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+ We celebrate our 10th anniversary and give lume to you for FREE forever!! +

Check out our webpage to see our work:


Lume is the most advanced light painting app in the App Store. Draw mind blowing light paintings on your iPad!

+ featured on buzzfeed, creativebloq, fstoppers....
+ check for video and infos

Instead of using a camera and real lights you can simply draw with your fingers and get beautiful light paintings with the most natural quality around.


You don‘t need to be a talented painter to have fun with this app. Even very simple drawings like a heart or some words look brilliant right away.

Simply create a personal birthday invitation with it, tell your partner how much you love them or create a light painting protrait of yourself to use as your facebook profile picture. Or simply draw sketches for planning classic light paintings.


Even though we (LICHTFAKTOR) have done a lot of classic light painting we were keen to see if and how it‘s possible to do light paintings on the iPad as the apps available were not convincing.

We put all our knowledge and experience in this App and developed a very powerful and high quality 3D brush render engine with the most natural look available.

All the light brushes in this App are based on our real lights used in our works. As a result the drawings created with Lume have the same brilliance as natural light paintings. We are really proud of the result and hope that you will like Lume as much as we do.


We are photographers, dancers, light designers, performers, creatives and technicians. We have been working together for ten years. We founded Lichtfaktor because we share the same visions. We love new ideas. We like to create large-scale works. We want to surprise people.

For us a high quality of the light sources and drawings has always been a very important challange. We have experimented with numerous different light sources, modified them and applied all kind of optical filters and lenses.

We are really proud of the result and hope that you will like Lume as much as we do.

Check out our webpage to see our work at

Thank you to all our fans supporting us for such a long time. Stay tuned - there is more to come...

OS >= 4.3


Allgemein (20.08.16 - 16:37)
Скажите пожалуйста похожие приложения, это только для iPad(
(20.08.16 - 18:04)
Glow paint, например. Но Lume, конечно, лучше
Allgemein (19.08.16 - 18:11)
@Groovy und Alle, Gratis!
Allgemein (18.08.16 - 18:39)
Something so wonderful about sketching with light. Apps like these are wonderful on the tv screen with airplay.
Allgemein (18.08.16 - 12:41)
FREE....... I've been waiting eagerly for this one ��
Allgemein (18.08.16 - 05:43)
Gratis today!
Allgemein (09.06.14 - 02:12)
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
Allgemein (08.06.14 - 21:26)
Mimics the effect of "light painting", a process which typically requires knowledge in skillfully combining: long exposure times, the most effective luminescent mediums, and proper equipment stabilization to achieve. This app requires only that you know nothing about what you're doing to create the same result. I think more things in life should be like this. The ideal representation of this may be:

Knowledge + Skill + Practice < Automation

Just imagine had the Mona Lisa been painted by a robot. Is that more or less impressive than the same, done by a human being? It's a pretty good topic to debate, I must say. Both are quite impressive things, but there is no room for such philosophical discussion here.

Well, I meant: "no more". I just finished off the "philosophical debate quota" above. You can think about it silently to yourself, though. There's no rule against quiet contemplation. Not until I do something to cause them to make one.

I'd suggest thinking while you're still able to, it's only a matter of time when your freedoms hinge upon me utilizing better discretion. For any considered moment, like myself, it is quite often unemployed.

You should give this app a go and see how things turn out. If you find yourself having great success in your productions, I might encourage you to learn the real process one day. If you are having trouble getting the app to function, I would, conversely, suggest that you save a bit of time, as the "traditional" methodology will also likely end in embarrassment.

As I always say:

"Great success can be attributed to the wonderful synergy of knowledge, risk, creativity, and at serendipitously opportune times, bribery.

Great failures are the result of horrible ideas that were allowed to blossom into unfortunate, regretful actions."

Actually, I don't always say that. That's a lot to say. I'd use it maybe as an acceptance speech at the Academy Awards. I just actually made that up as I went. I seem to have a knack for that...
(08.06.14 - 22:55)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
Ciao Brad, your speech and a really nice and I appreciate it, but in my opinion the only light and simplicity, the complex techniques and perhaps true, but really the essence of light and pure simplicity.
That scheme that you tried to enclose the reality, namely:
Knowledge + skill + + praticte ....
In part and in part true but lacks one very important thing that makes a picture or a music or a book truly special.
That is, I mean that the imagination, inspiration, creativity of a moment can not be reproduced by a robot.
Why is that special moment exists only for that person, in that space and in that moment! For the rest I agree with your nice explanation.
I'll give you just one example in music, do you think that today it is easy to emulate the feel of a rock guitarist, approaching but never be the same.
A day made me feel the same three pieces of Led Zeppelin, one of only three pieces were played by Jimmy Page on guitar, I heard the three pieces and I immediately said that it was the right one. When they asked me how did you, three pieces were really well played, I have not been able to answer, maybe I just felt the magic touch of his guitar!
As soon ������
(10.06.14 - 22:44)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
I missed the sale!!!! ��
Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D."
(11.06.14 - 06:20)
@Astrocat ����:

Well, my comment was, reading it again, I was using satire to make the point that you made— that the skill and human element required to make truly inspired light painting or any piece of art— was lacking here, and therefore much of what made these so neat to begin with was removed by making this totally automatic. You don't even have to do anything skillful. The purpose of the app is to remove the need for artistic skill, so that any common person may do the same thing as someone with years of photography experience.

I was trying to make that point without being rude or disrespectful to the creators, while still pointing out an obvious flaw, not in the programming, but in the concept. We can't automate art. We can, I suppose, but then it's just a facsimile of true art; an imitation.

The robot example was a bit of hyperbole or being absurd about this point to show that machines cannot ever reproduce human passion or creativity, or countless other nuances that only the artist possesses.

So, we argued the same point, mine was just written with a lot of satire and crafty language, as to make that point without upsetting anyone; so it wasn't ever intended to come across as obvious or straightforward.

Likely one problem there is translation between languages. As they call it "lost in translation". Most times these kinds of devices of speech and writing do not transfer in translation between languages; they have to be read in their original language to gather these subtle things in the writing. :)
(11.06.14 - 07:59)
@Brad "AppAddict, Ph.D.":
�� �� Hey Brad, I unfortunately have to rely on language translations, in fact many times I correct the translator, because I know English, however, is British, and I try to adapt to the American that I am learning by reading your comments even more interesting. But it is really hard to understand satire, but maybe with this key your speeches will be much clearer. But I must admit that I liked your comment and I appreciate it, of course now I understand completely.
Brad yesterday I saw on TV was in Italy, maybe if the wheels youtube you can find the robot between a pianist and a real pianist. They were facing each other and amazing to see the skill of the robot, awesome, only that the robot executed the command, the pianist was creating and giving form to his art!
Ciao Brad as soon :))))
Allgemein (08.06.14 - 19:39)
Прекрасное приложение! 11 кистей,толщина регулируется,есть отмена последних действий,можно рисовать поверх фотографий или рисунков. Сохраняет 1024 x768 вне зависимости от исходного (пробовала на 2 фотографиях).
Дополню. Для меня было полной неожиданностью увидеть "вес" после установки этого приложения. 222 метра. Придется устанавливать только на время пользования.
(08.06.14 - 22:34)
@Ирина ����:
Per me e una sorpresa , la luce come arte e puoi applicarla in modo istintivo alle tue foto oppure su una lavagna nera .
E molto bella , e molto creativa .
Tante volte la luce e solo semplicità però qui può diventare complemento alla fantasia .
Irina !!!!! Grazie ������������
(09.06.14 - 02:17)
@Ирина ����:
(09.06.14 - 07:03)
Рада,что Вам понравилось!������
Allgemein (13.09.13 - 00:07)
This is one of the best lightpainting Apps in the store. Absolut realistic torch light.
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+ We celebrate our 10th anniversary and give lume to you for FREE forever!! +
- just updated that ipad1 users can't download it in the app store as this app only runs on ipad2 and above

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