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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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It's a groovy kind of app.

Flick! The easiest and simplest way to share documents, videos and images between iPads, iPhones, iPods, Macs, and other devices and operating systems. Check our website for details. It’s all done by simply flicking from one device to any nearby devices running the Flick app.

As one of our clients said, "It's finger flicking good! You just have to try it."

What some of the reviews have said:

"The best of its kind, Rating5. Byron274
An awesome app that everyone should download. NOW!"

"Flick. Rating:5 Voxkenny
Terrific, easiest way I've EVER seen to transfer piccies etc -this SHOULD be built into both iOS and OSX!!!"

No longer is there any need for trying to connect via complex file systems, locating directories and files to share. You just Flick it! Check out our YouTube videos to see it in action at

One of the really cool features is Auto Destruct! You can set images or notes you send to your friends to auto destruct after a set amount of time. No more embarrassing photos or notes floating around! Great fun....

The app uses both WiFi and Bluetooth to connect devices and share files. Photos, videos, contacts, notes and games are available from within the app. Sharing other files such as Keynote, Pages and Numbers documents are handled via the "open in another app" feature from those apps.

To flick files to and from your Mac, download the free Flick for OS X from the Mac app store. On Mac devices the functionality is available only over WiFi.

For sending to and from other devices visit to download the free app from the flick website.

Try our app now and please provide us with your feedback.

- Flick photos, videos, notes, and contacts between iOS devices
- Flick photos, videos, notes, and contacts to Mac OSX devices
- Flick photos, videos, notes, and contacts to other devices and operating systems
- Flick documents from other apps using the "Open in another app" function.
- Broadcast files, photos or notes to all connected devices
- Set photos, notes and other documents to Auto Destruct
- Save received photos to camera roll
- Take a photo or video directly within the app
- Save documents received using "open in"
- Paste copied images or files onto the Flicktop for flicking to other devices
- Copy from the Flicktop to other apps
- Choose your own wall paper for your Flicktop
- Play Tic Tac Toe with other Flick users.
- Email all files on the Flicktop in a single email
- Add files to your Flicktop directly from Dropbox
- Flick PayPal payments between devices

Try our app now. You won't be disappointed!

To get the full experience download the Mac version from the app store and the other versions from the flick website at

NB. If you do experience a connection problem please make contact with us before posting a bad review. We have had hundreds of thousands of downloads and only a handful of connection issues, all of which we have been able to resolve for clients.

OS >= 5.1.1


Ken Dschun
Allgemein (19.05.15 - 09:24)
aktuelle Version hat Pobleme unter iOS6.x. Entwickler arbeitet bereits an bugfix
Ken Dschun
(28.05.15 - 16:56)
iOS 6.x-Bug behoben. Unterstützt jetzt zusätzlich sogar noch iOS 5.1.1. Sehr löblich! :-)
Allgemein (29.06.14 - 18:17)
Эффектно, эффектно.
Allgemein (25.04.14 - 19:02)
Erst etwas träge, aber dann ging es. Vorher "full res" in den settings anmachen.
Funktioniert wie bei Hawaii 5-0 oder CSI ����
Ken Dschun
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 23:37)
Sehr cool. Leider erscheint App bei mir nicht im 'Öffnen in App ...'-Dialog anderer Apps, deswegen ist für mich das Email-Feature (IAP) nicht so sinnvoll.
Ken Dschun
(22.05.14 - 22:06)
Mittlerweile geht es. Leider hat man bei iOS keinen Einfluss auf die angebotenen Apps bei "Öffnen in..."
Allgemein (24.04.14 - 08:27)
Immer noch gratis ��! ��

Wer mehr wissen will, lese Piets tollen Bericht. Funktioniert auch in Kombi mit Windoze ��.
Julie :)
Allgemein (07.07.13 - 05:02)
Okay..yeah great, this one's free yipee but the developer can't help me make it work.

After an hour, I gave up trying.

I'm using my home wifi.

Had to search the app store to find this app so that I could seek assistance. The description asks users to write to them BEFORE writing a bad review. I give it a chance and oblige.

Developer answered quickly :) Says I'd need to send it as a smaller file and not use bluetooth. They have no problem using it, he wrote.

Uh but, I AM using wifi..from home! WTH?

Well, been a few days and no further emailed response. I'm thinking that I *already* found more than a few file transfer apps that have no file size problems which, incidentally, I DID mention to him. I liked this one because of the huge beautiful background picture you can add and the easy flicking SOP just sounded so easy. Sure caught my eye.

So? If you don't mind file transfer software that allows you to upload your own background pic yet does not work too well (I didn't even bother to try the smaller file size), then this is really the app for you.

To me, file transfer at the original file size is important...Is it to you??
(24.04.14 - 17:39)
@Julie :):
On my Mac desktop and this app I have not had any problems. It works really good. I like that you are not limited to only images like some other apps.
When I first started I made sure desktop version was working first then iPad. So maybe give that a try.
Initially I tried several images but they were not full size so changed in settings to max resolution and it works, just takes longer.
(24.04.14 - 17:59)
@lzmini & Julie:
Guys, what mac OSX are you talking about? I found that many apps for Mac pretending to work with 10.6.8 and they don't. They open and do some things but do not work properly. Maybe Julie, you have the same problem?
Lzmini do you have mavericks on you Mac?
(24.04.14 - 18:04)
Nope. I have 10.7.5 which is the newest I can go on my 2006 iMac. But as I said so far no issues.
Which version are you using?
(24.04.14 - 23:21)
10.6.8 and I don't dare to upgrade as I am sure some of my soft wares won't work anymore. Still saving for a new mac. Still can't decide laptop or iMac. Doesn't matter at the moment, cause not enough money in piggy bank yet to afford either. ��
When the money is there I'll decide …
But at least this app will work on ios7 devices, means i can exchange between phone and pod, which is a lot. �� though I wonder who needs this since airdrop. (Though I haven't yet tried it. ��
(26.04.14 - 18:57)
My iMac doesn't support airdrop, to old ��
I have though about getting a newer but like you can't decide between desktop or portable and have to save more too.
But this app works fine on the Mac with 10.7.5 and the iPad.
Lyn Soussi
(14.09.14 - 13:37)
@Julie :):
A common or garden user, I found photos transferred ok, better than some other apps. For PDF, TXT, MP3, Xls, Docx, and contacts, file size was not a problem.. I love it.. Took me a while to get the PC component working, but then it's seamless. Good luck with it.
Miran Paradiz
Allgemein (05.07.13 - 06:39)
The best way to exchange documents between devices.
A bust buy.
Get it while it is free.
Allgemein (04.07.13 - 19:19)
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für iPhone + für iPad


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- Improved cross-platform support
- Fixed a problem receiving large images
- Added multiple image selection on iPhone

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