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  • Stampnote - Timestamped Notes (Time Tracking, CSV Export)

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Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
Du möchtest diese Funktion nutzen? Jetzt anmelden oder registrieren
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Create timestamped notes that are easy to read and organize. Build chronologies and timelines for legal cases, pilot logbooks, keep track of what you did at work, track billable hours, or keep a journal.

Export your notes as .csv files that can be easily opened in a spreadsheet application or text editor.

Link with your Dropbox account to enable sync across your devices. Get the Mac version and work from your computer.

"Just wanted to let you know how incredibly useful Stampnote has been for me. It is just perfect for keeping track of long term projects." - P. Lee
"Love the look and feel of this app. It's quick and very easy to use." - Anne P.
"I LOVE this app! I do not think anyone will actually be able to think of all the potential uses it has. The simplicity is perfect for so many things." - Brian J.
"I like Stampnote. It does just what I want it to do, simple and easy." - K. Hardan
"I use Stampnote daily as a timeline tool for cases. It works great." - Terry H.

**** 4.2/5 and taking user feedback seriously ****
(see reviews for previous versions if new update isn't showing reviews yet)

- Clean, tabular layout that's easy to read
- Support for Dynamic Type text size - pick your font size
- See how much time you spent doing each activity
- Each new entry is automatically timestamped
- Entries grouped by day
- Tap the date to modify the timestamp
- Quickly add/subtract years/months from dates
- Input field adjusts height as you type
- Works great in any orientation
- Export your time logs via email
- Copy your notes to the clip board
- Open your notes as a .csv file in another app
- Small download size, no cruft, start running the app in seconds
- Fully standalone, no online service or account needed
- Universal app

Thanks for your support! Contact me if you need anything.

OS >= 7.0


Allgemein (16.11.16 - 14:48)
Что-то давненько разраб свои приложения не обновлял.
Allgemein (01.09.14 - 22:58)
In den letzten Tage habe ich eine gute Verwendung für die App gefunden und kann mich den vorherigen Kommentaren nur anschliessen. Ich bin sehr! zufrieden mit der App.

Sie ist einfach gehalten und übersichtlich, Datenexport (CSV) ist möglich, der Sync via Dropbox funktioniert gut, die Zeiten lassen sich anpassen falls man mal was nachtragen muss. Die 'Notes' lassen verschieben resp. anders anordnen (die Details in den 'Notes' nicht - die werden anhand der Zeit geordnet). Eine Mac Version gäbe es auch, wenn man die braucht und die Preise sind ok. Was nicht geht ist, mehrere Einträge auf einmal exportieren oder ausdrucken (nur einzelne 'Notes').
Allgemein (17.02.14 - 19:15)
Хорошее приложение. Все просто и лаконично. Очень удобно вести журналы наблюдений и тому подобное. Огромный плюс - синхронизация со сторонними "облаками"
Professor Snape
Allgemein (23.01.14 - 01:05)
I have had this for some time now. I love it.
Great for extremely precise noting and documentation. The exportation capability is...
F A N T A S T I C.
Allgemein (01.11.13 - 22:27)
Wow, this happens very rarely these honest AZ days. A promo which ends just hours after starting.

(22.01.14 - 19:47)
New Chance, but hurry up ��
Professor Snape
(23.01.14 - 01:06)
Agreed. But grab it now. Sometimes you MUST dance with the devil! LOL
Allgemein (14.08.13 - 01:37)
Nice app. Use it all the time.
RYU creator
Allgemein (13.08.13 - 09:22)

This app is stylish and useful!
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

- Fix for issue that could cause CSV export to fail. Thanks to Paul for the tip!

From before:
- Fixed crash that could occur when tapping the export button repeatedly
- Added a simple stampnote:// URL scheme for launchers
- Fix for issue that could stall syncing

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Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Steven Romej
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 1.0.8
Größe: 1 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 5
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