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Make the most of the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference with the WWDC app. Even if you can’t join us in San Jose, you can still follow along each day on iOS and tvOS. And because the WWDC app experience extends to Apple Watch, favorite session information is available right on your wrist.

• Watch live streamed sessions on iOS and tvOS.
• Stream or download WWDC videos from this year and previous years.
• Start watching on one iOS device, and pick up where you left off on another iOS device or on Apple TV.
• Browse times, locations, and descriptions for sessions, labs, and special events.
• Mark schedule items as favorites.
• Keep up with the latest news, get important notifications, and see new photos throughout each day.
• Use indoor location to find your way around San Jose McEnery Convention Center.
• Provide feedback on content and speakers for each session.
• Add your pass to Wallet for faster check-in at WWDC.

OS >= 10.3


Allgemein (08.06.15 - 23:20)
i see a lot of throlling and apple bashing on Twitter regarding the speed improvements following the announce of Metal for Mac OS X :-)

Allgemein (09.09.14 - 19:00)
Start of Apple 2014 presentation in 3..2..1 minutes!
Allgemein (03.06.14 - 20:27)
What a bunch of nerds
Allgemein (03.06.14 - 17:49)
У меня уже iOS 8 ����
Allgemein (03.06.14 - 02:32)
I was amazed when Tim Cook said that the youngest developer is 13 years old. Damn! Very impressive. Congrats to to that kid. ��
Allgemein (06.03.14 - 20:54)
Программа создана для разработчиков Apple. Понятно, что для для не разработчиков - ненужная программа, поскольку для них не предназначена. Не понятно целесообразность для самих разработчиков, так как информация полученная с помощью данной программы никак не является стимулом для улучшения производительности и качества новых создаваемых программных продуктов.
Allgemein (08.09.13 - 07:53)
Ich weiß schon, warum ich einen Entwickler Acc. habe...
Besser ist das!
Freue mich schon auf die nächste Keynote!
App Hunter ✔️
Allgemein (20.06.13 - 14:22)
Ios 7 is brilliant, the multitasking is incredible. You'll love it when it's released this fall
Brian White
Allgemein (05.06.13 - 20:53)
I'll get it then I'll watch the WWDC from my iPod Touch. Ya gotta love Apple.
Jioe Shinji
Allgemein (04.06.13 - 18:54)
Can't wait for future jailbreak :p finally wwdc is coming a few day again
Allgemein (04.06.13 - 17:23)
can 4s run IOS7?
App Hunter ✔️
(04.06.13 - 17:53)
My friend is an apple engineer so I'll ask him
App Hunter ✔️
(04.06.13 - 17:58)
He said that the iPhone 4S is likely to get the update but there is a probably few features that your device won't get in the update. The iPhone 3GS won't be getting the update and he said he doesn't know which iPads would be getting the update. Hope that helps
(04.06.13 - 18:42)
thank you very much��, I was hoping my 4s can run it smoothly, don't like IP5
(04.06.13 - 19:16)
Das weiß zum jetzigen Zeitpunkt noch keiner genau. Erst nach der WWDC wird man hierzu und zu vielem weiteren Genaueres erfahren.
Aber vermutlich wird es so sein wie AppHunter geschrieben hat.
Aber ob es wirklich so ist werden wir ja bald wissen.
(27.06.13 - 06:20)
No idea what u saying, but thx
(30.06.13 - 09:40)
What WhitePony said is: There is no telling, at this point, what will get the update and what will not, but that probably what AppHunter said is correct. The only way to be sure is to find out when Apple releases it.

Why didn't you just translate his comment? Do you not have the translate feature in your version of AppZapp? If not, I had assumed all versions came with it, even the free versions?

For further note, what AppHunter said is correct. I read in quite a few techy blogs that said 3GS will not get much of the update, if any, and that 4S and above would be fine, other than a few of the features that came specifically on the iPhone 5, like the updated camera and things like that. But those are essentially hardware issues, not software, so the 4s will get the software updates, just nothing pertaining to the hardware frills that came with the 5. If that makes sense?
(31.07.13 - 23:35)
Sure it does, the translation came out all crap in Chinese except the 1st short phrase, n i did not wanna change the lang. setting of the phone, thx for ur help.
Allgemein (04.06.13 - 06:00)
Wenn es nur für Developer ist, dann ist die App für die meisten nutzlos... Schade eigentlich...
(30.06.13 - 09:42)
Not necessarily. There are videos of some of the sessions that will show the new iOS design and things like that. There are actually quite a few things the layperson can learn from this app. It's one of the great things about Apple! They may keep much secret for a long time, but eventually end up sharing with everyone all at once, and in all ways possible!
Allgemein (03.06.13 - 19:12)
Die Spannung steigt!
Allgemein (03.06.13 - 17:48)
So far it's just for apple developers
App Hunter ✔️
Allgemein (03.06.13 - 16:49)
Haha, got it! Can't wait for ios7!
(04.06.13 - 16:33)
Do you have a Developer-Account??
App Hunter ✔️
(04.06.13 - 17:52)
Yep, I went to the WWDC last year and my friend registered me under his company. This app's a bit useless if you're not a developer. The only thing that would interest you would be the Keynote video on the first day. That'll probably appear on YouTube soon after the event
(04.06.14 - 12:06)
@App Hunter ✔️:
Now iOS 8 :)
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