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Vesper is a simple and elegant tool for collecting notes, ideas, things to do — anything you want to remember. Organize your notes whatever way comes naturally to you, without complications. Vesper's focus is on how it feels to use.

• Use tags to group related notes.

• Attach photos.

• Drag and drop notes to reorder them — move important ones up, other ones down.

• Swipe a note to send it to the archive. Out of sight, but remembered forever.

• Keep notes backed up with Vesper Sync.

OS >= 8.0


Allgemein (23.08.16 - 06:39)
Очень жаль. Давно хотела это приложение, и на тебе :(
(23.08.16 - 11:05)
(24.08.16 - 18:20)
А що трапилось?
(24.08.16 - 18:53)
@imValdemar :
Вони закривають проект, на жаль
(24.08.16 - 19:52)
@Annetka дякую
Allgemein (21.08.16 - 23:58)
Allgemein (21.08.16 - 23:57)
Developer is going out of business.
(22.08.16 - 05:52)
What makes you say that?
(22.08.16 - 08:25)
"Brent Simmons, announcing the end of Vesper:

Sync will be turned off Aug. 30 at 8pm Pacific. We’ll destroy all the data, and neither we nor anyone else will be able to recover it.

The app will be removed from the App Store on Sep. 15. Until then, starting now, it’s free — since you can’t create new sync accounts, and it wouldn’t be fair to charge new users if they can’t sync."
(22.08.16 - 21:59)
It is mentioned in the release notes:
"Q Branch is closing down, and Vesper will no longer be developed. "
Allgemein (04.03.15 - 20:51)
Na die halten wohl auch viel von der eigenen App, wenn sie so einen Preis veranschlagen. ��
Allgemein (04.03.15 - 19:28)
Most people don't know it but on iOS 8 you can add photos to Apple Notes and Mail Apps now.
Professor Snape
(05.03.15 - 18:22)
Like your user icon!
Allgemein (17.06.14 - 18:56)
This looks a lot like Simplenote (free) with photos support.
(And you must know that it handles photos just like "Dayone", so you can have just one pic for note. I know, it sucks).

The app has ridiculously basic functions for the price it asks.
You can't even change your fonts, or sync it to dropbox.

Currently Matcha remains my first choice!
Allgemein (05.06.14 - 23:59)
Could anybody recommend an app similar to this one?
(06.06.14 - 00:09)
Tal vez no es tan similar pero puedes buscar una que se llama Wunderlist, es gratis.
(06.06.14 - 00:14)
Gracias. Ando buscando una app con cual pueda tomar una foto y agregar un comentario. Si pudiera ponerle nombre al objeto creado y ordenarlo por carpetas sería el top! �� ... Saludos
(06.06.14 - 00:21)
Creo que Evernote puede ser lo que estas buscando.
(06.06.14 - 00:41)
Déjame le doy una checada. Gracias.
Allgemein (02.10.13 - 14:48)
Allgemein (26.09.13 - 16:37)
A $5 note taking app on sale for $4 which doesnt offer dropbox or icloud syncing and only available on the device with the smallest screen? I understand developers have to eat, but filet mignon is still beef from the cow that offers rump roast. ��
Allgemein (13.08.13 - 10:37)
I enjoy it, but it really need to support iCloud or Dropbox...... I wish it could be a universal one as well.
I am looking forward to next update.
Allgemein (13.06.13 - 18:29)
All-Stars hin oder her. Kriegt mein iPhone einen güldenen Homebutton für den Preis oder woher bezieht er die Berechtigung seiner fast schon obszön zu nennenden Höhe?
better UI coding
(22.07.13 - 10:48)
ja, aber nur wenn Du Deine Goldfüllungen unfrei einschickst....!
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Was ist Neu in dieser Version

Q Branch is closing down, and Vesper will no longer be developed. Here’s what that means for you, as a Vesper user:

• You can no longer create new sync accounts.
• The sync server will go offline, permanently, at 8:00 PM Pacific on August 30, 2016.
• Upon shutdown, we will be destroying all sync data on our server. It will not be recoverable by us or anyone else. IMPORTANT: The notes and data stored by Vesper on your device will not be destroyed — only the data on the sync server.
• Vesper itself will be removed from the App Store on September 15.
• Vesper now has an Export feature. You’ll find it at the bottom of the sidebar. You do not need a sync account to export your notes. You can export to iCloud Drive, Dropbox (if you have Dropbox installed on your iOS device), or any other destination provided by an app with a Document Provider extension.
• Each note is exported to a plain text file. Images are exported as well.

We three at Q Branch — Dave, John, and Brent — are greatly appreciative of everyone who has used and said good things about Vesper. We love this app. But the time has come to say goodbye. We thank you, sincerely, for your support and enthusiasm.

Erscheinungsdatum: 01.01.0001
Entwickler: Q Branch
Rubrik: Produktivität
Version: 2.008
Größe: 7 MB
FSK: 4+
Gesamtbewertung: 3,5
Versionsbewertung: noch keine Bewertung

Mehr von: Q Branch


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