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Capture Long-Exposure photographs with Slow Shutter! Create beautiful photos of moving objects with features usually reserved for expensive DSLRs. Version 2.0 was designed from the ground up, we used feedback from users and experts to create the highest performance Slow Shutter app ever. Slow Shutter is now easier to use, more intuitive and offers the highest quality results. It just works!

App Supports:
- AUTO - Perfect for waterfalls, ghost photos and other moving objects.
- LIGHT TRAIL - Capture hypnotizing photos of night traffic, fireworks, carousels and other moving lights.
- NIGHT - Capture bright, noise-free photos in low-light conditions!

- Real time preview.
- Full photo resolution support in Auto and Night modes. Maximum framerate is used in Light Trail - this can be modified in iOS Settings.
- Adjust exposure in Light Trail and Night modes.
- Adjust Freeze in Auto mode.
- Tap “Shoot” button again to stop capture.

- To improve sharpness use a tripod.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (20.01.18 - 00:47)
How to use this damn app to have crystal clear night shots, without smudged and blurry photos?
No matter how steady I hold my phone, the result is always the same:
totally blurred, out of focus and rubbish pics.

How to use this app???

(20.01.18 - 20:06)
Most night apps like this or my favourite Nightcap Pro a tripod is pretty much required unless you have a stand and can rest it on that.. There are several iPhone/iPad holders that start around $10. I have a good tripod from when I used a medium format camera so it works pretty good.

Sometimes if you can brace the device against something solid will help but can’t beat a tripod for stability
(21.01.18 - 00:17)
Thank you for your comment.
I think I might've already have that app.
Nightcap Pro is developed by Chris Wood?
If yes, the app doesn't have the "Pro" title on AppStore..
(21.01.18 - 00:54)
Your correct the Pro was dropped just NightCap Camera by Chris Woods.

I have several but this one is the one night I app I Use the most.

The other app if you want good night time images is Cortex Camera and AvgCamPro. Cortex takes a series of images and merges them and does really good with night shots.

AvgCamPro is another that takes multiple images and will merge them and average the exposure. In setting you can can set it to take 1, 2, 4, 8, 15, 32, 64 or 128 images. You can set an interval up to 30 seconds between images and a preset art timer up to 90 seconds. Again this app is best used with a Tripod. There is also a slow shutter switch. There was another averaging app but with iOS 11 no longer works.
Marvin Waalboer
Allgemein (03.02.15 - 11:01)
Today free with the Apple Store app!
(04.02.15 - 09:54)
@Marvin Waalboer:
(04.02.15 - 12:49)
Not true
(04.02.15 - 12:49)
@Marvin Waalboer:
Not just today
Marvin Waalboer
(04.02.15 - 17:11)
In the NL store it was also free;)
Marvin Waalboer
(04.02.15 - 17:11)
Oke day before also:p
(04.02.15 - 19:42)
@Marvin Waalboer:
It's a worthless piece of app.
Marvin Waalboer
(04.02.15 - 21:00)
@Apptime:didn't test it, you have test it?
(04.02.15 - 22:57)
@Marvin Waalboer:
I never post something without checking it first. Yes, the app produces much worst results in low light than the stock camera app on iPhone 6.
I will stick with proven Camera+ app from "tap tap tap" and Night Modes app.

p.s. I have already requested refund from AppStore.
Marvin Waalboer
(05.02.15 - 08:16)
Oke understanding:) I have the IPhone 6plus 128gb do you prefer me to use camera+? Have now also bought pro camera from cocologics on mine phone. Stil search for the best camera app available for night shots and shots taken during a dj set whit lights changing during the dj set.
Allgemein (02.02.15 - 16:53)
Kein manueller Focus, keine Einstellmöglichkeiten, Resultate schlechter als die der on Board Camera. Gelöscht. ��
Andrea De Pasquale
Allgemein (02.02.15 - 11:29)
Free from the Apple Store app.
(02.02.15 - 18:20)
@Andrea De Pasquale:
Grazie/Danke…nun wird aus der Apple-Werbecampagne *Fang etwas Neues an* diese Universal-App *Slow Shutter!* über die Apple-Store App auf'm iPhone (!!) gratis angeboten; übers iPad klappt es - immer noch - nicht, weswegen weiß nur Apple!?!

So funktioniert's:
-> Apple Store App (!!) öffnen (Version 3.1 Universal-App)
-> untere Menüleiste: einfach auf Stores gehen u. Angebote wischen
(Teilweise klappt es schon auf der Startseite ★ Empfohlen)
-> so kommt man zum kostenlosen Download bzw. Gratis Code!

Danach kann die App über dem App Store unter *Einkäufe* auch auf's iPad geladen werden ��
Andrea De Pasquale
(02.02.15 - 19:42)
Hahaha, bitte freund!
(02.02.15 - 19:56)
Danke mal wieder. Ich vergesse immer danach zu gucken. Zum Glück gibt es dich. ����
Allgemein (08.07.14 - 08:46)
Wo sind die manuellen Einstellungsmöglichkeiten geblieben???? Schade schade schade
Антон Ша
Allgemein (14.06.13 - 08:06)
Фуфло! Нет ручной фокусировки, результаты хуже чем у бесплатный аналогов, тормозит дико!
Что там на 4, боюсь представить.
Allgemein (25.03.13 - 02:13)
Poca resolución !!
(26.03.13 - 03:09)
Thanks for the tip!
(07.08.14 - 06:58)
Not sure what your getting but on my iPad 3 it's full device resolution ie 5mp and would expect 8mp on devices like the iPhone.

Can't be simpler but that creates it's biggest issue.

There are no settings, just take a picture and you have a brightness slider.

The issue and for me the killer is noise, and can be a lot of noise.
(07.08.14 - 08:42)
Yes. That's new. Thank for the tip !

-Full photo resolution support in Auto and Night modes. Maximum framerate is used in Light Trail - this can be modified in iOS Settings.
(07.08.14 - 19:24)
�� just noticed that your comment about resolution was done way back in 2013 ��

Good that they fixed it!
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