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Make Your Art Pop: A Colorful Camera to turn your photos into Fresh, Funky Art.

"Top 10 Must Download Apps for the Holidays" - Fuse TV

"An artist's new best friend … creating interesting photos that apps like Instagram currently don't offer'. - Billboard Magazine

"A great effect to have in your iPhone app toolbox." - LifeinLoFi

"I fell in love with Popkick … do not hesitate a second to buy this beautiful app." -

"Absolutely original ... smooth, easy & fun."


Featured by Apple in Best New Apps & Fun with Filters

Get it now - before the price goes up!


Tired of the Average Photo Filter? Introducing Popkick - An app to create funky wall-worthy art to display, share & be proud of. Be the first of your friends to post fresh art that stands out among the everyday look-alike filters.

And have fun doing so … Take a colorful spin with the Popkick Color Wheel to ink your art into all kinds of rich hues; or move your photo around & watch in Real Time as the colors melt & blend together. It's the perfect app to decorate your walls with.


"Popkick demonstrates just the right amount of innovation …This is a great development which gets my recommendation." -AppPicker

"Fresh out of the box today & has me hooked already. I spent just a few minutes playing with PopKick & got some great results."

"If you ever wanted to create little precious artworks in the style of Andy Warhol & Co., you will certainly have fun with Popkick."

"The interface is really quite special too & unlike any other iPhoneography app I’ve used.”

"Perfect for music performance shots." - Billboard Magazine


• Create amazing never before seen instant pop art & wall-worthy prints for digital or wall art, posters, album covers, postcards, etc.
• Play with 12 unique pop filters & 5 filter enhancements to create a myriad of results
• Take a colorful spin with the built-in Color Wheel & ink your art into all kinds of rich hues
• Choose between a Passepartout Frame Border or Full Edge to Edge Art
• Shuffle for infinite combinations - where the results are everything but boring!
• Parallax Pop Shifting mode - Move your photo around & watch the colors melt & blend in REALTIME
• A handpicked template library to play with, manipulate, & get inspired with
• Create postcards or send images to your printer directly from the app
• Share results on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram
• High Resolution Support - Save up to 3080 pixel (7 MegaPixel) images on all iPhone5+, iPad 2, iPad 3+ devices*

Not convinced? Check out creations from other users or watch the Demo Video at


iPhone & iPod touch devices running iOS 6 & higher.
*High resolution support depends on your device's chipset & memory capacity. Older devices such as the 4th generation iPod have limited High Resolution support due to limited RAM.
Older / Lower Memory Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPad Mini, & iPods - save up to 3 MegaPixel files (up to 2100px on 1 side depending on image aspect ratio).

More information at or simply watch the video at:


Popkick is the first of a collection of unique art filters from Pixabi LLC which is composed of a small team of 2 people who love to build creative & fun to use apps.

We survive based on good ratings so if you are pleased with Popkick, please review us & share the app with friends so we can continue to develop nice new features.

Please note we can not respond to reviews directly - if you have problems or questions, please write to us at

We are eager to see what you create so email us images & we may feature them on our website.


Alexandra & Dominik
Pixabi LLC

OS >= 6.0


Allgemein (26.04.15 - 06:37)
Oh !!! It's nice , the colors and effects are amazing.
I like how you can transform a photograph into a painting photo playing with colors and shades of both the photo and the idea is that we have in mind.
I also like the ease in which you move from one color to another and effect.
Don't miss it ����✨

Allgemein (25.04.15 - 22:53)
Da kann ich @Nanuk nur zustimmen - unbedingt laden! ;)
Allgemein (25.04.15 - 20:01)
Jetzt gratis, nicht verpassen! ��
Allgemein (28.06.14 - 04:39)
It's basically a shake effect with changeable colors. It's well made but it's just that 3-layer effect with fine-tuning. If that's all you're looking for then you'll probably like this.
(03.07.14 - 22:54)
I loooooooove it! Even though it has just good and full res. ����
(04.07.14 - 00:16)
I wish they had some more effects besides the printer's shake thing. Like maybe contour drawing and watercolor. Then they could compete very well against Popsicolor!
(04.07.14 - 02:44)
���� actually I don't mind. I have both of them and love each one. I don't feel like wasting a penny. And popsicolor has so improved.
Though popkick did as well though they don't be able to raise the resolution to full.
I'm not a programmer and I don't understand at all what the problem is as so many others can do it pretty well. It's a shame really but nevertheless I don't wanna miss it any more. ��
(04.07.14 - 02:58)
Maybe it's a stability issue with Popkick. Perhaps they've had too many complaints of crashes with users of legacy devices an they want to ind a way to improve the app without making too many people unhappy.
(04.07.14 - 03:07)
Could be, indeed. They were very kind and I believe they really want to please their customers. Another reason to like an app. ��
And yes, I remember they said they can't do better though they tried. And this result was the best they could do without crashing every time. ��
Allgemein (07.02.14 - 08:45)
Wieder gratis!
Ach wenn nur gute und keine volle Auflösung: ich stehe drauf. ��
(07.02.14 - 09:14)
Согласна! Загружать,и даже не сомневаться )
(07.02.14 - 10:34)
@Irina :
�������� popkick. �� = I <3 popkick. :)
(08.02.14 - 14:16)
Appsolut, Fellini. Schön, dich mal wieder zu "sehen". ����
Julie :)
(09.02.14 - 13:22)
Oh shucks, think I just missed this as free :(
(10.02.14 - 01:11)
@Julie :):
Worse, they raised the price very much now. I think 1,79€ is by far the most they should ask for.
Be patient and set the alert. For getting it at 0,89€ is perfect. For free is heaven, but definitely not more than 1,79€. Even though I like the developers very much. ��
(26.02.15 - 20:21)
Könnte Geräteabhängig gewesen sein mit der Auflösung, ein Update gab es seit Nov. 2013 jedenfalls nicht mehr. Aus einem 960x1280-er kriegte ich sagenhafte 3002x2252 wieder raus. Grössere Bilder (8mp) kamen bei mir auch mit 3002x2252 wieder aus der App heraus. (In den Settings vorher auf 'large' gestellt).

Ob und wie sie auf iOS8 läuft weiss ich halt nicht - auf iOS7 ist sie jedenfalls immer noch klasse! ��

High Resolution Support - You can now save up to 3080 pixel (7 MegaPixel) images on all iPhone5+ , iPad 2, iPad 3+ devices;
Older / Lower Memory Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPad Mini, and iPods, can save up to 3 MegaPixel files (up to 2100px on one side depending on the aspect ratio of the image).

Allgemein (28.12.13 - 07:52)
На ipad mini выход 1502x1502,приложение отличное,спасибо за информацию о нем!!
Allgemein (28.12.13 - 01:32)
Jetzt gratis ������
(28.12.13 - 01:54)
@��Highfast�� :
WoW! Ich wollte, ich hätte warten können. �� Ich liebe diese App!
(08.01.14 - 01:12)
Geduld ist die ... ��
Nein, nur die Vielfalt erlaubt unter gewissen Bedingungen auch schon mal eine gewisse Zurückhaltung ��
Allgemein (16.09.13 - 17:04)
5pod: geknipstes Bild wird mit voller Auflösung gesichert.
Gefiltertes Bild leider bisher überhaupt nicht. Stürzt während des Sicherns ab.
Aber die Effekte sind toll, wenn man Popart mag.
Versuche später mal mit Pad oder 4S.
(08.10.13 - 23:43)
Inzwischen empfehlenswert. Leider bekommen Sie das mit der Original Auflösung nicht in den Griff. Das Beste ist "L". aber die Filter sind genial und schön poppig. ��
größenbeispiel 4S (os6):
3264x 2448 px rein
L = 1221 x 1627 px raus,
O = 720 x 960 px raus (kein Tippfehler!!)
Beim 5pod (os7)
2592x1936 pix rein
L = nur Appsturz, nix raus
O = 848 x 1136 px
Gesagt wird aber, bei O wie original werden bis 1808 px auf der längsten Seite gesichert.
Falls noch jemand die app hat und ein 5fon, 5S oder auch Pad würde mich mal sehr interessieren, was da geht. Dankbar für Infos!
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3,49 €

für iPhone


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Weitere Informationen

Was ist Neu in dieser Version

3 brand new handcrafted filters - mixed to form a cheerful concoction of bright vibrant colors;
Take a colorful spin with the new Color Wheel - Change the colors of your art to all kinds of rich hues
All new Parallax Pop Shifting mode - Move your photo around and watch the colors melt and blend in REAL TIME
Brand new Design with smooth all new iOS7 Style User Experience - bringing it to the next level
Picture Frame Toggle on / off - some of you requested full edge to edge art so here it is
Fresh Set of Pixlib Examples - Many more and better photo samples to start with;
Almighty Shuffle with infinite combinations - so you never ever ever get bored;
Performance Booster - we engineered day and night to get this app up to lighting speed (we are 50% faster than previous versions);
Tweaked Filters with better recipes to pop your photos even more - we don't stop when it comes to details;
High Resolution Support - You can now save up to 3080 pixel (7 MegaPixel) images on all iPhone5+ , iPad 2, iPad 3+ devices;
Older / Lower Memory Devices: iPhone 4/4S, iPad Mini, and iPods, can save up to 3 MegaPixel files (up to 2100px on one side depending on the aspect ratio of the image).
Bugfixes - Fixed some ugly crashes from previous versions;
Enjoy your ALL NEW Popkick 1.03 !

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Pixabi
Entwickler Support:
Rubrik: Fotografie
Version: 1.03
Größe: 26 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 4,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Pixabi


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