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With UploadCam the photos and videos that you take are automatically stored and organized on your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box account. This means that you can access them anywhere, organize them quickly and share them easily!


► Use your existing Google Drive, Dropbox, Box or OneDrive Account - no need to create yet another service account!

► Save space on your device by uploading your photos and videos to the cloud instead of taking memory from your iPhone or iPod touch

► Organize your photos automatically: UploadCam let's you choose or create folders to upload your new and existing photos

► Import and upload photos and videos from your 'Camera roll': You are not limited by the photos you take with UploadCam, if you take photos with the default camera app you can import them to UploadCam to send them to the cloud

► Quickly share photos with others by selecting a shared folder to save your photos (Available on Google Drive only)

► Keep your photos and videos on your own cloud storage, no need to create new accounts or setup new services that you don't trust


► The FREE version of this app takes and uploads photos and videos in MEDIUM RESOLUTION ONLY. Video mode is also not available in the Free version. Upgrade to the full version to take photos in FULL resolution as well as recording and uploading videos.

► If you choose to purchase the PRO Upgrade subscription for 1 year, payment will be charged to your iTunes account, and your account will be charged for renewal 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. Auto-renewal may be turned off at any time by going to your settings in the iTunes Store after purchase. Current price for the PRO Upgrade subscription is $9.99 USD per year, and may vary from country to country.

► We also offer a "week pass" to enjoy all the PRO features. This is pass does NOT renew automatically and is only valid for 1 week from the day of purchase.

Privacy Policy:
Terms of Service:

A valid Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box account is required to use this app

We would love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you have any questions or comments:

OS >= 9.0


Allgemein (02.02.16 - 09:04)
Dropbox(5⭐️) = ��
Google photo(5⭐️) = ��

��wtf? Кто за это 3 бакса отдаст?!
Allgemein (03.11.13 - 20:05)
DropBox и так с камеры загружает фотки сам... И он на русском))
Allgemein (03.11.13 - 13:54)
Medium Quality only.

dislike and uninstalled

Using QuickShot
(04.05.15 - 19:37)
Only does medium quality in the free version. Upgrading it with in app purchase is suppose to remove the restriction. Did you try the the app with the full paid version and still only get medium resolution images on the cloud?
(04.05.15 - 22:40)
2,99€ to pay for a lite app with IAP is senseless.
The Full version is to expensive.
Professor Snape
Allgemein (03.11.13 - 13:04)
Update: the new video feature and video upload is a little buggy. STILL a great instant stream photo app though.
Allgemein (03.11.13 - 11:04)
Not free, limited version with limited picture quality you have to buy IAP to get full functionality.
Professor Snape
Allgemein (11.08.13 - 22:58)
I downloaded this thinking it was going to be dumb and I would have to write a review and trash it. I actually kinda like it.
But if you use the DropBox app, DropBox automatically syncs it too. But you have to specifically open the DropBox app to start that process.
But I like the idea and capability to IMMEDIATELY send pics to DropBox and not having to dilly-dally around until the next sync time - the next time I photograph the cops sodomizing a homeless person with their batons - so they can not take my camera away from me and keep the pics with it!!! Lousy cops.
Anyone know of a video app that up-loads REAL-TIME to the Cloud?????
BTW: you can only send to either DropBox OR Google. Not BOTH. Sad drawback!
(02.11.13 - 00:56)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Can it stream to dropbox or googledrive in real-time?
I need an app that has that capability, since I want to get rid of sluggish and buggy Ustream app for a long time now.
Professor Snape
(02.11.13 - 01:02)
YES!!! (Minus the upload speed of the wifi or reception to cell towers).
You can switch immediate upload on and off in the options. I love it. I am surprised not more apps do this to DropBox. I don't like all my pictures going to Apple's Cloud service. I end up putting them in DropBox anyway! It's free and A MUST HAVE!!! Trust me! (-:
(02.11.13 - 01:15)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Sounds good. Now I just need an ipad version for the complete package, thanks for the tip.
If you come along a similar apps, pls, do let me know.
Professor Snape
(02.11.13 - 01:18)
Ya!! You too! (-:
(07.11.13 - 17:15)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
I found a temporary solution for cloud shooting: CropCam.
It shoots directly into your Evernote. It may not be a real cloud syncing camera app, but you can use IFTTT and set its filters to sync your images with any cloud. It would be way more reliable and redundant that way.
Professor Snape
(07.11.13 - 21:35)
To be honest, the reason why I am interested in "real-time" streaming video and photos to a cloud service is due to the police becoming more and more sadistic and brutal in the United States, I wanted something where I could video or photograph an incident, and if my phone were "confiscated", it would be valueless since the video or photos did not exist physically on the phone, but a cloud service for later retrieval. It is not illegal to video the police in the US. Courts have upheld the right to video and record citing there is no expectation to privacy by public servants, but the truth of the matter is, if you do capture a beating or illegal event, they will confiscate it for "evidence" and it somehow the video or photo "disappears" from the device. Streaming to a cloud service video or photos eliminates this "accident".
Remember to set a pass-code for all cloud services apps so deletion in the clouds is impossible!!!
(07.11.13 - 23:18)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
I simply don't use any cloud apps in none of my iOS devices. In worst case scenario, if cops do indeed get to your cloud files during the interrogation, you can set another cloud on your mac backing up your primary one. Or you can run three different dropbox clients at the same time on your mac, each one backing one another for the true N+1 redundancy :)
But with the latest snooping scandals coming from across the pond, i don't believe in storing files in the cloud would be of any benefit. Big brother is everywhere now..
p.s. what's up with cops being violent in USA?
Professor Snape
(07.11.13 - 23:34)
Patriot Act allowing unlimited power and authority, no over-sight, "Good Faith" doctrine, "No-Knock" warrants, zero accountability, severe emotional and psychological problems, ex-military with combat disorders, high-suicide and divorce rates, hiring "cronyism", dishonesty, perjury, drug/alcohol abuse, sexual perversion tendencies, police unions, special laws hiding discipline and conduct documentation and actions, racial profiling, etc, etc, etc.
Where do I begin?
Do a search on youtube for 'police misconduct'. There is more there than what most people would guess. Too many camera phones now, thank God. You may (or may not) be surprised.
Again, thank God, it hasn't happened to me and my family yet. But... It's coming.
(07.11.13 - 23:38)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Wow. That sounds like a wikipedia description of a typical third world country. Didn't know things were that bad there. Be careful.
Professor Snape
(07.11.13 - 23:46)
I am surprised at how the rest of the world tolerates the invasion of internet privacy and spying by the US. This illegal aggressiveness is being totally ignored. Very odd.
(08.11.13 - 00:01)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Maybe because the rest of the world has no other choice (?):

Professor Snape
(08.11.13 - 00:17)
Oh, there are choices.
The US Govt spies and illegally breaks into foreign computers and emails supposedly "tracking down terrorists"...
"Terrorists" in Angela Merkel's PERSONAL EMAIL!?!?
I am embarrassed and appalled at what is being done.
Choices? I THINK Angela Merkel should arrest the son-of-a-bitch president we have for breaking German law on sovereign German soil. Argentina should do the same. There IS NO diplomatic immunity for presidents breaking international sovereign laws. Don't believe me? Ask Manuel Noriga. Oh wait, you can't. He is in a United States Federal Prison.
He is the president of Panama the United States invaded and arrested for breaking US Law on US soil. He is STILL imprisoned here to this day.
WHY Germany tolerates this blatant act of ILLEGAL aggression is very confusing to more and more Americans every day. And if we think this illegal intrusion is only restricted to Germany and Argentina and for "Terrorism", we are only deluding ourselves.
(08.11.13 - 00:39)
@Dick "Prof. Snape" Nixon:
Read through the given links..
Professor Snape
(13.11.13 - 05:06)
I read the second one. I had no knowledge of this one. None. They evidently even held it from NAVSEA!
KEEP them coming!
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