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  • Those Days(+Journal/Calendar/Reminder/Photo)

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Those Days lets you arrange and view your photos more efficiently, while keeping you up to date on your events. This app arranges your images in chronological order and displays them on your monthly calendar view along with all of your upcoming appointments and errands.

Can't find that awesome photo you took at your sister's wedding? When it comes to finding your saved images, the iOS photo album isn't exactly intuitive. As you store more and more photos, the problem only gets worse. Good thing you found Those Days!

Those Days Features Include:
* Arrange and display images by date taken
* Displays photos and events simultaneously in monthly calendar view
* Keeps track of your tasks and events
* Create or modify appointment
* Apply recurring rule to appointment
* Take a photo on certain date
* Bar style & dot style monthly event view
* Grid type photo library view
* Comment on Photo and support iCloud sync
* Video display
* Elegant Photo album calendar
* Esthetic day view with photos and events
* Display birthdays
* Move previous/next month by swipe gesture
* works with all iPhone supported calendars(MobileMe, iCloud, Google Calendar, Exchange, CalDAV)
* Multiple calendars and photo groups control
* iOS reminder/task integration for paid version.
* Move next/previous day in day view by swiping gesture.
* Tagging on photo and journal.
* Tag view and journal view.
* New timeline day view in iPad.
* Past memories view
* Support iCloud sync for journals and tags(paid version only)
* Send a journal via email and attached file.
* Direct open a attached journal.

Those Days arranges your images according to the date they were taken and displays them on your monthly calendar view. Now you can find and enjoy those priceless pics from your 5-year-old's birthday party with just a quick glance at your calendar! And the best part? It's all automatic! All you have to do is snap the picture, and the app automatically puts it where it belongs.

Of course, your calendar still retains all of the features you need for optimum productivity. Your photos are now displayed right where you want them, and all of your errands, and upcoming events are still right there to keep you running on time.

Stop fumbling with your device's photo album! Download Those Days, now, and have all of your photos at a glance!

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (25.06.15 - 04:46)
It's a very cool idea. It has a calendar that puts thumbnails of pics taken on that day. Journal entry has cute emotion smiley faces and weather that's unique and expressive. Clean look to the journal page as well. But there's just something missing to this app. Not many options. Even about reminders or the page you'd like to open to first. Only links calendar feeds. Also a bit hard to understand which calendar is being selected to display (for example I wanted to get rid of Facebook events, and only figured it out by color and trying to unmark the suspect ones to see if that was the fb one, since none of the calendars were titled fb events).
App could be so much better :-/
Allgemein (10.02.15 - 21:02)
it's Free in U.S Store, I don't know about the Another Stories :)
Hollander Jo
Allgemein (09.02.15 - 23:52)
not free :(
Hollander Jo
(10.02.15 - 00:45)
sorry, i found only hk app store free. 2015.2.10
Marvin Waalboer
(10.02.15 - 12:01)
@Hollander Jo:
Possible try it now it's free or create usa/uk store account. Using here Netherlands store;)
Allgemein (09.02.15 - 22:43)
Not free
Allgemein (26.02.14 - 21:04)
Иконка приложения слизана с one day, это настораживает.
JuNg HyEe
Allgemein (10.10.13 - 00:42)
Very good����
Allgemein (09.10.13 - 08:26)
Отличный календарь
Мне понравилось
Стандартный календарь после установки 7 ки мне не очень
Я думаю эта прога мне его заменит
Walter Bishop | Teamappdiction
Allgemein (17.08.13 - 16:54)
How does this compare to Day One, Momento, or even the hidden gem Narrato?
(29.08.13 - 07:19)
It doesn't
(06.11.13 - 10:36)
@WalterBishop | ADN TeamAppdiction:
I think you should try flava, I feel it's the best journal out there. It also has a web app to access on the computer.
(24.03.14 - 18:00)
@Walter Bishop | Teamappdiction:
It's more photo-focused; momento is more word-focuses; day one has a bit of both.
Allgemein (16.08.13 - 12:55)
Слабенько. Красиво, но функционал журнала слишком мал.
Allgemein (09.08.13 - 19:11)
Позволяет увидеть какие фото в какой день сделаны. Я обычно скидываю фото во Flickr ,создавая сеты как дни и мне эта программа удобна
Allgemein (09.08.13 - 03:13)
Не годится в качестве дневника: если убрать фото из "Фото", оно исчезает и отсюда (!?).
Big Zerk
(17.08.13 - 01:51)
Журнал не копирует изображение в свою отдельную папку. Он предназначен не для этого. Это просто, в своём роде, удобный просмотрщик всех изображений.
Allgemein (10.06.13 - 16:45)
Kann mich den Vorgängern nur anschließen.......5 ��❗❗❗
Allgemein (10.06.13 - 16:33)
Its a really a nice app. Useful. Download it.
Allgemein (23.05.13 - 23:18)
I've never seen an app like this. Looking at it I was able to see important events where I took pics right away. Really cool!
(30.05.13 - 14:32)
@GG - Noch ein guter All-Zweck-Kalender, den du vielleicht schon hast ...
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