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DJ instantly with CROSSFADER!

Rock your next house party or our global main stage with the only handheld mixing system that has everything you need to go from amateur to pro.

CROSSFADER is the world’s simplest DJ app and is incredibly easy to learn and fun to master.
• Browse new packs of curated music released daily.
• Broadcast your mix live to thousands around the globe.
• Remix and mashup classic tunes with hot new electronic music.
• Climb the charts to grow your following and rise to fame.

CROSSFADER is the only mobile app designed to for you to dance to the beat, allowing you to move to mix.
• Tilt your mobile device back and forth to fade between the left and right decks.
• Roll/twist your device towards you or away from you to activate the filter effects.
• Shake your device to trigger one-shot samples.

Here's our DJs are saying:
• “Hands Down: Best DJ Mobile App!”
• “Crossfader just turned traffic into a car party.”
• “I’m addicted and in love.”
• “Best music app ever.”
• “Download this app, and you'll never EVER get bored!”
• “Never knew I could do this with my phone.”
• “Learning to tie my shoes literally took longer than learning to DJ with this app.”

OS >= 10.3


Allgemein (22.09.16 - 10:47)
Как музыку новую добавить?
Allgemein (27.08.15 - 11:58)
Allgemein (25.06.14 - 19:31)
Volle geil
Allgemein (17.03.14 - 17:23)
РYсский на Yровне!
Allgemein (26.05.13 - 10:48)
Drei mal geübt und zwei mal abgestürzt. Alles klar - vielen Dank - App. gelöscht.
Uncle Bobby B
Allgemein (19.05.13 - 05:57)
Simply fun! :D
(19.05.13 - 06:00)
Thanks for the heads up!!! I'll give it a try!
Uncle Bobby B
(19.05.13 - 06:02)
@angidazee enjoy dancing (;
(19.05.13 - 06:12)
You know I LOVE dancing, but unfortunately, I am very much a white girl on the dance floor, and don't know my left from my right! Haha!!!���� So, because of that fact, I am very conscientious of dancing in public - therefore, I usually have to get good and sauced to get my nerve up to get out there, so I'm hoping, with a little help from this app, I'll have a reason to dance at home by myself (or with my kiddos, who aren't so judgmental! Ha!) and do what I enjoy doing SO much!!!! And I won't even need my liquid courage to do so! Thanks for your recommendation! I'll let ya know how it works out! ����✌
Uncle Bobby B
(19.05.13 - 06:20)
@angidazee �� dive into the music and forget about the world.. Then good things will come up. ��
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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: DJZ
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Rubrik: Musik
Version: 5.6.3
Größe: 114 MB
FSK: 12+
Gesamtbewertung: 1
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

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