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  • Footpath Routen, Karten und Pläne für Laufen, Radfahren und Wandern

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Footpath lets you map routes in seconds.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of running or riding without a phone, forgot to record a GPS track, or want to plan out your next hike or race, Footpath allows you to map out your routes quicker and easier than ever before, all without GPS.

It's easy:
• Draw your route and watch it snap to roads and trails.
• Press and hold on the map to automatically calculate routes between points.
• No roads or trails nearby? No problem, just zoom in and draw your routes free-form by tapping the magnet.
• View elevation profiles for your routes to gauge difficulty.
• Share your routes via email, Facebook, Twitter, Path, and Instagram.

Footpath Elite: Go the extra mile
• Available via in-app purchase
• Automatic iCloud syncing. Plan a route on your iPad and keep it on your iPhone for reference when you’re out.
• Save unlimited routes. Great for trips, logs, or planning out the week ahead.
• Want to change up the routine? Edit any of your saved routes to create new ones.
• Premium topo maps and enhanced snapping to trails: USGS Topo Maps (U.S. and Canada) and OpenStreetMap (Mapbox Outdoors, Mapbox Outdoors Satellite), OpenCycleMap, & Thunderforest Landscape. Great for the outdoors and areas not covered by Google Maps.
• Export your routes as GPX & KML files to your computer or other apps such as Google Earth, or share your routes to friends with Footpath via Airdrop or email.
• More advanced features to come!

• Try drawing your longer routes in multiple segments for better accuracy
• If you see a road or trail overlay on the map, it can usually be snapped to
• Try zooming in for more accuracy
• If you need to route between unconnected roads, connect them by temporarily turning off snapping
• Tap "Loop" to quickly calculate the quickest route back to the start
• Tap "Out & Back" to automatically trace your route back to the start
• Try switching to driving mode to ignore trails & footpaths or to use highways. Perfect for road trips.
• Calculate your routes offline by preloading the maps beforehand and drawing without snapping
• Import routes from other apps. Send a GPX file to your device and use the common “Open In…” menu to open the route right in Footpath.

Footpath is designed for runners, hikers, walkers, and cyclists, but can and has been used for everything from kayaking & swimming to deliveries, travel, & road trips—even to land planning.

Hit the road and forget about GPS.

For any issues or suggestions, feel free to contact us at

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (11.04.15 - 10:54)
Tolle App!

Mir fehlt das automatische setzen Stecknadel, wenn ich nach einer Adresse suche & ich würde gerne den Suchverlauf löschen können (am besten mit bearbeiten und einzelne löschen). Kommt ja vielleicht noch - oder ich sehe es einfach nicht ...?
Allgemein (10.04.15 - 07:39)
Ich bin nicht so sicher, ob die App so toll ist... Die Topos sind nur für USA und Canada, es lässt sich nichts tracken, und ich hab nicht herausgefunden, wie man die Karten offline nutzen kann! Also. Für eine Wandertour auf die italienische Umbria Offroads überhaupt nicht geeignet.
Und ich hab die Elite Version erworben!! Das war ein Fehler.
(11.04.15 - 12:19)
Danke für den Hinweis bzgl. Komoot! ��
Allgemein (10.04.15 - 02:34)
Wow, tolle App. Habe ich so noch nicht gekannt.
Allgemein (01.03.15 - 15:46)
Großartig! ����
Allgemein (23.02.15 - 20:42)
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Fixes a crash when drawing a route on iOS 7 devices

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