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exPhoto is the photography app that lets you view your photos with Beautiful Thumbnails

Do you think the thumbnail which on system Photos is not only small and square!

It is time for a change. exPhoto can lets you view your photos with Beautiful Thumbnails

.Large Thumbnails
Can select a different size thumbnails

.Rectangular thumbnail
Now you can Say goodbye to Square thumbnails

.Time display
Tell you the photos when taking

.Social network support
Facebook twitter

.Support edit photo
include Brightness Saturation Contrast WhiteBalance Gamma

OS >= 7.0


sand worm
Allgemein (01.03.15 - 23:01)
Super viewer!
Allgemein (01.03.15 - 14:29)
I absolutely hate square thumbnails!
This app is a breath of fresh air. The thumbnails are bigger and correctly shaped and oriented. It makes it more enjoyable to browse and much easier to find a particular portrait format image among the landscape versions. It is lacking some features such as the ability to delete photos and to reorder images in my own order but maybe these will come with future updates. (The eternal optimist).
I really want to see correct thumbnails like this in every image picker in every photo app.
(01.03.15 - 14:59)
Ganz genau! Ist auch für mich eine der besten Apps dieser Art. Unbedingt zu empfehlen. ��
Allgemein (17.07.14 - 16:53)
... Gratis❗️

Ein 'Pixel-Gucker' den ich sehr gerne nutze. Die App ist Universal und das sind wenige in dieser Kategorie. Grössere Fotos als ca. 4096 verträgt sie jedoch nicht, und reagiert mit Absturz.

Von mir trotzdem eine klare Lade-Empfehlung. ��
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 09:25)
exPhotos - замена стандартному вьюверу фото и видео. Всегда интересно посмотреть, что же нового и удобного могут предложить нам разработчики. В этом случае, на мой взгляд, ничего нового и ничего такого, что побудило бы меня хоть на время использовать это приложение. Однозначно никому не нужен вьювер без функции удаления фото. Держать его ради слайд-шоу? Стандартный это умеет. Настраиваемые размеры превьюшек? Кому когда это надо было? Простые функции редактирования? Стандартный это делает, а если не хватает - существует масса специальных редакторов, которые работают лучше. К тому же при быстром листании exPhotos "заедает" как старая пластинка, показывая две фото в бесконечном цикле.

Выводы делайте сами.
Allgemein (18.11.13 - 14:35)

Allgemein (12.10.13 - 16:50)
The app produces a very nice grid display, with very smooth vertical scrolling. Tap an image for full screen view, sqitch on EXIF, image file names, etc., in settings. Only problem seems to be sideays scrolling in single image, full screen mode causes my iPad2 to crash.

One interface improvement would bt to display "first image in folder" thumbnails in the home screen showing all available folderser names for "Events" folders are shhot-dates, and displaying a date is almost useless.

Fix side scrolling issue, and add thumbs to the home screen and it would be 5-star worthy.
(05.09.14 - 12:47)
I like this App a lot. But since i was runnig out of space i had a deeper look at my Device, and at iCloud-Settings too.

I was really surprised that 'exPhotos' would like to have 414 MB! space to backup at my iCloud.

So i't seems this App make a thumbnail of every pic. I store around 2,6 GB Fotos/Videos at the iPhone, but i thought 'exPhotos' is only a viewer - since it refreshes the photos every time i open the app.

Do you ever recognize this app need's so much space?
(05.09.14 - 16:08)
I have the app loaded on both the iPad2 and iPad Air. When I look at Usage in the Settings, I see on my iPad2 the app is taking up 55mb, and on my iPadAir the app takes up 24mb. Interestingly, I have only a handful of images on the iPad2, and 2000 on my iPadAir taking over 2gb of space. I do not store anything on iCloud so I can't tell you what the app is doing on iCloud.
(05.09.14 - 23:51)
Thank's for the time you taken (and for reminding me where i'm able to see Usage of Apps too).

I've deleted the app, reinstall it and observed, at Usage in the Settings, what's happening by using exPhotos. After install i had 8.0 MB, after scrolling trough all pics, Usage increased up to 78.3 MB, again after scrolling through a shared stream (with 229 photos) to 92.7 MB.

That's far from the initial 414 MB - but anyway it seem's possible, the app use more space over the time, especially by using the app a lot, like i do.

I'll try to get in contact with the dev. because i think, the app adds thumbnails by scrolling through photos, but don't delete them (in background of exPhotos) when they gone (by deleting out of the Apple Photo App). I can't think of another explanation.
Allgemein (08.10.13 - 16:16)
"Height" Quality? Really?
Allgemein (25.09.13 - 12:47)
Useless, what's the point? iOS 7 is much more better than this.
(09.01.14 - 19:46)
But the Camera Roll of iOs7 has only square thumbnails, this app lets you view the whole photo from the grid view ��
Allgemein (22.06.13 - 10:20)
Вообще ни о чем приложение
Allgemein (11.05.13 - 06:42)
Mal sehen, was diese App. so kann. Ist kostenlos und vielleicht ist sie auch ihr Geld Wert.
(11.05.13 - 09:03)
(11.05.13 - 12:32)
(28.02.15 - 18:12)
toll dein komentar tuco und voll hilfreich und nützlich.����
(28.02.15 - 20:44)
Das ist die hohe Kunst der Rhetorik. Jedes einzelne Wort in Einklang und und Harmonie zueinander gestellt damit die Besonderheit dieser Botschaft auch für die nächsten Generationen erkennbar ist und in seiner Blüte und Weisheit bei Jung und Alt Freude beim Lesen bringt.
Oder besser gesagt in den Worten eines Altkanzlers: "Was geht mich das Geschwätz von gestern an"!? ����
Naja, und du hast immerhin fast zwei Jahre gebraucht, um darauf zu antworten... ��
Im Ernst, keine Ahnung warum ich wann was geschrieben habe.. Mag aber deinen Humor. Der ist so schön zynisch. ��
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