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It's about the most Rad-ical rhino to run across your screen - ever!
And he's on a mission for good - to save the rhinos of Southern Africa. Brought to you by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) South Africa. Play now and save the rhinos.

Rad keeps up a running charge against poachers and their arsenal of weapons. With the help of his trusted ally, Horn Bill, Rad has to dodge the flying hand grenades and automatic rifle fire; jump over exploding barrels... then thump the poachers as you chase after their getaway trucks and get one charge closer to Mr Big, kingpin behind the international rhino poaching syndicates.

Rad's adventure across the African savannah is punctuated by WWF's key insights into facts about rhinos and the truth behind the rhino poaching scourge. Rhino Raid aims to create awareness of WWF's rhino conservation projects in South Africa. It's fun, it's for good ...and it's RAD!

- Educational content
- 9 Levels + 3 Boss battles
- 3 Comic strips
- Full retina graphics support
- Easy to learn one-touch gameplay
- Jump to catch Horn Bill for a power-up
- Share on Facebook and Twitter
- WWF link to rhino info and donation


Please note: For the best experience, we suggest that iPod Touch 4th Generation and iPad first generation users reboot their device before playing.

Rhino Raid is a registered trademark of Flint Sky Interactive (Pty) Ltd
© Copyright 2013. All rights reserved.

© 1986 Panda Symbol WWF – World Wide Fund For Nature (Formerly World Wildlife Fund)
® “WWF” is a WWF Registered Trademark

By making an in-app donation, you will be helping WWF to save South Africa’s rhinos through the organisation's numerous rhino conservation projects.

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (25.03.15 - 23:03)
Nice black face reference in the third pic.
(26.03.15 - 02:12)
Please! Get over yourself and stop searching for every little thing to misinterpret as "racism!"
It must be exhausting to be the self appointed "P.C." Police. Maybe if you relaxed and let things just "be things", you could save your energy for important things that actually matter & make a difference.
(26.03.15 - 03:20)
Number 1, you can start by getting over your own self first. Who mentioned anything about 'P.C'.? Who mentioned anything about 'racism'? You need to learn when and where to use that often misused term.
I was just commentating on the blatant, stereotypical portrayal of a black person that who ever developed this game was making.
Don't go getting your glands in a twist over it. I'm sure you couldn't care less about it anyway.
Meh, move along.
Allgemein (08.10.14 - 22:00)
It will be the Wrestling Federation to me forever, i still don't understand why this completely unknown Fund got exclusive rights to use these letters. They are not even active in entertainment business.
(25.03.15 - 17:34)
Well obvious troll is obvious
Allgemein (15.04.14 - 08:30)
Well crafted fun game but, no real sense of immersion or purpose to play. Just an obvious gimmick. Worth a try though, while it's free...
la bella
Allgemein (14.04.14 - 22:26)
You run trough levels as a cute rhino, killing some people. Its free so give it a try. ✌️
(15.04.14 - 03:05)
I will! Thanks.
(24.04.15 - 22:37)
@la bella:
It's so proud to be an part of it.)) (trollface)
Allgemein (07.06.13 - 03:01)
Fuck the World Wildlife Fund, WWF is World Wrestling Federation. Nobody associated WWF with them until the real WWF made it famous after 20 years then they suddenly wanted to use it.
(07.06.13 - 11:01)
What a nonsense!
World Wide Wrestling Federation = WWWF
World Wide Fund For Nature = WWF
Get your facts straight.
(07.06.13 - 16:01)
You need to get your facts straight, I watched the WWF, you're probably not old enough to know any better you just searched the Internet for your information. Kids are so stupid.
(07.06.13 - 16:06)
For a precise breakdown, here is the history of the now WWE:
Capitol Wrestling Corporation (1952-1963)
World Wide Wrestling Federation (1963-1979)
World Wrestling Federation (1980-2002)
World Wrestling Entertainment (2002-Present)
(04.07.13 - 02:16)
World Wide Fund for Nature (1961-present)
(14.04.14 - 18:55)
Fuck Reebok (c) Jerry Maguire
(15.04.14 - 07:21)
Hey, and where is WCW (World Championship Wrestling)?
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Entwickler: Flint Sky
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