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Thor for iPad puts the mighty Thor synthesizer at your fingertips.

“A truly must-have synth for iPad users of all skill levels” – Keyboard Magazine
"A Synth-Geek’s Dream Synth” - Synthtopia
“A game changing synthesizer for the iPad” - Dubspot
"Thor sounds just as good as its bigger sibling, and its ability to share patches makes it a fantastic tool for portable sound design.” - MusicRadar

Reason's legendary flagship synth delivers a thunderous sound, god-like sound sculpting capabilities and an innovative, lighting-fast keyboard designed for iPad. Thor is a synthesis playground, a flexible sonic workhorse, but above all, an expressive musical instrument for the iPad.

Thor highlights
• Play Reason's Thor Polysonic Synthesizer on the iPad.
• Load any of the 1000+ expertly crafted synth patches, or create your own from scratch.
• Create your sounds using a palette of multiple oscillator and filter types.
• Play Thor using an expressive touch interface keyboard with aftertouch and strumming.
• Collapse the keyboard to a key and scale of your choice, just like in Figure.
• Move your favourite patches from the iPad to your computer and use them with Thor in Reason

Thor sounds like no synthesizer you've ever heard before - and every single one of them. Where other synths use one specific form of synthesis and one single filter, the Thor polysonic synthesizer features six different oscillator types and four unique filters. What does this give you? Simply the most powerful synth ever created; an unstoppable monster of a sound generator that utilizes synthesizer technology from the last 40 years.

On the iPad, Thor comes with a specially designed interface that's optimized for touch control and the iPad screen. Cleverly designed panels expand and fold at the touch of a button to hide or reveal oscillators, filters, envelopes and more.

The app is divided into three main screens: Keyboard, Knobs and Routing.

Keyboard mode features:
• Piano keyboard with transpose and range control
• Modulation and pitch bend controls
• Assist function lets you select key and scale to highlight chord notes or to collapse the keyboard to only show the chord notes of the selected scale.
• Strum function lets you play arpeggios by holding a chord while strumming across the strum control.
• Two assignable knobs and buttons acts like performance controls
• Settings for polyphony and portamento

Knobs mode features:
• Access to all of Thor's synthesis features
• Three oscillator slots for Thor's six oscillator types: Analog, Wavetable, FM Pair, PhaseMod, Multi Osc and Noise
• Three filter slots for for Thor's four filter types: Low Pass Ladder, State Variable, Comb and Formant
• Three envelopes
• Dual LFOs
• Delay and Chorus
• The Knobs screen is divided into panels that expand and collapse at the touch of a button
• Miniature keyboard to audition your sounds as you are working on them

Routing features
• Comprehensive but easy to use routing matrix lets you create complex modulation and signal flow setups
• Step sequencer with 16-steps and six channels: Note, Velocity, Gate length, Step duration, Curve 1, Curve 2

General App features:
• Patch compatible with Thor in Reason on your computer
• Move patches to and from your iPad using iTunes
• Sound bank with more than 1000 Thor patches from leading artists & sound designers (Kill the Noise, Richard Devine, Chris Petti and many more)
• Gorgeous retina display interface
• MIDI in - play Thor from an external MIDI source or from another app on the same iPad
• Audiobus compatible - stream audio from Thor to another audio app on the same iPad
• Audio in background option lets Thor keep playing in the background when working with other apps.

Note: We recommend using Thor for iPad with iPad 4 or later.

OS >= 9.3


Allgemein (13.04.18 - 19:13)
Thor anscheinend noch nicht am Ende, wie das heutige Update zeigt. Nice!����
Die anderen Apps wurden ja leider eingestampft.
Allgemein (08.07.17 - 16:10)
I found this on the Propellerhead Homepage:
We have decided to discontinue ReBirth for iPad.
The decision comes after a statement from Roland that the product infringes on the company’s intellectual property rights. Rather than refuting this claim, we have decided to honor our long-standing relationship with Roland Corporation and have, therefore, come to the conclusion that the best path forward is to discontinue the product.

Never again I buy products from Roland! ������
(08.07.17 - 19:46)
Huh ☹️
this is bad news bro :(
(13.04.18 - 19:10)
Yes bro, that‘s it! ��
Allgemein (08.07.17 - 15:47)
Weiß jemand warum von Propellerhead die ReBirth App aus dem Appstore genommen wurde?
Ich habs gerade erst gesehen ��
Wurde Figure an Allihoopa verkauft?
Ich dachte nur der Name hätte sich geändert, aber da steckt anscheinend mehr dahinter.
Seit dem Allihoopa als Entwickler eingetragen ist, wird man regelmäßig mit Spam Mails bombardiert. ����

Mal davon abgesehen, finde ich den Namen "Allihoopa" extrem schlecht gewählt! Das klingt eher nach einem Namen für Mädchen oder Baby Produkte! ��

Hat jemand weitere Infos, oder wie ist eure Meinung dazu?
(22.07.17 - 00:03)
Propeller hat sich dafür entschieden um Streit mit Roland aus dem Weg zu gehen.

Allgemein (01.12.14 - 22:11)
Great and powerful synth, a gift for those who do not have
Allgemein (27.08.14 - 19:10)
(27.08.14 - 20:33)
What you mean? Too cheap? Or too expensive? We are trying not to be a fools.
(27.08.14 - 21:55)
In my opinion and a great price, I unfortunately I got it at full price, however, is really a great Synth
������ great quality :)
(27.08.14 - 22:06)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
Per Bacco! I have already tons of synths.Only two or three of them in use.But anyway I'll take it,one pack of cigarettes price.
(27.08.14 - 22:12)
Of course, You'll be glad, I took some Synth more expensive but much much more bad !!!! ������
Ciao Raufkasimov and happy music :)
Allgemein (26.08.14 - 18:37)
(26.08.14 - 20:19)
XK1 is a great simple synth, I like it too, but this is really super and you can not compare it, Thor has unlimited potential ��
Ciao Knekkerbrood :)
Allgemein (26.08.14 - 16:42)
Big discount for big synths, an opportunity not to be missed !!
It truly is one of the most beautiful and complete in App Store !!
Vincenzo D'Antuono
(26.08.14 - 21:20)
@Astrocat ✨✨✨:
Senti sai come scrivere dato che ho un iPhone 4 vorrei scaricare il flash quando mi kiamano al cell si accende e si spegne? Grazie

(26.08.14 - 21:27)
@Vincenzo D'Antuono:
Ciao Vincenzo , forse non ho capito la tua domanda , forse stai scaricando l'App e ti stanno chiamando con il cellulare ?
Se è così non ci sono problemi nel senso che una volta che hai dato l'ok a scaricare hai tutte le funzionalità del tuo telefono regolari , però non so se ho capito bene !!!
Vincenzo D'Antuono
(26.08.14 - 21:36)
In chiamate? Nulla nn me lo riesce a trovarmelo. Se tu sai come si fa me lo potresti dirmelo come devo scriverlo x scaricarmelo?
(26.08.14 - 21:41)
@Vincenzo D'Antuono:
Ora ho capito , Vincenzo l'App gira su IPad e quindi se tu hai IPhone non puoi utilizzarla.
Mi dispiace .
Tante volte i Synth sono universali, ma questo ha una ragione perché ha tanti comandi e potenziometri sarebbe quasi impossibile gestirlo con uno schermo piccolo. Ciao e buona fortuna per altre App :)
Allgemein (24.02.14 - 22:58)
Thor synth and one of the most beautiful of the App Store, the sounds are really nice, and also quite simple in relation to other synth, is composed of a keyboard, some knobs and a routing part where you can change the parameters of the sound very few seconds. The Sound Bank are really different and well made, great choruses and the effects of environment, you have surely. Beware the price goes down every now and then but for a short time, it should be ready :))))))))
Allgemein (16.02.14 - 13:21)
My favourite synth in appstore. Usefull & have a good sound
Allgemein (30.12.13 - 20:33)
Its a real good synth !!!!! - 50 :)
Get In The Van
Allgemein (22.12.13 - 10:39)
Nachdem ich die Sound Qualität von Sunrizer gehört habe, bin ich dahingehend von Thor etwas enttäuscht. Dennoch toller Synthesizer.
Allgemein (20.06.13 - 20:09)
Awesome synth and really really versatile in all aspects. It's the full Reason synth, no corners cut. Interface totally redesigned for iPad/touchscreen. I already got this bitch loaded up with 2500+ presets lol. That's an area it's still lacking in tho. It doesn't provide any bank and category manager for imported presets or your own presets, only the factory presets are organized. So it just ends up being one looooong list of presets. Something I hope they'll fix in some update.

If you have synths like Sunrizer, Magellan etc and feel that you don't need any more similar-ish synths, it probably won't be the end of the world if you miss out on Thor. Try it out on a computer with Reason if you can, and see what it can do. It does provide much more routing and modulation options then any of the above synths tho, if you're into designing presets.
(20.06.13 - 21:20)
And another thing to keep in mind before this version (v 1.0) there's no recording facility or audio copy paste, there is a 16 step sequencer tho, but nothing you can build songs out of, more like an arpeggiator kinda thing. So Audiobus is the only way to get audio out of Thor. And for longer sequences you would probably need some virtual midi capable sequencer (like Genome, BM 2 and so on) and connect with Thor via virtual midi, or some outboard sequencer and core midi.
(26.08.14 - 19:53)
We became a synth addicts here.I just thinking buy or not to buy because I have almost full range of that stuff.Another one toy? We are a big babies!
(26.08.14 - 19:57)
Yes we are babies lol.

To get or not to get? At 5 bucks this synth is a no brainer. They're practically giving it away.

And it got updated with IAA and AB2 functionality today which makes it all even sweeter:)
(26.08.14 - 20:06)
You know,my main problem is not a money but free space on my device.Only Notion and Alchemy are enough for getting crazy.But of coarse I'll buy this one only after Aug.28 because of credit card.Chears.
(26.08.14 - 20:08)
Yea I hear you. Apple needs to make storage bigger and A LOT cheaper. :/
(26.08.14 - 20:37)
Ha,you are talking about some gifts from Apple? I am not waiting such a great move from them.They are still fighting with Samsung,two sharks eating each other.We are just a slaves watching it.How is the weather in your country? I am dying here,10 o'clock at evening and +35 C!
(26.08.14 - 20:45)
Yea Apple are in no hurry to make that happen, agreed.

It's pretty good weather here. The summer heat is slowly disappearing, which is fine with me. We've had a record warm summer, haven't been this warm (was 35 here too) since the late 1800's. I'm a winter person all the way (mountains, snow, skiing etc).
(26.08.14 - 20:51)
You are lucky! Take care then.
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- fixed an issue where the preferred buffer duration was not correctly displayed in the Settings app
- added a MIDI panic button alongside channel selection to reset the audio engine for when notes get stuck on

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