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Diese App konnte noch nicht geladen werden, da keine Verbindung zu Apple verfuegbar ist. Wir bitten um etwas Gedult, dann sollte diese App auch angeschaut werden koennen.

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Allgemein (14.07.14 - 10:32)
I think the new Swift language with the new tools released by Apple (Xcode 6 beta 3 is avaiable for free) and the free guides on iBookstore will be a great help for anyone that want start from scratch.
At least I hope so.
Allgemein (03.06.14 - 22:58)
If I use AppCreator to create an app, will it look as stylish and be as easy to use as AppCreator?

(09.12.14 - 13:05)
I see what you did there. Bravo sir!
Allgemein (31.05.14 - 07:21)
I did it again the evidence is not so bad then only, there are many possibilities, the reach of even those unfamiliar with programming. In one room you test your App even though I did not understand how one can untie the app created to export it in the App Store or Android. And an app that should be digested. I hope to have the new ones in later, before the birth of the app that reads my imagination and translates directly into Happy App App to all :)))))) ����
(01.06.14 - 05:21)
@Astrocat ����:
As far as I can tell, this is intended for creating apps for personal use and doesn't produce stand-alone apps for publishing... Unfortunately.
(01.06.14 - 07:00)
Thanks for the explanation, however, that sin, and how to have a photo and not being able to send to anyone.
Ciao !
Allgemein (30.05.14 - 15:48)
Any other app creator??��
(30.05.14 - 17:47)
@Chicca })i({ :
Caspita sei una enciclopedia .
Wikichicca !
(30.05.14 - 20:18)
@Chicca })i({ :
Hey Chicca , mi sono permesso di scherzare un po' con te , ma sei davvero in gamba , sempre puntuale e molto precisa , mmmmh un po' di sana invidia c'è.
Anche io sto cercando di provare perché mi piacerebbe creare una App , ma è davvero dura perché le idee non mi mancano e il tradurre il mio pensiero che non è semplice
������. Ho provato App creator e non è male solo che una volta che ho un App come posso pubblicarla , a buon mercato cioè free e solo free in App Store ?
Risposta : Seguendo le indicazioni di un'amica in gamba !!!! ����������
(30.05.14 - 20:22)
@Chicca })i({ :
Armarsi di pazienza per cogliere le opportunità , nasconde la passione di poter creare ciò che noi stessi siamo !!!

Scusami Chicca , ma sai che le frasi mi piacciono tanto , questa e una dedica di Astrocat !!!!
Ciaoooo as soon :))))
(30.05.14 - 20:53)
@Chicca })i({ :
Hey wikichicca, non e evidente alla mia portata , cercherò di informarmi , sei stata chiarissima ma caspita , non è che sia così alla portata non credi ?
(30.05.14 - 20:58)
@Chicca })i({ :
Ma se un comune mortale vuole fare una sua piccola e sincera App , solo per provare deve fare tutto quello ?
Caspita ho le orecchie basse !!!!
(30.05.14 - 21:01)
@Chicca })i({ :
Idea se costa 79 euro , incarico uno sviluppatore lo pago 20 euro per fare la mia App e vissero tutti felici e contenti guadagnando almeno 50 €
(30.05.14 - 21:03)
@Chicca })i({ :
Chicca ���� ����
Graziiieeee :)))))))
Ma hai riso davvero tanto ?
Se è così ne sono davvero felice !!!!
Allgemein (29.05.14 - 08:52)
It might be interesting, maybe try :)
(29.05.14 - 10:32)
@Astrocat ����:
I'm looking forward for your review ;)
(29.05.14 - 10:40)
Now I can not try Now (genau)
but I'll definitely, I've had positive feelings,
we hope!
Ciao Salomon :)
T͜͡i͜͡f͜͡a͜͡ -͟͟ w͟͟w͟͟w͟͟.͟͟t͟͟i͟͟f͟͟a͟͟s͟͟p͟͟a͟͟g͟͟e͟͟.͟͟n͟͟e͟͟t͟͟
(29.05.14 - 11:15)
@Astrocat ����:
It looks cool indeed, thanks! �� Saved it in case I learn it someday ��
(29.05.14 - 11:31)
Hey Tifa ����✨������
(29.05.14 - 22:41)
Salomon, I did some testing it looks nice, but I need to test it to make a real test by creating an App. There are many possibilities and you build your app with blocks and then publish it. Use a sandbox for the management of the escapes App But one very important thing. �� �� ��. Let s say I create a beautiful app, I have an environment where I can edit it, but if I want to publish it out maybe in the App Store, I can do it, you can not or another. Here this is a good question. I state that I do not intend to create app, but it is very well built, designed Block and intuitive.
Of course it must be proven and I will!
Ciao Salomon !!!
(29.05.14 - 23:13)
@Astrocat ����:
Grazié! I also checked it out but I didn't get it how it works :/
But if I would want to build a app I would prefer Xcode... So in my opinion there's no need for it :-/
But thanks for your review!
Ciao :)
(30.05.14 - 07:16)
I would like to create a small app, just to see if my imagination can be translated in the app, That's why I 'm trying to understand how it works, I'll try to see how Xcode, and perhaps more immediate.
But I would really like to create it, just plain simple and of course free!
Ciao Salomon ;)
(04.06.14 - 10:59)
Xcode requires a Mac. The point of this app is to make apps on your iOS device.
Allgemein (28.05.14 - 23:16)
Странно, логотип приложения похож на логотип известного антивируса нод32 ��
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für iPhone + für iPad


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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Rubrik: Wirtschaft
Version: 2.0.0
Größe: 100 MB
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Mehr von: MSC Software Company


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