than that, but I don't know all the specific technicalities, that's just the gist of it. I'm unsure how old you are, but about 10+ years ago the world-renowned, Napster, got in a slew of legal trouble over this exact thing. There was a court case that extended to at least a year, quite possibly 2 years, but I don't recall exact anymore. Anyway, what he did was make a website, and download ALL of his own CD's and allowed anyone to download whatever music they wanted for free. I believe it even went so far as to allow EVERYONE to add their own music to his site, and all the music was able to be downloaded, recorded onto disc, pretty much whatever you wanted to do with it. He may have charged a membership fee, as well? As I'm writing all this I'm also remembering as I go. It was quite the huge, very public fiasco. You could search for "Napster" online and find out a lot more specifics, if you're interested. I'm sure some of my "facts" may be a bit incorrect (if not completely! Lol!), but I do know, for an absolute fact, that what he was doing was found to be at least partially illegal (maybe completely? Haha! My apologies for all my "maybe's"and "possibly's", I just don't have the memory I used to!) and he had to pay an enormous fine after all the court proceedings were said and done. In retrospect, I think I'd actually recommend you DEFINITELY look it up online, since I have the worst memory anymore, and don't want to give you false information! Lol! In answer to your question, though, yes, there are legal issues involved with doing this, but there ARE ways of doing it legally. Unless the dev actually states in their app description, or in their app somewhere, you don't actually know if they've obtained the appropriate licenses to support their app, but YOU won't be the one found guilty of breaking the law, the dev will. Your defense, if someone tried to take it so far as to fault the app's users, which is unlikely, but nothing's impossible these days, would be that you figured the developer had the correct legal paperwork taken care of in order for the app to even pass "Apple's such rigid app approval requirements". The users would HIGHLY likely be freed of any legal responsibilities. As I said above, though, our legal systems have allowed such ridiculous cases into our courtrooms, nothing's a sure guarantee anymore. Anyone that thinks so is very naïve. It's just not very probable that something like this would be taken to such an extreme as to find users guilty of doing anything wrong. It's not our job to make sure app developers have the appropriate documentation in place to allow their apps on the AppStore, it's Apple's.

I hope any of my confusion helps answer your question in even the tiniest?! Lol! I always have so much going on in my head, that I start confusing even myself sometimes!!! Haha! Good day to you!
(30.01.14 - 20:53)
Yes, it did! Thanks very much! I understand a bit better now. As always thanks for the reply! Have a good day, God bless!
(30.01.14 - 21:30)
It's illegal to download any copyright content from any website, for example the Term of use on YouTube sates that you can't upload or download any content that have copyright. the thing is that these kind of apps state that they only give you the chance to download any video and it's up to you if you download a copyright content.

For example spotify and such pay a fee( advertises and sponsors pay this) so users can listen to the music for free

Also it's very hard to track every video uploaded to YouTube
(30.01.14 - 21:45)
Thank you very much for clarifying this! Kinda sad to learn the devs are pushing back the legal responsibility onto the users though? So much for being loyal to us? It's nice to know, though, so I appreciate your comment! Cheers!
Allgemein (05.01.14 - 13:15)
Je recommande ��
Allgemein (18.12.13 - 15:20)
Although... I wish they would update it for IOS 7. The design could be a little sleeker. Overall it's great though. It's great to finally find a video downloader that IS MADE to download videos DIRECTLY from YouTube. Nice �� although Vimeo and Dailymotion never works for me, but then again I think YouTube is all i'll ever use... Super fast download to! I downloaded an over an hour video in less than 5 minutes!!
Allgemein (02.12.13 - 16:29)
���� One of the best! Wonderful design. Buy now!!!! ��

✌️out -Gravity805
Allgemein (02.11.13 - 22:44)
��крутяк! Есть аналоги, но эта прога тож ниче)
Allgemein (02.11.13 - 04:26)
Allgemein (24.07.13 - 13:29)
Ottima e veloce, consigliata! ������

Allgemein (04.07.13 - 06:39)
Grade Gratis! ������
Allgemein (29.05.13 - 03:00)
TubeBox sind die Macher dieses apps :)
Allgemein (22.05.13 - 18:40)
YouTube, Vimeo und DailyMotion, alles in einer App und dazu die bekannten Feature, die die originalen Apps nicht aufweisen können.
Target Render
Allgemein (22.05.13 - 01:40)
Just for everyone's information: Both McTube and Utube+. Have been removed from the App Store. Sad, but InstaTube is every bit as good. It downloads and streams in HD, and has an export to camera role feature. This is one of the last good YouTube apps left on the App Store (at the moment).
Target Render
Allgemein (17.03.13 - 07:10)
Yes, as White Pony said, This is just TubeBox cloned. But since TubeBox was removed from the App Store, this is a great alternative to those no longer able to find it. It works like the many other YouTube and media caching apps, with one notable exception: you can save the videos to your camera role, and in HD! It supports DailyMotion, and now Vimeo as well. It's not a full YouTube client, though. You can sign into your account, but can't post or respond to user comments with this app. That's about the only gripe. Other than that, it's awesome, just for the "save to camera role" feature.
ĦâMzä Cööl
Allgemein (27.02.13 - 00:52)
برنامج راءع لتحميل من اليوتوب
Allgemein (26.02.13 - 11:02)
Zu 100% identisch mit der App: Tube Box.
Was soll man davon halten?
(26.02.13 - 13:35)
ich habe mir die App gerade geladen und habe deine Bewertung gesehen.
Stimmt das wirklich ?? Weil habe auch die Tube Box.
Kannst du mir bitte ein Tipp geben welche ich von den beiden löschen soll?? Danke
(26.02.13 - 21:00)
Da reichts ja schon wenn man die Bilder sieht ^^.
Benutze Tube Box jeden Tag und bin zufrieden damit, ich würd sagen wenn du mit Instatube zufrieden bist kannst dus weiterhin benutzten, auf den ersten Blick sehe ich nämlich keine Unterschiede.
(19.03.13 - 18:52)
Ist der selber Hersteller !!!!
Mobinet LLC
(19.03.13 - 18:52)
Der selbe und nicht der selber ;)
(04.04.13 - 00:59)
Also nachdem Tubebox verschwunden ist, können wir inzwischen davon ausgehen, dass das hier ganz einfach der Nachfolger ist.
Bringt ja auch wieder Geld … vielleicht mussten sie, vielleicht wollten sie. Auf jeden Fall haben sie … ��
(04.04.13 - 08:25)
Wird sicher eh irgendwann mal gratis angeboten ��!
(14.04.13 - 15:21)
Im Moment schon mal halber Preis. ��
(14.04.13 - 15:25)
Gerade auch gesehen �� ich warte aber noch ��!
(14.04.13 - 15:57)
Ich auch. Hab schon genug, die UTube können. Daher kaufe ich das nur gratis. ��
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2,99 €

für iPhone + für iPad


Mobile Tag

Diese App mit einem QR-Reader einfach auf Deinem iPhone in iTunes öffnen.

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- Update YouTube API
- Bug fixes

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